Sherry Washington stole from Detroit school children, Dave Bing’s dastardly counter-revolutionary measures, and our new favorite Detroiter talks to O Street


If THEY can take Sherry Washington, we are all vulnerable
It’s an egregious violation of Detroit’s precious right of home rule, but federal prosecutors indicted beloved local entrepreneur Sherry Washington and former DPS risk management chief Stephen Hill. Washington and Hill are heroes to a community resisting this effort to steal Detroit’s autonomous, awful school system with a warrior’s spirit. First they came for the school board, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t on the school board. Then they came for Sherry Washington, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t Sherry Washington. Then they came for me, and you know the rest. To the Boggs Center! (Freep)

Dexter School Board to ban journalism like Jon Lithgow banned dancing
Controversy in the heartland! Back in ancient history, dirty hippies created a hullabaloo when they published the word fuck in student newspapers. Because Johnson killed kids in Vietnam. Now, morally obtuse parents have their granny panties in a twist because the Dexter High School paper is responsibly covering controversial, relevant topics like sexy dancing and teen pregnancy. The latter, thanks to quickie abortions we don’t talk about, doesn’t happen in the wholesome community of Dexter. (AnnArbor.com, The Squall)

But what about our Trail of Tears?

Conniving counter-revolutionary lackey Dave Bing is at it again. His people now claim they won’t shrink the city’s borders despite the mountains of disingenuous agitprop suggesting otherwise. Bing’s shrinking city pilot program involves relocating a few citizens from isolated blocks of East English Village and Morningside Heights to more vibrant sections of those same communities. Then they’ll demolish the abandoned houses, and let the land go fallow.  The People (TM) are outraged by this injustice! The Man (R) cannot be allowed shift gears and deny us our revolution. Bing must be stopped. (Freep)

Please don’t jump on the couch, governor
Jennifer Granholm will be on Oprah Friday to sign the ban on texting while driving. Apparently, Oprah is taking a time out from selling quackery to bored housewives so she can fight against the scourge of texting and driving. You know what would be cool? If Oprah did one of those EVERYONE GETS A CAR!!!! deals when Granholm was on, and was also like EVERYONE GETS A BLACKBERRY TOO!!!!! Then Granholm can declare her love for a Dawson’s Creek cast member. KSW. Also the Secret. (DetNews)

Cordette Grantling for Mayor
There’s not much to add to O Street’s interview with Chris Hansen interview subject Cordette Grantling except to say she may be the smartest, most forward thinking person in metro Detroit. Everyone should send her money and other fine things. Also, people shamelessly grandstanding about balance and do-overs and pointless rallies should just shut the fuck up and read what Grantling told O Street. Especially you, Horace. (Freep)

Grosse Pointe South is an opium den
For like 30 years, the official uniform of Grosse Pointe South students has been a pair of well-worn khakis, tie-dyed t-shirts, and Birkenstocks. The authorities are only now learning that Grosse Pointe teenagers may enjoy the occasional illicit drug. So the narcs swept South yesterday. In a couple weeks, after the groundings are lifted, the City Airport neighborhood will be packed with old money scions in hand-me-down SUVs, looking to refill their stashes before the Phish reunion tour. (DetNews)

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Dexter’s transition from farm community to moneyed exurb has been an interesting one.

Downriver's Friend
April 29th, 2010 at 10:07 am

Here’s the Detroit story:

It’s not the people who are trying to save the city. It’s the OTHER people who are trying to PREVENT them from saving it.

Bobb nailed it when he blasted the status quo on the Takeaway. Other cities have problems, but no other city I know has such an entrenched ruling class of crooks, incompetents, failures, unfit parents, paranoids, and retards (apologies to Trigg). This group has been selling a “shitty”product for years, and betting on its failure to enrich themselves. Forget Goldman Sachs. Detroit’s criminal cabal makes Wall Street look like the Red Fucking Cross.

Among these are Whore-ass Sheffield, JoAnn Watson, Otis Mathis, Anthony Adams, David Murray, Shanta Driver, Steve Cahn, Matty Moroun, Pete Karmanos, Adolph Mongo, Monica Conyers, and the entire worthless Kilpatrick clan. I’m sure I’ve forgotten others. Fortunately, their influence is waning, but not fast enough. As long as they are aided and abetted by kept judges like Wendy Baxter, Detroit will never recover.


That poor, poor Sitham Sito. I mean Omah Sitsit. Oh, you know who I mean.

Granted, the man has to read everything three times before he comprehends it. Granted, he has no command of the English language. But one really has to give Sotha Mistit some credit. He loves his district and his district loves him. They tell how to vote, and he votes how they want him to vote.

Poor, poor Hamitis Ato. I’ll tell you one thing: I would take a few hundred Tashmo Itis in city offices — with all of their learning disabilities — over half the dirtbags we have and have had at CAYMC. I’d take a “special” politician over a “Sheffield” politician any day.

I’m thinking of those helpers in Wendys hamburger restaurants at lunchtime who always gave me a smile and said, Hello, while the heartbeats behind the counter were spitting in me food. Yes, I’d rather be helped by the guy with the disability than the others who have no disability other than their inability to help me or to care about my immediate needs.

How many elected officials live in the neighborhoods, like Mista Histo, and not in some gated community like so many others? No matter how special the needs of our elected officials, we should continue to support the ones who decide to remain our neighbors and who act in their neighbors’ best interests.

Can’t we give Misti Athos a pass? After all, as soon as council by district takes effect he will be the people’s representative from Fort-Schaefer.

I’m sure I’m going to catch hell over defending the man and his constituents. Let it roll.


Don’t hit me about the face for being late to the party, but I was just struck by the similarities between the Tea Baggers and the Friends & Family(C) supporters and apologists. Ima learnin’, Ima learnin’!


“I am not as fluent in English as maybe a college-educated person, but I have common sense.” may not fit into the “cool cities” narrative, but this fine lady is the through-and-through, true-blue Detroit, even if she bypasses those fancy midtown boutiques and has to go to a Southfield Target to find affordable clothing and household goods for her family. Miss O got it again!

Especially love the comment about “just putting on a show” ain’t gonna change shit.


Amen, apm!

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