No one understands urban despair like Elvis


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I think it is much easier to hear this song on the radio than to watch him sing it in this clip. He looks like there are about a million other places he would rather be than entertaining those folks…even in the ghettooooo.

Yes, WF, if only Elvis were alive, he could fix everything in Detroit. Booze and drugs for everyone, including the kids, and then everyone would stfu, cause they’d all be so stoned they wouldn’t give a shit.

Alas, Elvis is no longer around to save us all…

Downriver's Friend
January 23rd, 2010 at 12:38 pm

If? IF??

Elvis is alive, and he doesn’t give a rat’s rump about Detroit.


This is the famous list of food and supplies Elvis required his staff to keep stocked at all times at Graceland.

I think we can all appreciate this list and I, for one, try to live by it as a guiding document. Brownies every night? Hell, yeah!

* fresh, lean, unfrozen ground meat
* one case regular Pepsi
* one case orange drinks
* rolls (hot rolls – Brown ‘n’ Serve)
* cans of biscuits (at least six)
* hamburger buns
* pickles
* potatoes and onions
* assorted fresh fruits
* cans of sauerkraut
* wieners
* at least three bottles of milk and 1/2 & 1/2 cream
* thin, lean bacon
* mustard
* peanut butter
* fresh, hand-squeezed cold orange juice
* banana pudding (to be made each night)
* ingredients for meat loaf and sauce
* brownies (to be made each night)
* ice cream – vanilla and chocolate
* shredded coconut
* fudge cookies
* gum (Spearmint, Doublemint, Juicy Fruit – three each)
* cigars (El Producto Diamond Tips & El Producto Altas)
* cigarettes
* Dristan
* Super Anahist
* Contac
* Sucrets (antibiotic red box)
* Feenamint gum
* matches (four to five books)


forget the drugs and booze, it was the deep-fried pickles jones that killed Elvis on the crapper.
Indeed, no one does understand urban despair like Elvis does.
Method Man understands urban despair. Who else coulda wrote Kwame’s theme rap (Triumph) well in advance.


Ah, shit, Bill, I just went shopping today and none of this was on my list; I could have used this list a little earlier. I am thinking that Martha Stewart would say that every properly-appointed pantry should contain these items.

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