Maybe the Wizard of Oz can give Peter Hoekstra courage, free bologna for jailbirds, and Sam Riddle escapes Flint


Peter Hoekstra is yellow
Oh God, why are we still talking about that half-wit who tried to blow up his underwear on an airplane? Because Peter Hoekstra is scared and he’s hoping you’re scared so you’ll send him monies. Hoekstra will use that cash to run for governor so he can protect our airplanes. Not like that European fairy guy did with actual heroism but with more fundraising letters and appearances on the Sunday talk shows. USA! USA! (MLive)

Macomb County mollycoddles criminals
The Macomb jail kitchen has black mold. Does Charles Pugh object to the term “black mold” like he objects to the term “black Friday”? Anyway, the taxpayers are forced to buy these inmates peanut butter and bologna sandwiches. Maybe a little black mold might scare these scofflaws straight. High in protein, the mold is. Used to be that criminals ate clay and gruel and they liked it. Now they get fancy sandwiches from a special refrigerated trailer because the sheriff can’t find the mold’s source. (DetNews)

People are mean to Detroit
Some idiot made a video on the YouTubes about Detroit’s awfulness and something about the unions. Naturally we can’t just ignore him because he’s sometimes on Fox and Friends, the single greatest television news program since the Bible. Also Detroit is all the fault of Obama and Obama wants to make the whole country like Detroit. That’s what this “Michael Moore of the right” thinks. Isn’t the original Michael Moore obnoxious enough? (Time Detroit Blog)

Dumb magazine loves Joann Watson’s empty gesture
The Nation is a magazine for people who still think Henry Wallace should’ve won the 1948 election. It’s been a tough 61 years but now there’s hope because Joann Watson has this bailout-for-Detroit fantasy. Like good half-baked leftists, The Nation happily ignores serious, practical efforts to fix Detroit, you know, like the Cobo regionalization that Watson opposed with the force of a holy crusade. Or that Watson was barely re-elected (by the people) last month and her cronies were either defeated or retired. Damn democracy. If only we had a dictatorship of the proletariat. (DetNews)

Sam Riddle moves out of mom’s basement

He’s only 60 (give or take) but Sam Riddle decided it’s time to get his own place. Also the judge says he can leave his mom’s house in Flint. Once he picks up his stuff from Mary Waters’ garage, he’ll set up a bitchin’ bachelor pad. Stereo system, wet bar, mood lighting, the works. Look out 30-year-old women with 800 miles of bad road, Sam Riddle is back on the prowl! And no photography this time. He promises. (Freep)

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Downriver's Friend
December 30th, 2009 at 6:27 pm

Pete Hoekstra thinks we should keep Gitmo open because it treats detainees the way Charlie treated John McCain in Vietnam. Gitmo is the new Hanoi Hilton. The war on terror has become another Vietnam, but guess who’s playing the VC this time? We are. Thanks, Congressman Ho(ekstra)ChiMinh.

Also, can someone explain what makes this West Michigander an “expert” on intelligence? Wasn’t it his committee that pressed full bore into war with Iraq because it had concrete “evidence” that Saddam had WMD and was behind 9-11? Some intelligence…


The hamburger at the airport food court is more likely to kill you than al-Qaeda is.


Intelligence and Peter Hoekstra are mutually exclusive. Like his party since 2001 he plays on fear and then manipulates the fearful. He has brought to the fore how important the office of Governor of Michigan is to our Nation’s security.

He will send out his Brownshirts to quell anyone who doesn’t think like him and, since thought is not endemic in him and his ilk, that will affect anyone who thinks.


DF and JK, you are spot on! This guy’s particular brand of hate (often directed at this side of the state, by the way) is extremely troublesome. These types are the first to squeal about their own personal civil rights, yet they care nothing about those of others. May he and his pals have the worst year ever!

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