Appeals Court grants motion because DUI lawyer Daniel Hajji’s brief was wholly incomprehensible


Convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick won’t be arrested today because the Appeals Court stayed the probation hearing. Daniel Hajji’s motion was so ridiculous that the Appeals Court had no choice but to stop the whole proceeding in case there’s actually a decent reason to overturn Judge Groner’s ruling. God knows they won’t find cause for anything except disbarring Daniel Hajji in Hajji’s shrill ramblings.

Here’s a thought: whatever Kilpatrick is paying Hajji should go directly to restitution because no one, not even convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick, should have to pay for stellar legal arguments such as:

It should come as no surprise to the City of Detroit if Mr. Kilpatrick loses his job as a result of the scrutiny in this matter. And it should come as no surprise if he fails to satisfy his restitution obligations, because the trial court does not want him to have sufficient financial resources to be able to work the crowd so to speak, and little more than six months to be successful.


This case is about a trial judge who has repeatedly maligned Mr. Kilpatrick and even vilified him in the press. This case is about a trial judge who has repeatedly insisted he is not trying to set Mr. Kilpatrick up for failure, while at the same time issuing an order that the evidence clearly indicated could not be complied with.

The Appellate judges took one look at Hajji’s red crayon scribblings on a circle of paper and decided they need to figure this one out on their own. Or get overturned because the defendant had inadequate counsel. It’s like Kilpatrick stopped listening to his competent lawyers. That should mean more comedy gold for us. (DetNews)

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I’m excited by Hajji’s demonstration of effective appellate work. If Arne Duncan and Big Bad Bobb get their way and all of us oldtimers in the classroom get fired, I’m hanging out my legal shingle. Hell, I can write stuff like that without sitting through all those boring law school classes. (By the way, wasn’t Hajji Johnny Quest’s Third World sidekick?)


You are to cease and desist the defamatory remarks against Daniel Hajji. Consider this as your final notice.

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