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Oh hey, did you see that two-bit junior John Hinckley with a gun and a sign with one of Thomas Jefferson’s more obnoxious Jacobin slogans on it (this blog is decidedly Federalist, in the John Adams/John Marshall mold) at Obama’s New Hampshire thing? That wasn’t awful in every way or anything. Of course, you can hardly blame the rube. Probably if I thought the gub’mint had... Read more→

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Dave Bing to unions: Detroit has no money Things have really gone wrong for the city since convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick left office with Detroit’s budget balanced and all his goals accomplished, nearly a year later and Detroit can barely make payroll. Dave Bing says he’ll lay-off 1000 people and cut everyone’s pay 10% just to prevent bankruptcy. He told this to union leaders yesterday and... Read more→

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Let’s start by acknowledging that, for whatever faults the market economy may have, it does a damn good job getting food onto the plates of American citizens. No one will ever call for a government funded food system. Take Patricia Cornett, she’s never missed a meal because of capitalist oppression or even high taxes. Read more→  Read More →

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“Democracy is the worship of jackals by jackasses.” – H.L. Mencken In his Sunday column, noted fabulist Mitch Albom defended the dull mobs disrupting Congressional town hall meetings because everyone has a right to free speech. No disagreement, even the Illinois Nazis have every right to stand in the Skokie town square. But Mitch goes one step further. He celebrates these angry mobs as... Read more→

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Republicans are such girls In my America, Republicans don’t cry and moan like a six-year-old cancer kids emoting bad poetry on Oprah. In my America, conservatives don’t storm the proverbial Bastille like dull Jacobins or the angry Bronx mob from Bonfire of the Vanities. Sadly this is Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s America and in Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s America, right-wingers have devolved into a bunch... Read more→

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Someone needs to call the Guinness Book people The Detroit Public Schools are about to break the world record for sheer incompetence. Every time Robert “Bob” Bobb digs deeper into the DPS morass he finds something else more appalling and more absurd. The English language never conceived a need for words to describe a thing as stupid as the DPS. Over 400 dead people were receiving health care... Read more→

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Poor Martha (Rose) Reeves! After tonight she (and the Vandellas) will have…wait for it…nowhere to run to. With all but ten precincts reporting, the Detroit News says this dumpy old lady who sang pop songs a half century ago barely scrounged up 5000 votes. Just like we predicted, she’s out of the money. Good riddance Martha. Go to Branson and do ten shows a week for the Social Security... Read more→

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So these election returns are moving like molasses. What’s the hold up? Like seven people voted. In the meantime, let’s hop in the Wayback Machine and remember a fun thing that happened almost two months ago. In previous Dyspathy posts we told you that radio personality Celeste Headlee basically gave an on-air tongue bath to Mr. Smithers Dan Stamper of the Detroit International Bridge... Read more→

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* Not really. The City Council race has been polled just once. Even Nate Silver got Indiana wrong last year and he had like thirty million polls and all kinds of fancy mathy sabrmetric tricks at his disposal. These predictions are wholly unscientific or as Joe Morgan would say: “the way the game was meant to be played.” Predictions after the jump. Read more→  Read More →

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