Barbara-Rose Collins will retire from City Council. She came to this decision after…wait for it…“much prayer and meditation.” Naturally. Refuge of the scoundrel and all of that. W.C. Fields, leafing through the Bible on his deathbed, announced he was “looking for a loophole.” Perhaps Collins was praying for the same loophole but that assumes Barbara-Rose Collins possesses some semblance of self-awareness. No one who injects an off-key acapella rendition of Onward Christian Soldiers into serious policy discussions will ever be accused of self-awareness.

Barbara-Rose Collins was, in the final assessment, a slovenly and narcissistic ignorant. Her 40 year political career was incumbent upon demagoguery obscuring her incompetence and corruption. However, it would be wrong for anyone to smugly look down their nose at Detroit voters for the abomination that was Barbara-Rose Collins.

No one can ever be excused for voting for Collins but Detroit voters had a lot of help keeping this worthless dreck in public office. It was a majority white Democratic caucus that selected Collins to serve as deputy Whip. One can only wonder what favors Matty Moroun offered the right honorable Councilwoman to be described as “a sweet man.”

There’s also the Triangle PAC’s unexplainable support for Collin’s 2005 re-election campaign. Ten years earlier, Barbara-Rose Collins became the first member of Congress ever to be found at fault for wrongfully firing an employee. Her former staffer Bruce Taylor is gay and, at the time of his firing, his partner was dying of AIDS. Collins was allegedly afraid AIDS was contagious. A “genuine” queen with “responsibilities and privileges” cannot risk catching the AIDS flu. One wonders if Collins also submits to bleedings to ease foul humors.

Collins retirement letter referenced her own thoughts about her mortality. Assuming investigations into the Synagro deal or the pension fund shenanigans bare fruit, Collins could spend her last days in prison. Or maybe she could save the taxpayers some money and pull a Ken Lay. Either way.

The arc of history, as Martin Luther King said, it long but it bends toward justice. It appears Barbara-Rose Collins political career was unable to outrun that cosmic disposition toward justice. Christian soldiers never die; they just retire one step ahead of the prosecutors.

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Ah, WF, I thought of you when I heard the upsetting news…what if Monikay quits, too? What is the world coming to? Alas, maybe they will retire BR’s crown to a museum. No, not the Wright museum, or the DIA, or the Detroit Historical Museum. Wait–the Detroit Science Center will take it for the star trek exhibit; I am thinking she might be a wayward Romulan or perhaps a Klingon reject.


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