Someone earned college credit for graft, convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick’s options, and brown nosing in Grand Rapids


Stealing money from poor kids

That’s literally what Cass Tech administrators were doing, according to DPS inspector general John Bell. The state gave Cass Tech money to cover Advanced Placement testing fees for underprivileged students. Cass Tech charged kids to take the tests anyway. Don’t worry, though, Cass Tech officials only “mishandled” their fraudulent AP fees. Since DPS won’t send these pig-fucking excuses for educators to a cold dark prison (really disappointing, Bobb) for a long time, let’s hope there’s a special circle of hell awaiting them in the afterlife. For stealing from poor children trying to take Advanced Placement tests. (Freep)

The State of the City is…umm…err…
Dave Bing isn’t perfect but he isn’t a petulant man-child who wastes the State of the City to lie about balancing the budget, death threats against his family, or “Detroit love.” Bing’s spoke about shrinking the city, ending culture of corruption, changing how business is done in Detroit. You know, real issues. It’s like an actual adult is in charge, for a change. And Council didn’t boycott or break out into song. Ken Cockrel said he wants more substance and, as a City Councilman, he totally should! It’s like a real government. If only Bing let his cabinet speak to the press afterward, like every other State of the _______ speech ever. (DetNews, #detSOTC)

The county jail might not be so bad

Norman Yatooma will take some time out from his foundation “for the kids,” to depose Carlita Kilpatrick in Dallas. When Judge Groner makes his probation violation ruling about convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick, the disgraced mayor-turned-failed software salesman may be hoping for jail time. He’ll probably find the county jail more hospitable than that rented mcmansions after Yatooma and Carlita finish their little Q&A chat. If Judge Groner is reading this (like some other unnamed participants in today’s hearing), maybe sentence him to jail time until Carlita’s deposition. Then give him a week of house arrest. (Freep)

Milking this for all it’s worth
Bill Shea of Crain’s just took the lead in Dyspathy’s unofficial, just made up local media power rankings. He published a story on yesterday about DUI Attorney Daniel Hajji’s “cease and desist” letter to this humble website. Also, how someone (who may or may not be Daniel Hajji) posted a 2,497 word comment to a Dyspathy post at 5:00 AM. Which sounds like something a cokehead might do. Not that we’re accusing this commenter of using cocaine. We’re only noting the similarity between that unknown person’s behavior and the expected behavior of a cokehead. The best part, of course, Judge Karen Ford Hood was again quoted as calling Hajji’s legal filings “grossly noncompliant and inappropriate.” So good. (Crains)

Grand Rapids really, really wants Google Fiber
Everybody wants to be the pilot city for Google Fiber internet. It will change the way we go on-line just like the Segway changed the way we think about cities. Grand Rapids is one city vying for Google Fiber. So it’s totally a coincidence that the Grand Rapids Press editorial board totally commends the brave leaders (some might say heroes) at Google for pulling the plug on Google China, because of censorship. Let’s all look forward to their next editorial, calling on Amway to stop investing in China until there’s real human rights reform in that country. (MLive)

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Can we up the Amway bashing? I’m hoping for a cease-and-desist from the Pyramid Schemers.

Woodward's Friend
March 24th, 2010 at 10:52 am

What you call a pyramid scheme is really just a triangulated marketing strategy. Look, maybe you enjoy the daily grind of your J-O-B. But there’s no reason to be hater because WINNERS are out there every day enjoying life, building their businesses, and living the American dream. Listening to your Upline is optional. Then again, so is success.


It’s dedication and hustle that got me to the top of those rankings. I thought my schedule would hurt my RPI, but a couple of late-season upsets worked in my favor. Depending on how Mitch Albom and Charlie LeDuff finish out the regular season, I’m thinking a No. 1 seed is possible for me. And the tournament is a whole new story (pun intended).


Unfortunately, Cleveland *always* chokes in the postseason.

Woodward's Friend
March 24th, 2010 at 2:18 pm

MLive wonders if Hajji can stay in this fight. How did Liston hold up against Ali?


I’m waiting for the inevitible merger of Amway and scientology. Nicely scented soaps and e-meters in the same sales kit!


I remember that Amway pitch. Fond memories. Better memories of the day me and three of my friends mocked our one friend who got involved. I got to explain to him that I knew exactly what was going down, I just wanted the 3 free dinners.


WF, tell me now, just between us, how much are you paying Daniel Hajji for all this publicity and its attendant good fortune he’s bringing to Dyspathy?


that ACN video is creepy. Where are the tubs of purple Kool Aid?


I was thinking about fiber yesterday but I just had a tremenous bowel movement and everything is good.


The DPS Inspector General is doing a service uncovering and acting against the widespread fraud in the district. No one in education would defend the bastards who steal from kids and those working with them. My only concern is that I don’t see action against the big time thieves. I’m in the second school where I’ve seen a second or third company wiring the school for internet access. If I had to hire a second or third company to wire my house, I’d sue the first ones. Also, what about the real estate games by Farbman’s? I realize that low hanging fruit is always appealing, but let’s aim high for the big criminals. As John Rebus has been known to mutter between multiple single malts, “Forget about the Underworld. It’s the Overworld you have to worry about.”


Oh, MY! I’m so glad for MLive posting Daniel Hajji’s URL. Any chance you’ll start referring to him as Super Michigan Lawyer Daniel Hajji? Nothing defamatory about that. He coined it, anyway, so I can’t see where the arguement would come from.


Really? Bill Shea from Crains? That guy has a bigger ego than Kwame. On a personal level, Shea makes Kwame looks like a saint. Professionally, the guy may be able to put a few sentences together – thats it.

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