Brian Dickerson is an apologist for criminals, public corruptionn


Dull Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson is worried that all this energy to root out public corruption might distract law enforcement from fighting gang violence. Wait, what? It’s not like there are Purple Gang shoot-outs in the streets these days. Hell, when was the last time anyone saw YBI rolling around in Suzuki Samurais? Dickerson is always worried about consumer fraud. Does selling your employer’s property for personal gain constitute consumer fraud?

Seems self-evident that only gang currently threatening Detroit is the gang looting the public coffers with shady land deals, no bid contracts, and incompetent governance. Self-evident to everyone except maybe Brian Dickerson.

I suppose it’s worth noting that even Stalin still has his defenders. Apparently, the same can be said for Kilpatrick-era kleptocrats. Let’s review Dickerson’s pathetic justification for not investigating public corruption:

How will it serve the public interest to pursue the myriad threads of corruption trailing from the former mayor’s tailored suits until every dirty deal is exposed, every corrupt contract rescinded, every bagman and apparatchik jailed or flipped?

Those of us who have encouraged prosecutors to persevere until the last sins of the Kilpatrick administration have been laid bare should at least acknowledge how eager we are to be distracted from Detroit’s more intractable problems.

So, in addition to deciding how much more we want from Kilpatrick, we need to ask ourselves how much more we want to spend getting it.

Is Dickerson so naive to believe metro Detroit’s culture of corruption began with Kwame Kilpatrick and foolish enough to believe it ended with his resignation? So much to say in response to this claptrap. So many logical fallacies and false choices to rebut. So much repugnant accommodation of obvious criminal abuse of power. So much…ah fuck it…Brian Dickerson doesn’t merit a serious response. Let’s just channel Rick Roma…

You stupid fucking cunt. You, Dickerson, I’m talking to you, shithead. That’s right. What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do about it, asshole? You’re fucking shit. You company man. Where did you learn your trade, you stupid fucking cunt, you idiot? Who ever told you that you could work with men? Oh, I’m gonna have your job, shithead. When I find out whose cousin you are (Brian Cheeks Dickerson?), I’m gonna have your ass.

All train compartments smell vaguely of shit. (Freep)

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One more idiot with an opinion and a keyboard
January 22nd, 2010 at 9:56 am

That Glengary Glen Ross monologue pretty much sums up my reaction when I read that douche bag’s column. Speaking of movie quotes, there is a short speech from the end of Lord of War that I always thought has been quite fitting for the entire Kwame Kilpatrick saga: “Most people are happy just to get out of jail. I expect to be paid to leave. I’m not a fool. I know just because they needed me that day didn’t mean they wouldn’t make me a scapegoat the next. But I was back. Doing what I do best.”


Brian’s got Kwame fatigue and it is hard to blame him. He did raise an excellent point about years of FBI investigations and not very many indictments flying around…at some point they gotta come out with something. The ship already sunk, so rats are no longer fleeing.


Those of us who watched The Wire know that complex investigations are always just about to yield big results and top-name indictments, if only the brass would get off the back of the working police. Seriously!

This is actually a good point:

“So, in addition to deciding how much more we want from Kilpatrick, we need to ask ourselves how much more we want to spend getting it.”

This, on the other hand, is not:

“How will it serve the public interest to pursue the myriad threads of corruption trailing from the former mayor’s tailored suits until every dirty deal is exposed, every corrupt contract rescinded, every bagman and apparatchik jailed or flipped?”

See what he did there? I think he’s answered his own question.


I hate to make this a city versus suburbs thing, because the general issue of outrage over Detroit’s corrupt government structure is hardly limited to those of us who live south of Eight Mile. And God knows this hurts us as a region. But: Dickerson can sit in West Bloomfield or wherever the hell he lives and pass judgement because it’s not his money that’s gone to line the pockets of these people. We pay outrageous property taxes for crappy services, hand over a significant chunk of our income in another tax, and pay higher car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and private school tuition, not to mention the fact we would have done better to set fire to half the money we paid for our home because it’s just gone, the value has cratered in no small part thanks to the corrupt government. We do these things because we think we can be part of the solution by living here. To be slapped in the face by these corrupt wastes of space is beyond insulting. So damn straight I want “every dirty deal exposed, every corrupt contract rescinded, every bagman and apparatchik jailed or flipped.”

Again, I’m not accusing all suburbanites of holding Dickerson’s attitude by any means — most of the ones I hang out with are very invested in the fortunes of the city even if they don’t live here. But his attitude is galling to those of us who’ve watched our hopes just get extinguished by Kwame and crew.


The biggest problem with Dickerson’s piece is that this thing is bigger than little Don Segretti, I mean Kwame Kilpatrick, and to suggest otherwise is intellectually dishonest for someone in Dickerson’s position.

Consider the text messages scandal like Watergate. A third-rate scheme causing the downfall of an elected official. Nixon resigned and that long, national nightmare was over. However Leon Jaworski continued with the prosecutions of key Nixon officials. The role of the intelligence community in Watergate-like activities on behalf of the executive branch (didn’t start with Watergate, BTW) let to the formation of the Church Committee. Congress passed a number of reforms including the War Powers Act and the creation of the Independent Prosecutor in response to Nixon’s abuses of power.

A lot of time, money, and effort went into ensuring that Watergate villains faced justice and this sort of thing was less likely to happen in the future. It’s not only appropriate but incumbent upon Detroit and Michigan to undertake a similar difficult and expensive process.

As far at the length of the investigations, that dog don’t hunt. Patrick Fitzgerald has been chipping away at public corruption in Illinois for a decade but the trains still run on time in Chicago. The Feds tried like four or five times to get John Gotti before they finally flipped Sammy the Bull. And that was after 35 years of chasing but never catching Carlo Gambino and Paul Castellano. No one would seriously suggest those investigative and prosecutorial efforts were too time consuming or expensive.

The Feds have managed to win plea deals from or convictions of James Rosendall, Monica Conyers, and Rayford Jackson and indicted DeDan Milton and Sam Riddle in the last year. Mid-level fish to be sure but, nonetheless, evidence that this endeavor is fruitful. Three years from now, if the Feds haven’t landed any heavy hitters then we can talk about wasting resources.

Damnit, that’s the serious response that Dickerson didn’t deserve. Cockpunchers, the lot of you.


The Mayor of Chicago’s last name is still Daley. Dick(erson)puncher.


I saw that. In the print edition, there was a Rochelle Riley column beneath. Basically, a full page of stupid.


Sing a long with Sloann: “She told me corruptionn had two n’s, especially when it dealt with (Kwa)meeee….”


We should be so lucky as to have the honest graft of the Daley machine. They actually get shit done while lining their pockets…allegedly.


So who are our E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy?


DeDan and Kandia?


Liddy came out of prison as a cult hero to some, and a marketable personality … hmmm

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