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Hi. My name is Jeff. Some of you already know that. Good-bye. I’m retiring Dyspathy to cover metro Detroit full-time at Things will be different at MLive. For the better, I think. My writing style will stay true to Dyspathy’s essential elements: dated pop culture references, sentence fragments, and an gleeful desire to lance the boil of hypocrisy festering on our region’s ample hindquarters.... Read more→

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Dan Gilbert isn’t gonna be ignored, Lebron Lebron James wife should probably invest is a reliable shotgun. Wait, is he married? Maverick Carter then. Or maybe Pat Riley. When Dan Gilbert isn’t slap-fighting with ex-employees at a children’s party or writing angry screeds in comic sans, the local king of reverse mortgages is twattering about people being assholes. Not that you should assume he... Read more→

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Sometimes I imagine Garfunkel and Oates have a radical homosexual agenda and they let me watch. I actually go back to that image quite often. Over share?  Read More →

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Ingham County Prosecutor’s election must be on the horizon A couple Michigan State basketball players allegedly got a little rapey. At least that’s what the campus police thought. The prosecutor, on the other hand, hates to rush to judgement. Before all the facts are in. Besides, the alleged players are sorry. You know, for this unfortunate misunderstanding. Not only to the alleged victim, but... Read more→

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