The Granholm/Bishop sexual tension, Kwame Kilpatrick’s fancy money tricks, and Kalamazoo maybe afraid to catch the gay


Mike Bishop, Jennifer Granholm totally having hate sex
We have no proof, you understand, but there is no better explanation for the ongoing budget mess. It’s like a bad 1980’s sitcom. Two strong-willed characters of the opposite sex fight and fight until they finally kiss. Then Granholm and Bishop shift gears and it stops being a bad 1980’s sitcom and becomes late-night Cinemax programming. Let’s be totally honest here, if Granholm and Bishop aren’t delaying the budget for their own bizarre and perverse sexual gratification then that’s even more disgusting. (Freep)

Pete Karmanos pretty much admits to bribery
We know that Pete Karmanos, Dan Gilbert, Roger Penske, and Jim Nicholson floated a $240,000 loan for the Kilpatricks. We also know that C. Montgomery Burns Matty Moroun slipped $50,000 to Carlita as, you know, milk money for the kids. And that the Kilpatricks haven’t re-paid a dime. Probably one of Gilbert’s “plain vanilla” smartARMs. IT’S TIME TO LIVE 800-3-3-3-ROCK! The awesome part? Karmanos said he gave the loan so Kilpatrick would resign as mayor. Let’s repeat that. Peter Karmanos paid an elected official to resign his position. Not that we’re shedding any tears over Kilpatrick but Karmanos, according to Karmanos, cold bribed the douchebag. (WDIV)

Someone check the flight rosters from Newark

Angels Night is one of Detroit’s greatest success stories. Assuming you qualify success as expecting half the population to stay up for 72 hours for like 20+ Halloweens. Of course the whole Angels Night/Devils Night thing isn’t so bad if you own unwanted vacant Detroit property. That’s how the flights from Newark work into all of this. You want a job done right, quickly and quietly, never hire a local torch. Pay a little extra and bring in an expert from back east. Some connect guy with a name like Jimmy the Gas Can or Vinnie the Match. It’s easy this year since city workers aren’t volunteering this year because Dave Bing acknowledges fiscal reality. (Freep)

Council race is getting wacky
A poll says Gary Brown will be the next City Council President and the bloom is off the Charles Pugh rose. If the election were held in December instead of November, Pugh’s campaign would be in foreclosure. Or at least receive an eviction notice or 11. Has he filed a campaign finance report yet? Joann Watson and Alberta Tinsley-Talabi are circling the drain and even Ken Cockrel and Brenda Jones are slipping. John Bennett is on fire. But it isn’t all wacky zaniness. Tom Barrow’s still 20 points behind. Rumor has it that Harold Stassen will call Barrow if the mayor’s race is decided before 9:00. History! (DetNews)

Kalamazoo is sick den of vice and sodomy

For 15 years, pink-shirted fascists in Kalamazoo have prevented its humble “real America” citizens from discriminatin’ on the queers. What? Maybe I don’t like the idea of two fellers kissin’ so why I should I be forced by the government to hire homos at my flower arranging business. Next thing you know, they’ll make me hire them to redecorate the living room or set my wife’s hair. Maybe the government of Kalamazoo would like to explain two fellers kissin’ to my kids. Oh wait, no they can’t. We done got rid of the sexual education from the schools. Not soon enough seein’ as how Lurlene is pregnant like that Palin kid. Well nows our chance to show them gays. GITRDUN! (MLive)

Gross hippies need to keep it to themselves in Pleasant Ridge

There are a lot of things you can do in you backyard. But one thing you can’t do it build a sweat lodge and once a week have 20 people do…ugh…whatever one does in a sweat lodge. That’s against the zoning ordinance. Now these graying new-agers are something of a sweaty diaspora. Wandering Oakland County for some place to practice up their pre-packaged post-colonial Native American rituals. (Freep)

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On the off-chance that Karmanos’ comments are purged in the name of “clarification” here is what he said:

“Together with other concerned citizens, I made a personal loan to former Mayor Kilpatrick last year so that we could encourage him to resign. We were concerned about the city, and we wanted to help care for his family until he could get back on his feet. At this time the loan remains outstanding,” Karmanos said.


…and he calls himself a MENSA member. Hah! There’s a difference between street smart and book smart, Petey! Granted, you were doing God’s work getting that fat load to resign, (all for less than the price of a new A6!), but for christ sakes man, don’t go admitting it. Stick with Hank the Deuce’s mantra, “never complain, never explain”.


Nicholson and Karmanos were two of the Republican money men who injected a wad of cash into Kilpatrick’s campaign when in stalled late in the second race. Karmanos gave the classic endorsement, “He [Kilpatrick] is the best we have.” Seems to me that the rich boys liked a city government that took checks, cash, and credit cards. The Kilpatrick clan operated a 24-hour, drive up bribery window manned by the lesser lights of Detroit’s finest family.

I don’t remember who else tossed bucks at KK. Maybe someone here does.

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