Bernard The Killer = (Neil Bush + Billy Carter) * 1000, Sidney Crosby’s tears taste like fine wine, and state GOP throws I Ching


DUI lawyer Daniel Hajji has his hands full

Convicted felon and probation violator Kwame Kilpatrick apparently took lots of money from convicted felon Karl Kado. Bernard “Killer” Kilpatrick got even more of that delicious Cobo money from Kado. No wonder Kilpatrick is having a difficult time paying his restitution. No one gives him large envelopes full of cash anymore. Unless C. Montgomery “Matty” Moroun’s heart strings are tugged. Hopefully this pending indictment won’t interfere with his probation violation. Or not selling Covisint products. Petey Karmanos should organize a sales conference with Alec Baldwin because, you know, that other shoe has dropped. And a third. And a fourth. (Freep)

That’s one USA! for every American goal in their 5-3 thumping of Canada and overrated girl Sidney Crosby. Red Wing and Dearborn native Brian Rafalski scored two of them and had an assist on a third. Also, here are 42 more USA!’s. One for each of East Lansing native Ryan Miller’s saves. Suck on this Canada. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! (2010 Olympics)

Debbie Dingell to wait for 2012

Thanks to his dark red scooter, 84-year-old John Dingell can visit the Grand Canyon run for re-election. I CAN SEE THE WORLD! That’s too bad because we’re looking forward to second wife Debbie’s run for office. It would be a tough primary against the good-hearted football kid and the lesbian. Hopefully Michigan Director of Elections Chris Thomas won’t throw away any ballots. Or sleep with his best friend’s ex-wife. We know how that turned out for Matthew Broderick. (Crains)

Michigan Republican Party reads Barack Obama’s mind

The Metro Times may want to profile Michigan GOP spokesgal Jennifer Hoff because she can bend political spoons like Uri Geller. Hoff says Obama will back Virg Bernero for Michigan governor. She can feel it in the sonic brainwaves that Obama transmits from the White House. It’s complicated but the important thing to know is that Obama is totally gay for Virg Bernero and that’s why he used Chicago-style politics to destroy the John Cherry’s gubernatorial dreams. Cherry, as every Republican will tell you, is the greatest Lt. Governor ever (now that he isn’t running for governor) but Obama hated him because Obama hates freedom. (MLive)

Jim Harbaugh, kind of lamers

Michigan boosters maybe should re-think running Rich Rodriguez out of Ann Arbor and replacing him with Jim Harbaugh. He may be a fine coach at Stanford but he better work on his Twitterings if he wants to be big time. Harbaugh twatted Friday that his “favorite band” Hootie should re-unite at a Stanford game. Ok, Hootie is a fine enough band. If it’s 1994-7, you’re wasted on Natty Light at a Sigma Chi kegger, and looking to bed some equally drunk co-ed. Charlie Steiner had a cameo in that one video with the Idiot Wind lyrics. That was cool. Then again, Chris Berman had a cameo in the same video. Gross. Harbaugh should subscribe to Vice so he knows what’s hip with the young people. (Deadspin)

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So Team Kilpatrick was running the city as a criminal enterprise for personal profit. Isn’t that what the most reverend Reverend Reverend David Murray and his ilk have been doing with DPS?


well yeah but its different since sgdopijadfhpj’oihojphsgpjoighs I’m not even gunna try. I really wish the FBI or hell, anyone, would pay attention to the shit that went down at the DPS just like they are with city hall.


Motz…don’t be surprised if they are.


Word’s been wandering around DPS for years that the FBI’s been nosing around, but who knows. Bobb hired an ex-FBI guy early on, but the ex-G-man’s been pretty quiet. Everybody knows there has been widespread corruption, but the big stuff comes out of the central office, so I can’t help.


I think The New Republic’s Crimetown USA story (http://www.tnr.com/article/politics/crimetown-usa) about the FBI breaking the political-mafia cartel running Youngstown is required reading to understand what’s happening in Detroit. Andy Arena, who currently runs Detroit’s FBI office, was the man in charge in Youngstown.

