A very special Hutaree wedding album, or why the revolution will not go Superpokin’ on the Facebook


These Pokeman terrorists from Adrian loved social networking on the Facebook and MySpace. Farmville is a great way to pass the time when waiting for the Antichrist to show up for the final battle. Let’s take a look at some Hutaree photos from Facebook.

It wasn’t easy, but they perfectly re-created Patty Hearst’s SLA wedding portrait. Even the track lighting and drop ceiling are historically accurate.

Serving as his parent’s ring bearer will be the least of junior’s problems.

A butterfly tattoo on the breast? That’s tacky. Even for Adrian. (Facebook)

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Based on their love of American “tiger stripe” camo from the Vietnam era, I think I’ve found the perfect wedding gift:

“Adrian. shit; I’m still only in Adrian … Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in the jungle.”

“The machinist, the one they called Chef, was from New Orleans. He was wrapped too tight for Adrian; probably wrapped too tight for New Orleans. Lance, on the forward .50s, was a famous surfer from the beaches south of LA. One look at him and you wouldn’t believe he ever fired a weapon in his whole life. Clean… Mr. Clean… was from some South Bronx shithole and the light and space of Adrian really put the zap on his head. Then there was Phillips, the Chief. It might have been my mission, but it sure as shit was the Chief’s boat!”


Did they trade away all their bible-fu for that wedding? I’d’ve held out for Miss May…


Jealous Suit-or Kilgore wandering around the reception:

“Just give me back the broad, Lance. She was a good broad… and I like her. You know how hard it is to find a broad you like…”

/sexist for the humor


Onward Christian Soldiers!


I hope this wasn’t a June wedding, everyone knows you don’t wear camo until after labor day.


I’m disappointed that the good womenfolk of this fearsome band of deeply delusional soldiers of God couldn’t take the time and effort to whip up a decent camo gown. And why is that militia types are always so damn doofus looking? (With apologies to Sarah Palin.) I mean real soldiers don’t look doofus. It can’t just be the clothes. Does doofosity drain from their pores and contort their features?


This kind of looks like the wedding pictures of my cousin Abner and his wives when he lived in Waco back in the early 90s.


@teach313: I suspect the gene pool involved is repeatedly recycled, and the family tree is a trunk no branches.


@Bill S.: ’tis ne’er a tree, ’tis but a dwarfish shrub. (Shakespeare, the Lost Sonnet)

Downriver's Friend
March 31st, 2010 at 12:30 pm

Looks like a promo shot for the new indie film–I (Heart) Hutarees.


still more famous than any of their neighbors


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