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Déjà vu all over again We’re sharing this circa 1998 Google screenshot because,  the Michigan Democrats should remember 1998. Except in Michigan, it was a good year for Democrats. That’s because the local party establishment and their union friends were totally gay for this nobody, Larry Owen. He lost the gubernatorial primary to Geoffrey Fieger, who was then steamrolled by John Engler. A... Read more→

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These Pokeman terrorists from Adrian loved social networking on the Facebook and MySpace. Farmville is a great way to pass the time when waiting for the Antichrist to show up for the final battle. Let’s take a look at some Hutaree photos from Facebook. It wasn’t easy, but they perfectly re-created Patty Hearst’s SLA wedding portrait. Even the track lighting and drop ceiling are... Read more→

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Gang Squad attacks innocents, which is good Instead of arresting criminals, the DPD Gang Squad is busy attacking civilians in the middle of the day for kicks or whatever. We’ve all seen Serpico. What’s going on here should be obvious. This police brutality is actually a good thing because, according the Michigan Citizen, anti-gang policing is really the running dog lackeys of capitalist oppression’s... Read more→

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Paul W. Smith spends his weekdays disgracing the legacy of J.P. McCarthy. Smith’s weekends are for shitting on Bob Talbert’s memory. “Outta [Smtih’s] Saturday Moanin” anal cavity comes a spirited defense of domestic terrorism. It seems that some patriotic regular ‘Mericans want to take their country back by sending death threats to Congressmen, or tampering with a Congressman’s brother’s... Read more→

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Back in olden times, political leaders settled vitriolic debates with an old-fashioned duel. Just like our Founding Fathers intended. When famous political hangers-on Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr finally had enough of each other in 1805, they dueled. To the death. With pistols. At dawn. Though Hamilton lost, he received a place on the $10 bill as a consolation prize. If people remember Aaron... Read more→

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You know what’s painful? Linking to Fox News. You know what’s even more painful? Linking to bag of dicks Sean Hannity on Fox News. Unfortunately, Roger Ailes’ propaganda shop is always the first on the scene when someone like John Conyers does something stupid. There you go. Conyers can’t even blame this gaffe on his wife, the convicted felon. The second most senior member of the U.S. House... Read more→

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Granholm-Cox health care reform slap fight After a year of legislative wrangling, the health care bill is law. Naturally, while most people are moving on to other battles, third-raters Jennifer Granholm and Mike Cox are suddenly very concerned about health care reform. Cox, in an effort to protect the taxpayers, will use the taxpayers money to file a Constitutionally-dubious and frivolous lawsuit.... Read more→

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Stealing money from poor kids That’s literally what Cass Tech administrators were doing, according to DPS inspector general John Bell. The state gave Cass Tech money to cover Advanced Placement testing fees for underprivileged students. Cass Tech charged kids to take the tests anyway. Don’t worry, though, Cass Tech officials only “mishandled” their fraudulent AP fees. Since DPS won’t send... Read more→

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Dave Bing launches new Trail of Tears The State of the City takes over the Max tonight. It’s not like there’s a giant auditorium in the Coleman Young Building for something like this. Bing will probably announce his super evil plan to send all of Detroit’s poors to FEMA camps and hire private (suburban) contractors to beat them with sticks. Or something. We get all our news from Glenn Beck... Read more→

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