It’s a long slog starting with the small-timers and working up. The FBI took a shot at Traficant in the early 1980s and missed. Everyone felt more secure, as Hal Holbrook’s Deep Throat once said. It took nearly 20 more years of taking down and flipping guys to finally get that crooked son-of-a-bitch*. The Feds seem to be working the same way here. Starting from the outside in, brick-by-brick.

If all the self-righteous apologists for Detroit’s political class are really concerned with bringing the corporate muckity-mucks to justice, they aren’t because that’s a red herring diversion, but if they were sincere, they’d be cheering for Rayford, Monica, Sam, Kwame, and the Killer to sing like DeDan, Mullet, and Kado have sung.

* BTW, Traficant is out after serving eight years in federal prison and is an emerging star on the tea party circuit.


I have wondered how Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick has stayed clear of the mess surrounding her golden boy and ex-husband. I’m assuming that sister Anaya and near-relative Bobby Ferguson are being lined up before getting to the Honorable Representative.


Sure, Kwame and Bernie (A/K/A Killer) are corrupt, greedy thugs and should pay the Piper — but how about those who put them in office and taught them how “the game was played”? What was it that Bernie K did for Ed McNamara all those years when he was his Chief of Staff???

Hopefully the black community will stop electing these fools (assuming the elections weren’t rigged), and then express their outrage at the US Attorneys Office in Detroit for targeting only black politicians after it refused to prosecute the white gangsters in Wayne County government — where the corruption was so blatant that the FBI got a warrant to raid the County Building. That never happened in the City Offices.

But even if the Kilpatrick Von Trapp Family decides to sing and dance for the Feds, don’t count on the US Attorney to go after the white politicos/ corporate criminals in the Greater Detroit Metro Area. Remember, US Attorneys are just political appointees with political agendas, like all the rest of them. (Didn’t the Bush Administration/Alberto Gonzales make that abundantly clear?)


Oh what a tired, ignorant assertion from a tired ignorant political class. No conspiracy investigation starts at the top. No one arrested Bob Haldeman and hoped he would turn on Gordon Liddy and Maurice Stans. In Goodfellas, they busted Ray Liotta so they could get Paul Sorvino.

This ungrounded assertion that the Feds won’t go after white politicos is absurd. Locally federal cases were attampted against Marlinga an Fieger. Were those cases simply rusesNationally, they took down Duke Cungingham and Tom Delay when the GOP controlled Washington. Andy Arena took down Jim Traficant or do we ignore that one because Jim Traficant says he was set up by Israel?

Seems to me that if you want the McNamera folks, Bernard is the key. He was their bagman. But maybe that’s too strategic for those shrill folks from the Michigan Citizen.

Of course, maybe more of this white power brokers behind the curtain would fall if guys like Chaz Beckham talked about Vista or William Hart explained where the kruugerranda came
from or Rayford Jackson said anything at all.

If there is any criticism that can be leveled against the local Feds, it’s laziness. They aren’t targeting black politician. Just stupid ones. Should they ignore City Council officers backing dubious toxic waste wells for free lunches? And don’t elected officials and their publically compensated employees have to be held to a higher standard than flunky middle managers at a slug company?

Of course, given the inability to convict Riddle and Fieger on slam dunk cases, maybe the Feds just recognize that Michigan juries aren’t smart enough to grasp the tougher cases. After all, Michigan voters elected these retards. Apologies to Trig.

Downriver's Friend
February 23rd, 2010 at 8:22 am

So let’s see. Black President Obama appoints black Attorney General Eric Holder to lead the Justice Department, which is going after Kilpatrick and Co. because they’re……black?

Oh, that’s right I forgot. BHO’s mama was white. So that means he really hates blacks. Also whites. But he loves Jim Crow. What do you expect from a secret Muslim Zionist?

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