The closet cases at revolutionmuslim.com can suck my balls


Earlier this year, I wrote a number of posts criticizing reactions to the “Christmas bomber” incident. Congresswoman Candice Miller’s outrage that this failed third-rate criminal was read his rights – and otherwise treated like a failed, third-rate criminal – was particularly offensive. It’s cowardly and misguided for anyone, particularly a member of Congress, to suggest this clown represented a threat our criminal justice system is incapable of handling. America (fuck yeah) is better and stronger than that.

The same principle applies to the jihadist threats against Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Comedy Central. For anyone who claims they won’t live in fear of terrorist bullies, this is a real opportunity to actually walk that walk. That’s why the South Park Muhammad is on my sidebar. If revolutionmuslim.com doesn’t like it, they can suck my balls. And the cowards at Viacom/Comedy Central can eat my ass.

Because I learned something today, standing up to these creeps is about more than just free speech rights. Caving in makes us less safe. If jihadists silence South Park with an empty threat of violence, what stops Horace Sheffield from also threatening violence to bend NBC News to his will? After all, there’s little moral daylight between Sheffield’s efforts to impose his Orwellian “Code of Fairness” on NBC News and the jihadists demand for universal Sharia.

This is basic school yard rules. Placate bullies when they want your lunch money today, and – when they want your lunch money tomorrow – they’ll take your baseball cards too. (Andrew Sullivan, NY Times)

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Downriver's Friend
April 24th, 2010 at 9:11 am

Same goes for the YouTubes and the Hitler meme. The people who wanted that censored would have made Joe Goebbels proud.

Irony may be dead, but satire is still hanging on, thanks to you, South Park, and the people who put up new videos on YouTube of Hitler reacting to being taken off YouTube.


Sooreh Hera gives me some ideas.

All I need is a Horace Sheffield III mask, a Sam Riddle mask, and a photographer who is willing to see me half-naked.


Nice job. I bow to your insights.

Downriver, the company that owns the original Hitler film is the one behind taking down the parodies.


@some guy: …and it’s YouTube that’s bending at the knees to kiss the owner’s ass *DESPITE* (“to spite”?) Fair Use includes parody.


(Hint: Google owns YouTube)

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