Joann Watson was set up by The Man®
Jack Lessenberry recently opined that Joann Watson was “living in the fiction that this is Mississippi 1964.” Spot-on analysis. Quite naturally, living in that fiction, Watson believes she’s being set up by The Man® because of her little property tax problem from that tornado that may or may not have hit her house in either 1993 or 2002. In any case, she had no reason to question her annual $68 property tax bill. What with the millions of dollars the city makes every year with “precious jewel” Cobo Hall, there’s no need for Detroit residents to pay taxes. Maybe Watson can get Federal stimulus funds to cover her back taxes. (Freep)

Awful Eurotrash spend long weekend in Detroit
Aldus Huxley’s opus Brave New World warned of a dystopian world where people would take sensory altering drugs, engage in vacuous sex, and listen to mechanical music created by computer machines. Some 77 years later we know that world as the Movement Electronic Music Festival at Hart Plaza. What Huxley didn’t tell us is that his dystopian world would be populated by Eurotrash. Movement is over and the Eurotrash have finished gawking at our blight like Manhattan sophisticates attending a Toby Keith show. The Euros safely returned to Barcelona or Munich…at least until next year. (DetNews)

NBC viral promotion goes too far
The NBC show Parks & Recreation is basically The Office except with the racist fruit vendor guy from Flight of the Conchords. He’s funny. The show is about a plucky bureaucrat (Amy Poehler) trying to build a park on this giant pit that this one guy fell into and broke his legs. Rashida Jones plays his girlfriend. She was Karen on The Office. The Parks & Recreation premise actually exists in Woodbridge Estates. Instead of some guy comically breaking his legs, a man drowned in our giant pit while heroically saving a child’s life. The tv show version is funnier. Hopefully someone at BS&E will be fired over this and maybe brought up on negligence charges. Amru Meah, please pick up the red courtesy phone. (DetNews)

Matt Millen has a sad
Flaming bag of dog shit Matt Millen is NOT HAPPY because ESPN decided to make Jon Gruden a Monday Night Football game analyst while Millen is just a dumb studio analyst. Millen doesn’t like this because even though he was the worst general manager in history while Gruden won a Super Bowl as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach, Millen is a really sharp tv analyst according to all of Matt Millen’s friends. Plus ESPN totally promised the game analyst job to Millen, according to Millen. This is the greatest injustice since the Holocaust, this is. Why does ESPN hate Matt Millen? And why can’t a roving gang of deranged VD patients assault and rape Millen? (Freep)

Tim Skubick discovers horrible truth about political fundraisers

Did you know politicians only show up to fundraising events hosted by special interest groups in order to win their support? OH MY GOD NEITHER DID I! How horrible. It took Skubick 40 years of shoe leather journalism is uncover this sordid story. And uncover it he did. On his Blogger site. In bold-faced type. Considering the multiple posts without any comments, Skubick’s site has fewer readers than this cumdump of a blog. Tim Skubick is the dean of Lansing political reporters. I’m just mentioning that in case you’ve never met Skubick personally. Obviously, if you’ve met the guy, you already know he’s the dean of Lansing political reporters. (Skoops Blog)

New Charter to be as bad as the last Charter
Joyous day! Detroit will elect a Commission to re-write the city’s vague and outdated City Charter. Don’t get too excited until you see the pile of political mediocrity seeking to revise Detroit’s basic law. Aside from Malik Shabazz and his girlfriend. Freman Hendrix is running but non-Freman fans needn’t worry. He’ll probably lose. Again. Also running is Team Kilpatrick lawyer John Johnson. The same John Johnson facing professional ethics charges. Oh and a former Detroit School Board member! He must be super qualified. (Freep)

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I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

Ansel Rakestraw
May 26th, 2009 at 9:14 am

Joann Watson, like Dick Cheney after Haliburton was nailed by the SEC, has a choice to make in how she is viewed. There is no way that she could have truly believed that she only owed $68 a year in taxes.

If she did believe that, she is completely incompetent and unfit to manage a budget of more than one billion dollars. How could she have not noticed her tax bill listing a combined value of roughly $950 for her home and lot? As a public servant that should have alerted her to the fact that there are serious errors being made by the Assessors Office. How could anyone with half a brain not notice?

If she did realize there was a massive error and stayed silent about it, she is ethically compromised as a Council member – ESPECIALLY after railing against other tax cheats. Our every own Larry Craig screaming hate about the very thing she is.

So which is it Joann?

Are you incompetent or unethical?


I really like your site design too.

Woodwards Friend
May 26th, 2009 at 3:05 pm

I’m pleased to hear people like the design. I think the pheasant really ties the room together.


the site design is totally boss and your writing style is pleasant to my mind, keep it up!

Woodwards Friend
May 26th, 2009 at 6:13 pm

Thanks motz. Please tell your friends.


the site design is boastfully tossed and your writing style is pheasant to my mind, keep it up?

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