Joel Loving’s awesome prayer about slaying dragons with the league of bipartisanship’s omnipotent supernovas, for Jesus


The solid block of text below is an actual prayer delivered on the floor of Michigan’s House of Representatives by state Rep. Coleman Young II. It was then published in our state’s legislative record, so it may be preserved for all eternity.

Father God we come before You today and we say thank You, Father God, for the wonderful opportunity for us to be state representatives, for the wonderful opportunity for us to represent liberty, equality and opportunity. Jesus, we know that there are some nay-sayers, we know that there are some doubters, we know that there are people out there that say that we are too divided, that we cannot do anything or we can’t get anything done. We know that with Your almighty power behind us, Father God, that we can form an invincible juggernaut, we can form a league of bipartisanship, we can create an omnipotent supernova that will radically transform and change everything it touches in Your name Father God. We know Jesus, that You said in Your word that the righteous shall not be forsaken, or begging for bread. No matter weather we agree or disagree on our issues, Father God, we know that we have justice on our side and we know that our cause is right. So we stand here united today in Your almighty power, Jesus. In Your power, Father God, that we know can heal the sick, that can make the blind see, that can make the lame talk, Father God. In Your holy name, Jesus, we know that there is nothing that we can’t do, no barrier that we can’t shatter through, no stranglehold we can’t destroy, no dragon we can’t slay, no deviant we can’t vanquish, Father God. And when it is all said and done, and when all the fiery arrows have been shot out of the sky and put out, Father God, and we remain standing, when the smoke of the battle has cleared, Father God, we know we will stand victorious and triumphant. Because as a great man once said, Father God, there is no one, no one who has ever regretted going out there and laying it all out in the field, exhausted but standing triumphant and victorious, Jesus. Because we know, Father God, that we believe in excellence in a higher cause and we will scratch, we will fight, we will crawl, we will do whatever necessary to make sure in the end that Your name reigns supreme. God bless You, thank You so much, Jesus, for this wonderful opportunity to be Your representatives. Amen.

And just for kicks, here is a totally random quote from Detroit’s late and beloved Mayor Coleman Alexander Young: I’m smiling all the time. That doesn’t mean a goddamned thing except I think people who go around solemn-faced and quoting the Bible are full of shit.

Hat tip to Dyspathy reader [REDACTED] for combing through the official record to find this precious jewel of unholy union between church and state. (

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” … no mountain high enough … no valley low enough … no river wide enough …”


Coleman Jr. is a perfect example of what’s wrong with MDP. The MDP leadership has Camelot fantasies. They promote the sons and daughters of influencial members of the state central committee or from union benefactors thinking they will be the next JFK and RFK while every other Young Dem is relegated to holding balloons at events until they turn 45. The MDP needs to realize promoting an inter-party aristocracy is not a way build a farm team. A perfect example of this is Kwame Kilpatrick. He became House Minority Leader in the 1990s because of who his parents were not because of any real political skill. Everyone in the party kissed his black ass like it was the Blarney Stone and told him he was “The Golden Child” just like his mother did. So now while he faces going to jail, he wants to be treated special.

Its apparent by his leadership style that Mark Brewer never ran a corporation and had to be accountable to share holders. His Waylon Smithers style management style doesn’t win elections. Where’s a 4, 8, 10 or 16 year plan for the MDP?


“that can make the lame talk…” Yeah, we got way to many of those ‘lame talkers’ around, that’s why we are where we are.


How come the chillun’ can’t say a simple Our Father or a Hail Mary during the school day, but this douche-nozzle can blaspheme for five minutes on the floor of the House?


I wouldn’t lost any sleep if someone reports this unconstitutional legislative prayer to the Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Also, the link to the legislative record doesn’t want to work. Try this:

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