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I don’t want to rush the Big Guy, but it’s been 20 hours since Detroiters (including state Representative David Nathan) gathered at Campus Martius to pray the recession away. I figure if He can create the heavens and the earth and all the rest in six days, it shouldn’t take Him but a few hours to create a financial breakthrough. So did the praying work or what?  Read More →

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First off, dick move stealing the look and feel of Barack Obama’s campaign signage. Second, Glenn Plummer believes in sharing his beliefs. Super. It’s like when Kang and Kodos ran for president on the Simpsons: The politics of failure have failed! We must make them work again. I wonder if Plummer really plans to run as a Democrat since his only federal campaign contribution was a $2000... Read more→

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GTL means gym, tan, and laundry. It’s more than Saturday morning errands. It’s a way of life. A philosophy. A statement about one’s commitment to a culture responsible for concrete, sanitation, trucking, and other legitimate businesses. The fine people at MTV offered viewers with a window into the soul of this important subsculture with,The Jersey Shore, a groundbreaking work of... Read more→

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Inspired by the conversation on the Oh Folk Music! post. Hat tip to Motz and Julie. Mr. Coffee never percolated like this. Read more→  Read More →

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Loyal reader “IngeLvr69″ sent us this fantastic camera phone picture of the really fun Quicken outing to Campus Martius last Friday. A good portion of the group was wearing deTROIT 2.0 t-shirts. The lady in the red pants is smoking a cigarette. This deTROIT 2.0 will be like Paris mixed with Silicone Valley only with more hot women and beer. Also a Cheli’s Chili! Read more→  Read More →

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Otis Mathis loves recycling! Otis always runs for something and these signs can get expensive. Last time, he actually won a seat on the School Board. Otis must want an office with a salary because he’s running for Council. Based on the partisan citation, we assume these signs are left over from his historic run for state representative in 2004. Remember? When Otis heroically bested the political... Read more→

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