Martha Reeves would like some sort of courtesy, moms know best, and things that are worse than Jennifer Granholm


Barbara-Rose Collins, Martha-Rose Reeves want cars
You heartless bastards. Poor Martha Reeves is so heartbroken that she doesn’t get to be a Councillady anymore. The least you people can do is let her buy a city Crown Victoria. For the memories. The mean Bing Administration says the city can’t afford to sell perfectly good used cars on the cheap to every geriatric dingbat that wants one. Joann Watson is outraged. Wait, that’s nothing new. But, seriously, all Reeves did was represent white corporate interests the people of Detroit and now she can’t even have a car. To the Shrine of the Black Madonna! It’s protest time! (Freep)

Rochelle Riley saves state with moms
This state budget mess is so terrible. We should have a woman running things. Someone who balances career and family. Maybe a mother of three who is also a lawyer. Put her in charge and everything will…oh wait. Anyway, Rochelle gathered some moms for a budgetary chat that produced gems like this from financial services manager Pat Cole: “Take the electric company. You can’t tell them to shut the lights off in the rooms you don’t use. ‘Just do the den. We don’t go in there much.’ You budget for the whole electric bill.” Unless this woman’s light switches are glued in the on position, what the fuck is she talking about? Don’t buy financial services from this idiot Pat Cole. (Freep)

Oh hell, Motown
Detroit’s most preciousest jewel from California, Motown Records, turned 50 so naturally Kid Rock did something. Also we have to talk about how wonderful it all was. The pop music. From a half century ago. Then Tom Beranger and Glenn Close will wonder if it was all fashion. No one ever bothers to mention that Motown Records existed longer as an LA label than it did as a Detroit label. Oh hey, let’s talk about Towne Club and Christmas at downtown Hudson’s. They were also fun nostalgia that most of us are too young to remember. (Assignment Detroit)

Jennifer Granholm doesn’t suck as bad as Sarah Palin
Some people look at the glass and say it’s half-empty. Laura Berman looks at the same glass and says: at least it isn’t half-full of rancid urine. Ever the optimist, Berman suggests that, even though she has consistently failed to provide any real leadership or long-term budgetary solutions, Jennifer Granholm isn’t a quitter like Sarah Palin. On a related note, while they didn’t win the division this year, at least the Tigers didn’t throw the World Series like the 1919 Chicago White Sox. (DetNews)

Mitch Albom is so amazing says Mitch Albom
Once upon a time there was this church and it was poors. They were so poors that they couldn’t fix the hole in the roof. Then a brave fabulist showed up and wrote a trite little book. Everyone was so sad about the church after reading the book so they sent the church money. Now the roof is fixed! That’s totally amazing because these regular people are also poors because of the recession. Even Dr. Phil gave money! What would this world do with Mitch Albom’s selfless efforts on behalf of promoting Mitch Albom’s books? (Freep)

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none of this is nearly as scary as assigment:Detroit’s new habit of linking to DetroitYES.

One more idiot with an opinion and a keyboard
November 23rd, 2009 at 10:27 am

What, nothing about the city’s bond sale? The Bing administration basically deals with the city’s $300-plus million deficit by selling a quarter of a BILLION dollars in bonds and then buries it on a Friday afternoon. City taxpayers are going to be paying for this mismanagement at a high interest rate until 2029 using a mechanism intended to finance capital projects, not everyday operations. I bet the city has taken out close to half a BILLION dollars in bonds to cover its normal expenses, but we never hear jack about it. I expected the major new outlets to aide and abet this behavior by only running a small story on their websites on Friday night that no one sees, but I hoped to at least see a mention of it during normal business hours here.

Detroit City Council OKs sale of $250M bond to reduce debt


Re your financial manager comment: I thought the better “complete lack of knowledge of reality” was from a Pontiac resident who was reported to have been part of the ribbon cutting of the Silverdome.

“It’s heartbreaking because they sold it for such a low price,” said Davenport, who has lived in the city for 65 years. “I think the Silverdome was worth much more.”

Um, an auction will tell you *exactly* what an item is valued at. The value of it is $583,000. What you *think* it’s worth is irrelevant.


I completely missed the bond proposal in the noise of the Friday afternoon news dump. The limitations of amateur one-man blog operations have been exposed!

Someone should explain to the Freep that one can’t borrow money to reduce one’s debt. Then again, given the Gannett business model, I doubt anyone at the Free Press has the economic chops to understand a fiscal concept this complex.


The theory goes that the highest bidder in an auction has overpaid, so $583K is actually more than the place is worth.

One more idiot with an opinion and a keyboard
November 23rd, 2009 at 12:05 pm

I see where you’re coming from. One man can’t stand watch 24 hours a day, everyday. However, at least the supposed watchdog, muckraking Internet pamphlets (the Freeps, Detnews and Crain’s) should be all over this. What do we get in its place? Headlines felating Mike Cox and the Derby Girls. They could have hit the No Evil trifecta had these publications found another excuse to service Manny Maroun.

Bottom line, there is no way Detroit voters would have approved a bond sale of this size for this purpose right now, and that says something when Detroit voters go against their natural instincts to raise taxes. How messed up is it when someone like Robert Bobb has to bring in Bill Cosby for a similar-sized school bond but city officials can roll out hundreds of millions of dollars in fiscal stabilization bonds and tax anticipation notes (now there are a couple of Rovian terms) without even a meaningless courtesy ask of voters?

Oh and buried even deeper in the Friday night news dump is that the city’s waaayyyy overdue 2008 financial audit (remember that?) was snuck through Friday. The Freep didn’t even mention it. The News buried it at the bottom of its Saturday bonds story. Crain’s ran a six-sentence AP sto.. err… news brief about it Friday night. Betcha no local journalist even mentions that audit again or even asks to look at a copy of it. Another EPIC FAIL by our local media.


Wait……Pat Cole? As in Patricia Cole, chair of the Detroit Wayne Joint Building Authority, the entity that oversees Coleman A. Young Municipla Center? Ye gods…


Holy crap! The 2008 audit is in already?? It’s only a vague memory, but I seem to recall in recent years the city being multiple years behind on those…does that mean that 06 and 07 have been submitted by now as well?


@Ansel: the very same. Think about how much money the city could save if someone introduced Pat Cole to the modern marvel that is the light switch.


Livonia and Grosse Pointe are stoked about the new Wayne County School District:

“Reduce the budget for intermediate school districts by 25% in an effort to push the 500-plus local districts to merge into 83, one per county.”


Hey, give poor Martha Reeves a break! After all, if it hadn’t of been for all her hard these past 4 years, we wouldn’t have gotten that stretch of West Grand Blvd. renamed after Berry Gordy.


Martha Reeves wants the city to sell her a car and she’s mad because she can’t get what she wants. Too bad. Hell, I’ve been trying to get the city to give me the working streetlights my tax dollars are supposed to get me for over two years with nothing but darkness to show for it. Tell Martha if she can get my streetlights working on a regular basis, she can have my car.

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