Polls are open: The Palin-Torrice caption contest


Hey kids, we’ve selected five finalists for the Palin-Torrice caption contest and guess who picks the winner? You do! It’s democracy and freedom, you betcha! Also web 2.0 whereas. Polls will remain open until 7:00 pm on Friday. Vote early, vote often.

The winner will receive gift certificates from Hugh and the Bureau of Urban Living. Prizes were generously donated by the proprietors of said businesses. Dyspathy readers, remember who loves you when you’re doing your Christmas shopping. Finalists after the jump.

Congrats to Julie for winning our first ever contest. And thanks again to Hugh and the Bureau of Urban Living for donating the prize.

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Wow, like 50 people read this?


Nah, there’s only like, 10 of us. We just each voted 8 times…


No love for pussy here, I see.

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