“Democracy is the worship of jackals by jackasses.” – H.L. Mencken

Yes we’re doing this again. We’d love to tell you about the Kwame Kilpatrick shenanigans in court (PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN! Your name Kilpatrick? You call yourself a salesman you son of a bitch?) or the coming indictments against Art Blackwell or that Lansing still doesn’t have a fucking clue about the budget. But we can’t. We can’t do a normal State of the State because WDET’s interview with the Rev. Reverend David Murray was so awful that it merits our full attention. Holy cow, this man is dumb.

Give WDET a hearty round of applause for launching this interview series. Perhaps if more media attention was given to second-tier races then fewer oatmeal-brained incompetents like the Rev. Reverend David Murray would run the state’s largest school district. As this interview series continues, we’ll continue to transcribe key passages as a public service. Follow the links to hear the entire interviews.

Highlights from the Rev. Reverend David Murray:

“Right now the board’s responsibility is to look after the academic matters of the board.”

“Since Mr. Bobb don’t feel it necessary to consult with the board we don’t have much, ugh, room to establishing the type of curriculum the children need with respect to the budget.”

“The people elected me to serve the best interest of the children’s education.”

“What’s better about it is that we’ve got a system in place for African center education and with that model, we are slowly but surely bring the children to a point of civility in the district. Though there have been violence outside the school district, away from the school grounds [ED: Such as the Cody HS shooting], but for the most part the children are slowly getting it together. And that coupled with the fact that we have our own law enforcement agency that supports the vision of the district. Ummm… And in terms of the financial condition that the district is in, the Governor, Governor Engler created this problem in consultation with then Attorney General Granholm.”

“Addressing the lack of money doesn’t put money in the pot. The state is responsible for the deficit therefore the state should replace the money since number one they decided to take the money from the district, allowed greedy people to come and take the money from the district.”

“You have to look at these big contractors, Barton Malow for instance, and all the other big companies. I can’t name them all but they need to be looked at. Leave the baby thieves alone for a minute.”

“I believe that me and the entire board did its due diligence in ugh the way we handled the contracts. See everybody want to get utopia ugh through the board however then they tell the board we are micromanaging the superintendent. So we try to walk as the scripture say: ‘Do all things decently and in order.’ For instance when Dr. Calloway came in she brought her people in from the state she came from and some them, quite a few of them, didn’t know what they were doing because they really didn’t know the history of the school district.”

“I think that number one we need to allow our teachers to do their job.”

“It seems like Robert Bobb has come in and fired the very best minds.”

“The whole situation with regard to that matter [ED: losing custody of his children] was all a farce. It was something that was ugh it was something that was politically driven. And ugh my children, though I let my children go where they wanted to go but I we still have a loving relationship. But the situation had to do with those who created the I guess the complaint, the false complaint, and then in conjunction with those who try to besmirch my name politically. But it didn’t do any good because everybody in Detroit know that I am an advocate for children.”

“If ahh children, particularly children you did not birth, if they become inadequate in terms of their own behavior and ability to have structure or accept structure then the best thing to do is to let them go.”

“If it was my birth children I may have put up a bigger fight.”

On legally changing his first name to Reverend: “I did that because I felt, because the scripture tells us that a good name is greater to be chosen than great riches…I changed my name when I was still in high school…I believe it was 1972 or 1973.”

Remember, this is literally what he said. Literally. We couldn’t make up something this spectacular if we tried. (WDET)

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“If ahh children, particularly children you did not birth, if they become inadequate in terms of their own behavior and ability to have structure or accept structure then the best thing to do is to let them go.”

–this makes me sick to my stomach!


Hm. I guess my mouthy little four-year-old is out of here, then. Nice. What a horrible person. And that leaves aside the rest of it, which is nearly as horrifying.


I didn’t get a chance to hear it on the radio, thanks for providing this.

What a horrible person is right. Wow.


I think it’s called “laughing through the tears”…

Thanks for providing the highlights, don’t know if I could have borne listening to the whole thing.


Isn’t there some sort of provision to remove a person who has lost parental rights from the school board? If a person is judged unfit to be a parent, common sense should dictate that said person is unfit to be responsible in any capacity for any child, right? I just don’t understand it – nor do I understand how someone this unstable could even be a viable candidate. It’s long past time to dissolve the DPS board.


Tracy, I’m with you. I’m paying attention, I’m outraged, now what? I already wrote Bobb in for school board in the primaries, but he’s not actually eligible to serve…short of running for a position myself (and risking my own mental health) I’m out of ideas.

I really want to know how Mr. Reverend defines “inadequate children” too. What, are they not…fun enough for you? Asshole.


@Hannah: What about that line about how he “allowed” his children to go back to their parental home? Since when is termination of parental rights “allowing” a child to go? He’s unspeakably inadequate.

Speaking of unspeakably inadequate, did anyone catch Jai-Lee Dearing’s interview on Detroit Today this afternoon? He was texting and interviewing at the same time – and failing at both because he dropped off the air once or twice because of “Blackberry issues” when he wasn’t using double speak to avoid answering questions. I completely wrote him off when he proposed turning major portions of abandoned city land into a city owned cemetery. We have some woeful leadership choices available to us come November.


2 simple questions:

Who wants to lead in this environment? Anyone smart knows better than to run themselves and their families through that wringer.


Who votes in Detroit and listens to these interviews on WDET? I’d put that figure at under a thousand.


Speaking of names and hockey, what say we hire Miroslav Satan to take out Reverend Murray ? (I wish I could add the Czech horns over the “S”, but I’m too lazy tonight to look up the HTML.)


@grandcircus: My wife’s and my estimate for the audience exactly matches yours.

And some sane and competent folks need to step up or its all over. It may already be too late.


This dude really is an idiot. Unfortunately I am related to this dummy and 1st off, he did lose custody of his biological child. 2nd, he changed his name to reverend in the 1990s so he could run for political office without the conflict of church and state. 3rd, he has a bunch of aliases to accommodate certain things he does to get over on the government and thumb his nose at the law. 4th, I have spoken with the board personally and they said due to the fact that he hasn’t been charged with anything criminal, they won’t remove him. They are as big an idiot as him! 5th, we have tried to go the media and address his criminal activity in the way he has treated his other family members (ie: lying to have one of his brother committed, having his own father committed, making false cps reports on his sister, trying to cause harm to his blind sister, forgery, theft, etc…believe me there is a lot more). The court has not even addressed abuse that took place with his younger sister and how it may relate to the abuse and neglect of his children now. It is a sad situation. DPS schools will never get better because a hypocrite is on the board and they have proof and even another board member recommended his removal and the DPS ignored. The kids of Detroit are in a lot of trouble due to the character of Reverend David Murray. What an example for the kids to follow.


[…] I noticed school board member and adjudicated unfit parent the Rev. Reverend David Murray – the embodiment of almost everything wrong with the DPS status quo – standing alone off to the side, looking forlorn in his ill-fitting and frayed clerical […]

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