Tearing down Michigan is the new progress, Medicare fraudsters hassled by the Man, and Joel Loving’s mother is crazy


The Granholm Legacy: diminished expectations in a third world Michigan

The feds will give Michigan $224,000,000 to demo old houses. We need to tear them down because Michigan doesn’t have enough residents to fill our housing inventory. Also, we’ve let hundreds of once vibrant neighborhoods go to shit. If that’s not necessarily Jennifer Granholm’s fault, it is her responsibility. “It’s a really good day for Michigan,” says the lame duck governor of this demo money. Pay no attention to the virtually bankrupt state government, major cities unable to provide basic city services, or municipalities skimping on road salt to stay out of debt. Politically connected demo contractors about to get some work. Hey, keep this up and we can tear down even more houses in the future! (MLive)

There’s always money for guns
Michigan’s unemployment rate is super high, union workers accept huge pay and benefit concessions, and small businesses are struggling. Still we have money for guns. Nothing wrong with gun ownership but why are Michiganders spending their last nickels on guns? Hunting? Meh. Personal protection from the threat of crime? Nope. A black man is president? Bingo! And you know what that means. Those numbers on the back of road signs? Codes for the UN invasion forces. And let’s talk about fluoride and the Bildeberger Group. Stay classy, Michigan. (Freep)

Government puts their hands all over your Medicare
The jack-booted thugs from the FBI think they know better about Medicare than doctors in the private sector. Specifically, doctors and others accused of Medicare “fraud.” Why should the government decide what is fraudulent care? That’s a decision to be made between a doctor and patient. Just because Medicare is funded with public money is no reason for oppressive government regulation. After all, Jesus himself wrote Medicare into the Constitution. Everyone send tea to the FBI! (DetNews)

Annivory Calvert hearts numerology and prosperity gospel

Actual Facebook status update from the former City Council candidate, loose woman, and live-in mother of state representative Joel Loving: “My dear Friend, 2010 is the year YOU win! 10 is the number of God, which gives you His power on your decisions. You have a very special place in my heart. Your friendship has been a gift from God to me. Thank You for extending your heart to mine. I deeply appreciate your contributions to my life. You make our planet a better place for all of us.” The number of God? What was Coleman thinking? (Facebook)

Oh why won’t someone think of the casinos?

Michigan’s humble beleaguered gaming halls are just trying to make a difference for the community. Unfortunately they have to compete with these awful charitable gambling parties that encroach on casinos’ legislated monopoly. Just because they give their money to non-profits! Can you imagine anything more insidious? Anti-gambling prudes can’t. They are happy to be the casinos’ useful idiots, calling for a prohibition on charitable gambling. Awesome. (Michigan Messenger)

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I would like to attest to the fact that 10 is, in fact, the number of God.

Downriver's Friend
January 15th, 2010 at 11:32 am

Who needs federal road money when Matty Moroun is around? He’s “offering” to let MDOT use some of the money he spent on his own bridge as “credit” toward matching funds, as long as the state doesn’t spend it on DRIC or the Blue Water Bridge. In other words Mr. Burns is offering something of value to state officials to produce a desired benefit for himself. Apparently this is perfectly legal. It’s also bribery.


This is the second such off from Moroun to MDOT in 11 months. I reported on this on Feb. 1, 2009. Only thing new is that they the credits again, and MDOT said no again, all for the same reasons. The Crain’s story is subscription-only, so I won’t bother to post the long-ass URL link, but it might be out there in a Google search.


Matty Moroun is simply honoring the orignal intent of the Founding Fathers in reverting to privately held roads and bridges. Or maybe he’s just a greedy bastard. It’s damn difficult to tell sometimes.


Is there any way we can force the government to file charges against Moroun? Or does he have the government in his pocket too?


The biggest problem with someone like Maroun is that he has so much money, he can slow down any proceedings to a crawl and make it cost much more money. Just look at the crap he pulled in 36th District Court with the City when he illegally took Riverside Park. And, you have to find him doing something illegal–like certain other groups, he has so many layers that it might be extremely difficult nailing him on anything personally. That’s why the RICO statutes are so useful…hopefully the feds will land on him soon. We could use a little more federal action in this town on him and the Kwame, and some others…

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