A very special State of the U.S. versus Sam Riddle


Monica’s Brassiere Emporium and Sam Riddle makes a good point
The convicted felon wife of House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers was out shopping one day and decided she wanted to open a bra store. Monica’s Secret? Monica’s of Rosedale Park? John’s Closet? If she does open her unmentionables outlet, we’ll totally give her a free ad the on the sidebar. Provided Monica doesn’t model the merchandise. Even better Sam Riddle told the truth: “Detroit is a backwards, country-ass town.” Let’s be honest, Sam Riddle may be guilty, but give him credit because he understands the political scene perfectly. And he played us like the yokels we are. Oh hey, Joann “Babbling Pagan” Watson’s prayer rally for Haiti is Friday. Yee Haw! (Freep)

Monica Conyers: There is such a thing as a free lunch

Apparently Monica Conyers really didn’t understand what the hell was happening with the Pension Board. Usually she just showed up for the catered lunch and complained because the Right Reverend Wendell Anthony (praised be His name), DeDan Milton, and some other guy didn’t vote for the project Monica was paid to support. Ha ha! They have their own dirty deals and didn’t tell Monica. Then Riddle tried to salvage the deal with Derrick Miller but FAIL! That’s a lesson kids, don’t pay the bribe until you get your shit passed. (DetNews)

Laura Berman is very angry about sexism
Sam Riddle may or may not have used city government as his own private trough for pay-to-play. That’s for the jury to decide. But Laura Berman is even more angry that Sam Riddle is such an awful sexist. Kay Everett, Mary Waters, and Monica Conyers are women deserving of respect but awful Sam Riddle just used them for his own ends. What a disgusting pig. Like the pig from whence came Kay Everett’s 17 pounds of sausage. Maybe Laura Berman can sue him in the world court. Random: according to Google there’s another Laura Berman. This other Laura Berman is “America’s leading expert in female sexual health.” Remember that when reading the Detroit News. (DetNews, LauraBerman.com)

The selected quotations of Sam Riddle
If you’re bored with all the legal mumbo jumble and the rest, MLive has compiled a handy collection of the best quotes from Sam Riddle’s wiretaps. It’s like Time-Life Music’s Sounds of the 70s collection but with colorful stuff about Monica Conyers being crazy instead of James Taylor songs. Do you know how many reel-to-reel tapes you’d have to purchase to get all of these choice Riddleisms? Like hundreds. Does the FBI still uses reel-to-reel tape like in old cop movies. Let’s hope so. (MLive)

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Based on the testimony that’s been published so far, it looks as though Monica was the mastermind and Sam was just acting as her stooge bagman. If this is the best that the prosecution can muster, then Sam might have half a chance.


I might have to find a way into that courtroom for luscious mullet/porn stache day. That would be epic.


Wow, great candid pic of Chuckles and Sam the Man Riddle, WF. They look like they are up to something. Could Chuckles possibly be picking up where Monikay left off? They both look quite spiffy–how about if they go into business together: a men’s haberdashary?


Chuck’s gotta pay those condo fees somehow.


That’s a lot of gum action up there. Yikes.


How did it come to the point where Detroit politics is like a bad blaxploitation remake of Kazan’s “A Face in the Crowd”? Better yet, why did it come to that point?


Enough damn gum to stock a gas station, geez.

This won’t ever be not amusing, so I just hope they keep parading the wiretaps. It would also be acceptable if they made Sam testify and he totally screwed the horse Kwame style. I’d be okay with that.


I thought Monica lived over my way because she got in a bar fight the night she got elected at a bar near my neighborhood. Half the council and Christine Beatty lived in North Rosedale Park, but (I thought) not Monica.


Is it my latent racism (I’m white, after all), or do Messrs. Pugh and Riddle appear to be related? Their eyes, nose, mouths and chins are remarkably similar.

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