Virg Bernero is a bad Larry Owen cover band, dirt roads were good enough for the Founding Fathers, and gum time is over


Déjà vu all over again
We’re sharing this circa 1998 Google screenshot because,  the Michigan Democrats should remember 1998. Except in Michigan, it was a good year for Democrats. That’s because the local party establishment and their union friends were totally gay for this nobody, Larry Owen. He lost the gubernatorial primary to Geoffrey Fieger, who was then steamrolled by John Engler. A new poll says the latest MDP/union boyfriend, Virg Bernero, is trailing Andy Dillon and Alma Wheeler Smith. Totally unrelated, but Dan Kildee’s children’s friends weren’t killed in a drug house. Too soon? Hey Mark Gaffney, enjoy your Governor Mike Cox! Or Governor Peter Hoekstra. Or Governor Andy Dillon. (DetNews, LSJ)

No surprise here
Oh look, turns out that you can’t just sell a non-profit hospital system to a for-profit company without problems. MOSES, Michigan Universal Health Care Network, and Michigan Legal Services basically call bullshit on the DMC selling itself to Vanguard, if the entire DMC campus is a renaissance zone. It’s like the DMC will be for-profit, in that it can make money, but still non-profit, in that it won’t have to pay taxes. Somewhere in the universe L. Ron Hubbard is sitting in a DC-8 space plane and very jealous of Mike Duggan. (Freep)

Which side are they on?
Generally, we like the labor movement. We know the alternative is bad. We saw Harlan County, USA. Later, local union bosses are more W.A. Boyle than Joseph Yablonski. Team Bing wants to fold the city’s pension funds into something called the Municipal Employees Retirement System. There may be good reasons to not do that, but you won’t hear about them from Bing’s opponents. The yellow unions morally oppose this assault upon the (sigh) precious jewel pension funds. That would be worth $1,200,000,000 more for their members, if MERS had managed them. Some things are more important than money. For instance, letting convicted felon Monica Conyers and the Right Reverend Wendell Anthony (praised be His name) “invest” pension money with well-connected assholes’ (see Pappas, Jim). (Crains, Freep)

The road is socialism is paved with pavement
Read the Constitution. No where does it say the government is supposed to pave roads. Yet, the government has unconstitutionally paved roads with our tax dollars for decades. Thank the Christ Jesus that WE THE PEOPLE of Michigan are finally standing up to this Nazi-like (remember the “autobahn”?) oppression. Michigan is planning to cut this anti-American “road budget” by 62% next year. We’re only behind Pennsylvania in demolishing these eight-lane monuments of totalitarianism. Finally, we’re getting our country back. (DetNews)

Tigers trade single greatest fourth starter in Major League history
A couple years ago, Lynn Henning lauded Nate Robertson’s ability to consistently throw 200 innings a season. One problem, Robertson accomplished that feat only once in his career. Still, he’s “a gamer” who can single-handedly win just by chewing lots of gum. And his grit. The Tigers traded Robertson for a B-level prospect because former All-Star Dontrelle Willis is throwing strikes again. Maybe Willis can win 20 games this year, but can he “eat innings” like Nate Robertson? Also, some Jim Price gibberish about the art of pitching and late movement. (Freep)

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Downriver's Friend
March 31st, 2010 at 8:30 am

Real ‘Mericans know that unpaved roads will totally slow down the UN tanks and the FEMA trucks. Just ask the Hutaree/Hatari/Hakawi.


Bummer for the Canton Dude with the Nate Robertson pickup truck. Maybe he can Inge-out a new ride. Personally I can’t wait until Precious Jewel Brandon is not resigned then ends up in the NL playing for the Nats/Marlins or something for the league minimum.


I think comparing Virg Bernaro to Larry Owen is a bad comparison. Virg doesn’t let his wife lead him around by the nose and tell him when to go tinkle like Faylene used to do to Larry.

Larry lost that primary because of Mark Brewer. Brewer was too much of a pussy to strong arm Fieger out of the race. When Fieger announced he was going to run for governor, everyone already knew about his drunk driving and accusations of wife beating. Mark Brewer hid behind the claim of neutrality being party chair. Brewer was more interested in tossing Fieger’s salad for campaign cash than he was preventing Fieger from delivering the party into the 7th layer of hell. What was even sadder, was the number of rank and file Dems who were willing to follow Brewer to the slaughter.



and Joe Bob is right, of course. Incidentally I was hoping for Lougle not Google.

Woodward's Friend
March 31st, 2010 at 10:37 am

Mark Brewer or not, a decent candidate would have pushed aside Fieger, and his Sam Riddle-Richard Leebove led campaign, with ease. Owen barely beat that other also ran for second place. He was one of those shooting stars in Lansing, and Lansing alone. I look forward to an equally fun Alma Wheeler Smith-Virg Bernero race for second place this summer.

