Paying the budget deficit forward, Don Barden; Bernie Glieberman are poors, and Macomb County needs geometry and theology


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Something we forgot about yesterday
Monday we probably should have told you about Dave Bing’s plan to (according to Free Press headline writers) eliminate the city’s debt by…wait for it…borrowing money. It’s kind of like the time I owed Visa a bunch of money but I eliminated that debt by getting a Discover card. And you know what else is pretty sweet? Up to 1% cash back. Hopefully, the city will get that kind of deal on their $250,000,000. That reminds me, I need to eliminate my Discover card debt with a Mastercard. Do they still make Diners Club? (Freep)

It’s all Dennis Archer’s fault
Don Barden’s casinos are bankrupt. Clearly if Dennis Archer didn’t hate Don Barden so much this wouldn’t have happened because of his magical riverfront casino/Michael Jackson theme park revenue. Thankfully his casinos won’t have to close simply because they are losing millions of dollars every fiscal quarter. Despite his troubles, Don Barden will ensure seniors in God forsaken places like Gary, Indiana and Mississippi will have some place to waste their Social Security checks. (Las Vegas Sun)

Bernie Glieberman is just a common poor

The man who wrecked not one but two CFL franchises in Ottawa is broke. Bernie Glieberman’s headquarters is in foreclosure. His Monroe housing project was left unfinished. And there’s another $85,000,000 in bad debts floating around. The worst part is that he can’t blame any of this on Forest Gregg. Glieberman is chairman of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. Now he can relate to the regular poors who require MISHDA’s help. Silver lining! (DetNews)

The squares and rectangles of Macomb County

The link below connects to a vanilla article about a Macomb County reapportionment committee. County Democratic chair Ed Bruley will step aside because he’s also a county commissioner. Pretty boring stuff. Until you get to the comments section. That’s where some local genius suggests forgoing this whole “apportionment” process. Instead, let’s just divide Macomb into “squares and rectangles.” That’s better for “the regular, non-politician, average tax paying residents” who are too ignorant to understand proportional representation. (Macomb Daily)

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reading the online comments on the Macomb Daily or any online news source usually makes my head want to explode. I read this instead.


there should be a blog that simply tracks and posts hilariously stupid newspaper article comments. somebody with time get on that.

this reminds me that someone should tip off the Southern Poverty Law Center to the Freep

One more idiot with an opinion and a keyboard
December 4th, 2009 at 9:47 am

Holy shit! An act of responsible journalism from a local source:

Audits unmask Detroit’s fiscal crisis

Now if we can get the local media to stop parroting what the city’s PR flaks tell them to call the bonds (stabilization) and call them for they really are – bailout bonds.

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