Sam Riddle, Mary Waters, and some other gal: a very domestic disturbance Christmas


So here’s the deal about “fiery and bombastic” political consultant/federal defendant Sam Riddle’s domestic violence arrest. According the Free Press, Sam was cold banging some other unidentified woman when live-in girlfriend and former state representative Mary Waters came home. While the unidentified woman lauded Riddle with “adulation and admiration” for his, you know, manhood. Waters wasn’t as impressed.

She grabbed a camera and threatened to take pictures of Riddle and the unidentified woman (Fanchon Stinger getting used to something black?) in flagrante delicto but Riddle was having none of it. According to unnamed police sources, the Free Press reports that Riddle (allegedly) pulled a shotgun on Waters. Then police were called.

That’s the story anyway. But there are two sides to any story so if Sam Riddle is out there and wants to give his account, we’ll run it unedited. Sam Riddle can reach us at: (Freep)

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The Sam Riddle Bio Pic gets really crazy towards the end. It is really worth it to stay for the last 45 minutes!


If this were a movie about the Mossad picking off a list of former Nazis, they wouldn’t have to do much except wait for this slovenly old guard to light itself on fire. How’s that for plot arc?


Mary grabbed a camera and threatened to take pictures? Big mistake. She should’ve let her Kodak do the talking. The lesson here, boys and girls, is to always shoot first.


Do we really need to see pictures of Sam Riddle with his boxers around his ankle? The horror! The horror!


Sometimes you have to look horror in the saggy buttocks and droopy knees before you’re motivated to fix what ails you, Teach. Not that I’m wishing that carnage on anyone, but that may be just what it takes to get Detroit from worshipping jackasses like him.


Does anyone have that Cosmo from the early seventies with Grady as the centerfold? It’s pretty much the same picture Mary Waters was trying to take.


@Tracey: The cure is worse than the disease. And the disease is pretty damn bad.

@WF: Please don’t search for and post the Grady centerfold. Or at least warn us first.


if she was quicker with the camera phone that shit would have been tagged on the FB before sam could find his 12 gauge. poor effort, Mary.


Grady was a Cosmo centerfold? This world just ain’t right, I tell you….


Sam’s lucky Mary didn’t blow his thang off! His lawyer was quoted as as saying that he has been stressed since all his legal troubles…guess this was his way of relieving some of that stress :)


@grandcircus: does she have a mustache?


@grandcircus & WF: Wow. She’s a very handsome woman. If she doesn’t have a mustache, that’s a pretty convincing facsimile.

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