Michigan is teabagger heaven, around here Mike Cox plays it by the book, and O Street overwhelmed by bench excitement


Low taxes fuel Michigan Miracle turnaround

Thanks to bold ideas from our brave elected officials, Michigan is the economic model for the nation. Michigan used to have the nation’s 16th highest personal tax burden, but now we’re 30th. Our corporate citizens also saw their taxes drop. We used to have the 12th highest corporate tax burden. Michigan is currently 37. Businesses and highly educated, marketable individuals are flocking to Michigan because of low taxes. Our economy avoided the 49-state recession happening everywhere else. Thank you teabagger Jennifer Granholm! (MLive)

All gubernatorial candidates are awful
Republican primary voters want the candidate with the bloodiest knuckles. From dragging. Democrats will choose between secret Muslim Republican Andy Dillon and Virg “deh tuk r jibs” Bernero. Also, this competent – if super-duper liberal – Alma Wheeler Smith lady that no one cares about. In related news, Rick Snyder says vote for him because he’s a businessman and if you aren’t a businessman then you’re an idiot. Really, that’s what his new ad says. Dentists, lawyers, and construction workers are all fucking retards (apologies to Trig). Vote Rick Michigan! (Freep, Two Guys Named Joe, Freep)

Mike Cox is a 1970’s cop film archetype

You know when Harry Callahan, or a private eye like Shaft or Rockford, is about to crack the case that police department desk jockey is all you’re out of control? Mike “Tiny” Cox is that bureaucratic archetype. He’s gotta to answer to mayor and he’s fed up the State Police’s renegade ways. First there was the whole Strawberry/Gary Brown thing and now there’s this Bloomfield voter fraud investigation. The taxpayers can’t afford all these crazy investigations so he shut them down. By the book. And don’t push him or he’ll transfer you to a desk in parking violations! (Joel on the Road)

O Street is the new American minstrel show

Oneita Jackson was super excited about the new Bagley pedestrian bridge – our standards are really low if a pedestrian bridge is exciting – so she wrote her name on the overpass’ bench. It’s the kind of behavior one expects from a 12-year-old. Guess who has two thumbs and can’t blog about Red Wings fans pissing in alleys or teenagers littering ever again? O Street! In the meantime, her inane little stunt is fodder for comment section klaverns because of all of their tax money wasted on “those people.” Way to entertain the evolution-impaired Oneita. They really burned through the bandwidth in Howell this weekend. (Freep, DetNews)

Inside baseball political slap fight!

A Sunday morning installment of Off The Record is the single greatest hangover cure ever. The panel speaks in low voices and Skubick’s trademark white tie on white shirt look is soothing on the eyes. Plus you get to learn awesome stuff like how Saul Anuzis and Chuck Yob are fighting like Rihanna and Chris Brown. In other words, two people you’ve never heard of (and probably wouldn’t like in person) are slap fighting over something that has no effect on your life. Yay Lansing! (WKAR)

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One more idiot with an opinion and a keyboard
May 10th, 2010 at 9:59 am

I’ll give Oneita the credit for being honest about it when confronted and not trying to skirt the issue. That’s a higher level of maturity than a vast majority of public figures around here can claim. But I wonder if she is going to clean up her other tags around town? I kind of doubt this was the first time she had done something like this.


True, Oneita didn’t bob or weave when Tom Greenwood rang . . . but then tripped off the high road Saturday with this TMI conscience purge:

“I was only trying to fess up after I was caught. . . Did I think it would go away? Yes. I hoped it would and I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

“But I have to deal with it now; I wouldn’t be writing about it right now if that reporter hadn’t called me, seeking comment.”

So yes, definitely more frank than some public figures around here can claim. But also about as unsavvy.


O street makes my blood boil. Anyone who makes a living complaining about people who are part of the problem, and then immediately reflects in their actions what a huge part of the problem they are, is enough to drive anyone up the proverbial wall. I mean, sure, we can all sit here and complain about the people who don’t know better, but as detroit stumbles forward in fits and starts and the first thing you can think to do is deface it with your name? that’s the worst type of selfishness and exactly the reason we may never get past where we are at.

One more idiot with an opinion and a keyboard
May 10th, 2010 at 11:50 am

Actually, I have more respect for her because of the extra info. It was an honest self assessment and I respect that. I wish more public figures would handle their missteps in a such a frank fashion.


That’s great but her blog is basically about social faux pas. And she just committed the mother of all Detroit faux pas, trashing stuff in the city. Her apology may have set a new standard for public contrition but I’m not sure how much credibility she has to complain about weed smoking cab drivers and people who won’t share their newspaper at lunch counters, etc, etc.


I did have some sort of odd fascination with watching her realize she got caught by the camera, and try to avoid being seen, pretending to do other things, and what not. That shit was hilarious. Awesome that it was someone from MDOT filming.


So that’s why my internet connection was so shitty at home in Howell this weekend. Way to go, Klaverns! You totally fucked up my Warcraft raid.


She didn’t own up to anything; she was caught and she knew it. What alternative was there except to try to spin it for the best? She’s a fucking hypocrite, in a city overflowing with hypocrites, and she dresses like a G’damned tourist.

The Freep should drop that awful blog, but they won’t.


In the spirit of Derek Smalls, I need to raise a relevant question that only just now occurs to me, why is there a bench in the middle of a pedestrian freeway overpass?


this is Detroit, that’s a long way to walk without taking a break.

besides, there are lots of cool views.

Camille Desmoulins
May 10th, 2010 at 5:24 pm

Perhaps they need parking lots in the middle of freeways, too. After all, some of these roads are long!

Nice to know other geeks on here enjoy WoW. Unless that was tongue-in-cheek, in which case you can F off. ;)


I checked out the famous bench and saw a “WF” carved there. Jealous of all the pub showered on O-St?


I’d tear the bench out, chain it to O’s leg so she could drag it around the Freep offices for a month or so, and use the empty space on the bridge to have Matt Prentice insert a mobile patisserie that also sells on-demand crepes as well as the finest selection of French cheeses and wine.

No wait… I mean give some local a chance to set up and sell some decent tacos and chiccarones.


@teach: It wasn’t me. I swear. Usually when I’m in Mexicantown, I can’t walk from here to there after gorging myself of chorizo tacos and chips/salsa.


Would O likely reach more or fewer readers if she started publishing her blog to that bench instead of


Turns out that WF also stands for the Woodward Family, a minor gang sept whose turf is a three block strip on Woodward just south of 7 MIle. Seems they try to work between the major Eastside and Westside gangs. Why they were tagging in SW Detroit is a mystery.

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