All the unions had to do was sit on their hands for a couple months, and wait for either Bernero or Kildee to emerge as the stronger, more electable candidate. Instead they jumped on Bernero’s jock early because he said “deh tuk r jibs” on the Fox News.

It doesn’t hurt that, as Lansing’s mayor, Bernero is in the middle of that incestuous bell jar known as our state capital. Sadly, one must win more than Off the Record’s 12 viewers to be elected governor. Just ask Governor Dick Posthumus about that.

If Owen isn’t the best comparison to Bernero, how about Walter Mondale? Mediocre candidate, early union support, crushing Democratic defeat.

Downriver's Friend
March 31st, 2010 at 10:56 am

The moral of the story: If you want a Tiffany-quality candidate, don’t shop at Faylene’s Basement.


Everyone in the MDP knows Brewer only has his job because the UAW carries him around in their Poodle Purse like Paris Hilton does with Tinker Bell. Look at what happened in 2003 after Granholm got elected governor. She was the 1st Democratic Governor to be told she could put her people as head of the party. Why? Because the UAW had a hissy fit.

Granted Larry Owen sucked as a candidate and Engler would have beaten him in the general. However, he wouldn’t have had such a negative impact on the down ballot races like Fieger did. But to Larry Faylene Owen’s credit they would have helped candidates raise cash and helped pick up the pieces. The only people who received money from Fieger during the campaign were the liquor stores his campaign bus stopped at.


Sorry typo on my part, Granholm is the 1st gov to be told she could not put her people as head of the party.


As a relative newcomer to Michigan, I’m not as up on the inside stories, but the Dems that have been union picked since I’ve lived here have been jokes. I’ve wondered if the Repubs somehow bribed the Union boys, but, no, I’ll stick with Occam’s razor and go with Union stupidity.

Robertson is a mediocrity in a town that routinely honors mediocre athletes. Had he pitched in my hometown, Philadelphia, he would have been run out of town years ago. I’m not saying the brutal Philly way is better, I’m just saying that Robertson never would have gotten that fat contract there. The same goes for Inge. (With apologies to Trig, who gets sad if he isn’t mentioned every day.)

The farther away from the Not As Yet Indicted Pension Board Bing can hide the pension funds, the better the chance that some may remain for pensioners. Lock the money in lead trunks, load in on a train, fill the train with armed Treasury Agents, and get that money to Lansing on the night of the next new moon. I wish there was a safer place than Lansing, but, please, get it away from the Pension Board.

Woodward's Friend
March 31st, 2010 at 8:54 pm


Did you see Robertson’s “I wanted the Tigers to want me” crocodile tears? Absurd.


WF, Missed it, but I’d love a man who dropped all that bad pizza money on me. Sports are supposed to be a business, but with owners like Ilitch they revert to rich men’s toys. (See the contract of Dontrelle “Ball Four” Willis.)

Speaking of which, I finally found some good pizza in this town after years of searching. Are you familiar with Supinos? Damn good stuff and run by a really decent guy.


When I lived on the other side of my building, I could see Supino’s. Pretty good. But no Donato’s. Now that I’m on this side of my building, I can see Canada. So I’m qualified to be vice president.


Ok, Shea, you’re from Ohio, I’m from Philadelphia. I can judge pizza, you cannot. I once ate Donato’s pizza-like substance and I can only say that when I threw most of it away, I was careful to dispose of it in a manner that would not despoil Lake Erie. I grew up on Momma Dea’s and Peppino’s pizza. The Dea family barely spoke English and both families lived above their shops. Momma Dea would sneak me a plate of meatballs because I was such a skinny boy. Paulo Peppino’s large, loud family roamed the dining room alternately serving costumers, swatting younger children, and chasing the dog back upstairs. I realize I haven’t said a thing about the pizza, but the sublime crust, the delicate sauce, the exquisitely seasoned pepperoni, well, how could explain such mysteries to an unfortunate child of Ohio?


Philly — the city that booed Santa Clause. Twice.

Donato’s is the pizza of the gods. Hell, I’d blow myself up in a car bomb for the promise of 72 Donato’s pizzas in the afterlife.

If you want to extol the virtues of some crude pie hatched in the slums of Philly by a Mitch Albom-created perfect ethnic storybook family, feel free. But do not blaspheme the ambrosia that is Donato’s. ;)


Robertson was very mediocre. Thats truth. I don’t like the hate on Inge because he’s an extremely talented defensive player, just his offense lacks any sense of the word “consistency”. I don’t think Inge is worth big dollars, but he’s a great guy to have a third, just not a great guy to have at bat.

I really wanna see more info on the challenge to the DMC selling itself. It’d be nice to have that giant influx of cash, but selling to a for-profit institute is questionable. Fucked if you do, fucked if you don’t.

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