Charles Pugh probably shouldn’t have quit that day job
The Free Press says that Pugh, glowingly endorsed by the same Free Press for his “his perspective, intelligence and enthusiasm,” isn’t smart enough to pay his mortgage. Or rent. At Trolley Plaza. Where the penthouse rents for $1500 a month. This isn’t Manhattan real estate here. Pugh hems and haws about how he’s all the time helping out his family with cash money so his former landlord and current creditors can fuck right off. Charles Pugh cares about Detroit and regular Detroiters can relate to his struggle to get by. On a six-figure salary. In Detroit. (Freep)

Depressing cheap motel remains a depressing cheap motel
Charlie LeDuff, in his continuing quest to be the mainstream media Detroit Blog, stumbled upon the Temple Hotel. This skanky by-the-hour mattress rental for crack whores is awful and depressing. And, with the economy in the tank, the place is barely making any money. No one even bothers throwing Molotov Cocktails through the windows anymore. Also a lot of olds stay there and wait to die with their tvs on really loud. Got my Cheese Whiz boy? (DetNews)

Dave Bing: the schools need cash
There’s a lot not to like about Dave Bing. His Charlie Beckham bromance is bad. The about-face with the DPD chief was weird. And he hasn’t been the most transparent of public officials. That said, he does seem to understand that the city’s finances are massively screwed. So, while his Harold Stassen-esque opponent is pandering to the Call ‘Em Out-style clay-eaters, Bing is straight up backing Robert “Bob” Bobb’s massive bond proposal for the schools. The district needs a major cash injection, properly administered, or Detroit loses another generation. Sound public policy! What a concept! (Freep)

Will someone please save Troy?
Poor Troy is hanging by a thread. Many of its residents must accept 36-month leases (instead of the more civilized 24-month plan) on their European luxury cars to save money. And others have decided to just make do with shopping at the Nordstrom’s Rack outlet store. What are we, animals? Some 75 people gathered to say no more to the indignity of mere middle class comfort. The Save Troy movement is in full effect and once they elect their three candidates to city council, Troy can again be that shining city on a hill. In a parking lot and Outback Steakhouse kind of way. (Oakland Press)

Swine flu to be totally named after Lansing
Just look what the Spanish flu did for tourism in Spain. Vacationers flock to that western Mediterranean nation. Now that everyone in Lansing either has or is soon to get the swine flu, the CDC and WHO will totally have to name the disease after L-Town (no that is its nickname according to Wikipedia). Everyone the world over will know of Lansing and its sad sack immune systems. Jenny McCarthy and Bill Maher will extol the brave Lansing citizens’ decision to forgo the H1N1 vaccine and risk death in order to avoid “toxins.” (LSJ)

You thought this was a Buffalino too
Free Press headline reads: Body isn’t that of missing Grosse Pointe Farms lawyer and we just assumed this was about a Buffalino who knew too much about a client’s business. Never ask the client about his business. Sanitation, trucking, and concrete are legitimate businesses and that’s all yous need to know. Also Tony Soave is an honorable man. Turns out this wasn’t about a scion of the Buffalino family of Cosa Nostra legal consul. It was about that guy who fell off of a boat in 2005. (Freep)

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Livonia is pissed that Lansing is trying to steal its nickname.


Troy needs tax fighters and more cops, because these things make absolutely tons of fiscal sense. Oakland County is so fucked up and dumb.


Any references to Harold Stassen and the Blues Bros. are welcome in my book.


Troy has a museum?

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