Matty Moroun lifts Team Kilpatrick with breathless prose. Also monies. Because he cares deeply about the children.


My God. What have we done? What have we become? In our bloodthirsty quest to hold elected officials accountable to the laws they write and enforce, we forgot about the innocent victims left in the wreckage of our legalistic pursuits. For if justice is not tempered with mercy then is it truly justice?

Brave plutocrat Matty Moroun reminds why we must seek to be a better people. He is one of those innocent victims of our bloodlust. While we pursued convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick with vengeance for using his office to destroy the careers of three honest police officers and committing perjury, Matty Moroun was thinking about the children. Specifically, Kwame Kilpatrick’s children. And it just tore him up inside.

His “heart strings [were] tugged” by this “storm” and he was left to ponder “the innocence of youth.” Oh poor Matty Moroun was practically brought to tears by the “ill winds of cynical politics” that created “burdens” for the Kilpatrick family. He also sent a check for $50,000 which in no way has anything to do with Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick’s support for Moroun’s Ambassador Bridge second span.

It is a testament to the human spirit that brave men like Matty Moroun and Kwame Kilpatrick can endure in the face of such harsh injustice. Just as we refuse to leave Moroun alone to commandeer public land and build an unauthorized international border crossing, we pursue Kilpatrick. All he wanted was to be left in peace to (on the public dime) accept graft, whore around, and politicize an already beleaguered police department.

But we couldn’t do that. We could allow a man, annointed by God and Bernard, that much. Have we lost our humanity? Our basic sense of decency? Perhaps Matty Moroun’s inspiring words can help us find our way again. (DetNews)

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Downriver's Friend
October 30th, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Fuck Moroun. Fuck them all. Ass cancer is too good for them.


Keep your eye on the word “annointed.” KK will be back in Detroit, at the right hand of one of the powerful ministers. He is the Prodigal Son whose reformed and purged backside the church ladies will hoist effortlessly onto their strong spirit-filled shoulders. (The discrete hands of Team Kilpatrick will do their bit.) The church ladies will lift the contrite KK in prayer and return him to his annointed place as God’s place-holder in His chosen city, Detroit. It is not the place of the little people to break the bonds between God and his chosen people, the Cheeks-Kilpatricks and their choirs of white lawyers.


Amen Teach.


stop being so mean, WF. the kid who is volunteering to fix the MCS says Matty really is a nice guy. grandfatherly, even. he said Matty even leaves the IV bag full of liquefied human embryos (that’s keeping him alive) at home when he goes to his private box at Ford Field, dining on black beluga lentil salad and duck with truffle-scented broth and mushroom ragout like the rest of us peons.



Jim, Ashton is such an incredible ass-licking DOUCHEBAG! I almost vomitted all over my laptap looking at his pix and reading his stream. Yeah, DF, ass cancer might be what he deserves, too!


Jesus christ could these people be any worse? I’m just waiting for the NEXT round of Kwame theatrics, considering there is a good chance they will one up what he’s already done!


Just when I think it’s safe to move back to the area…

If Detroit manages to survive it will be in spite of it’s dysfunctional leadership, both political and corporate. There seems to be nothing left, and yet they somehow manage to actually get blood from a stone.

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