Convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick: free clinic all-star


Jesus H. Tap-dancing Christ. It looks like convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick is single-handedly keeping the penicillin industry in business. According to a law suit filed by an ex-EPU cop, and stipulated by the defense:

• Kilpatrick was “known to be a player or ladies man.”

• Beatty used to visit the Manoogian Mansion when Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita, was out of town. Davis saw Beatty and Kilpatrick embrace and kiss.

• Kilpatrick spent long evening and night hours with Beatty at her home.

• While guarding Kilpatrick, his wife and children at a hotel, Davis watched the former mayor enter a different room down the hall where he met with two “street women.”

• Kilpatrick was a frequent guest at a spa in Ferndale, staying long after closing time.

• When an officer found a pair of women’s panties inside Kilpatrick’s SUV, they were quietly given to Kilpatrick.

• Davis said he witnessed what he called inappropriate conduct with female employees.

If Kilpatrick approached the rest of life with the same effort and dedication he commits to getting his wang polished, the guy could have been Hazen Pingree crossed with Superman. Or at least a reasonably competent software salesman. Instead, he’s a dull slob who lied about balancing the budget and resigned in disgrace.

Seriously, a spa (of the “Oriental” variety, no doubt) in Ferndale and “street women?” Just gross. Everyone go take a bleach shower. We’ll return tomorrow for more regularly scheduled ha-ha funnies about our awful state. And confidential to Christine B. – get your junk checked out. Right now. (DetNews)

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The “spa in Ferndale” claim is suspect. Everyone remembers the legendary “Loving Touch” in Ferndale and similar joints north of 8 mile, but they were all long gone before KK took office. Or am I wrong?

Or was the karate joint a front?


Pingree: The original community garden / urbang farming advocate and the original municipal rail champion. Yes, we are living in the past these days.


Too bad we can’t get Beatty’s medical records. Remember her medical absence? Abortion? Psych eval?


… or maybe she finally completed her MTF transtition? Lord knows the hormones weren’t working to make her more ladylike.


I can’t believe Detroit’s jewels were getting polished in Ferndale


Is this suit insinuating that Warren Beatty engaged in homosexual congress?

We already know Kilpatrick fucked everyone he could…

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