They done set up convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick for a comeback (to jail) or 3 hots & a cot for prisoner number 702408


He’s going to Jackson but he’s not gonna mess around
It’s not every day a bona fide celebrity-type from the big city shows up in sleepy, little Jackson Michigan. Naturally everyone out that way is super excited that convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick will be a Jackson resident for the next 14 to 56 months. They only ask the paparazzi to respect their small town ways. Not being the sort who likes drawing attention to himself, Kilpatrick will keep a low profile in Jackson under the pseudonym MDOC #702408. You can follow Kilpatrick’s fun Jackson adventure with the state’s Offender Tracking Information System! (MLive, OTIS)

And Robert Duvall as comically awful PR flack Mike Paul
Mike Paul is the self-proclaimed “reputation doctor.” If crisis management is the public relations equivalent of a MASH hospital, Mike Paul is Major Frank Burns. According to Paul’s post-sentencing statement, Kilpatrick is a victim because…wait for it…Judge Groner is angling for a higher office. Kym Worthy too. He also did an interview on WDET that goes down as Craig Fahle’s Gene Simmons moment. Here’s how it went: Paul says something. Then pauses, indicating he finished his thought. Fahle asks a follow up, and Paul accuses him of interrupting. Repeat. Finally Paul just hung up. Supposedly Team Kilpatrick only paid one dollar for this joker’s services. They deserve a refund. (DetNews, WDET)

Look who’s still friends with convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick
When she’s not serving as Dave Bing’s own private Ron Ziegler, Karen Dumas is busy keeping up with her bestest friend, convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick, on the Facebook. Here’s a screenshot of his friend’s list. And remember Kilpatrick’s Facebook account was set up only last month, in conjunction with his famously buggy Friends of Kwame website. So Dumas couldn’t have friended Kilpatrick until after she was hired as Dave Bing’s chief spokeswoman AND after Kilpatrick was found guilty of probation violations. (Facebook)

Get that six-figure job you’ve always wanted
Do you want to make more money? Sure, we all do. Maybe you should try a career in the fast-paced world of business class software sales! No experience? No problem! Heck, you won’t even have to close a sale in your first year on the job. This is one of those work smarter, not harder kind of gigs. The competition to be hired in can be fierce, but there’s a spot open at Compuware beginning June 1. They didn’t want to let the last guy go, but their hands were tied. Don’t hesitate. Send your resume today. And start packing for Dallas! (Compuware HR, Freep)

It’s a sad day, and other dumb clichés from local leaders
Congressmother Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick is very sad that her beloved son—anointed by God to advance the Kilpatrick machine—is going back to jail. Obviously the Groners and Worthys of the world don’t share the Congressmother’s prosperity Prot perversion of Christianity. Jimmy Womack is also sad. Because young people will be discouraged from getting into politics if they know they’ll be in trouble for lying, cheating, and stealing. And Brooks Patterson says this is worse than a Greek tragedy. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Brooks. It’s not like Kwame killed Bernard and married Carolyn here. (Freep)

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I got nothin’. Just wanted to be first for once.


I am enjoying “your blog of Daniel Hajji” so much. WF, did you get another love letter email from Hajji boy again?


How does Mike Paul find enough clients to make a living? And how can a person publicly and overtly attempt to harness a region’s race problems to their advantage? Most amazingly, Kwame’s biggest financial supporters (Dan Gilbert, Matty Moroun, etc.) are white suburbanites, and his most powerful enemy (Kym Worthy) is a black Detroiter.

About that Facebook screenshot… Is that guy’s name seriously “Kamel Cheeks”??

I do love the Sally Struthers commercial reference, by the way.


Can you get Kamel Cheeks if you accidentally put on your pants backward?


K-Dog drove Michael Schwartz to religion. He is going to be broadcasting on “The Word” and will not be taking on any new cases. Talk about Religulous!


So why do religious broadcasters hire a criminal defense attorney as their general counsel? The Word Network’s talent list is pretty interesting.

KK’s Dallas pastor and prosperity prot T.D. Jakes
Famous shyster Peter Popoff
Joyce Meyer; subject of a Senate investigation
Faith healer W. V. Grant
IRS offender Don Stewart
Faith healer Kenneth Copeland


My wife and i met Kamel Cheeks during the Obama campaign. She spent more time with him than I did, but she believes that he is different from the rest of the clan. It’s just posible that he is the honest one.


Explains things a little bit more. I defend your worthless ass and you put me on the radio. Hmm, if he didn’t receive any fee from KK or for KK, but just this agreement to make him a “radio star,” me thinks the IRS will be extremely interested.


Okay, I read the Detroit News article–it does say legal adviser; another article I saw said on the air job. Weird. That’s not even in his sphere of expertise. Something’s amiss…


Schwartz is going to be a televangelist. He will be their general counsel. Again, that seems like a strange gig for a criminal defense attorney.

Guiness' Friend
May 26th, 2010 at 2:36 pm

Why? Its all theater.

Camille Desmoulins
May 26th, 2010 at 3:34 pm

Detroit seriously needed more holy men running around. More clerics on the airwaves is always a good idea.

Macomb County Gusto
May 26th, 2010 at 10:55 pm

Kamel Cheeks is KK’s cousin. He is a solid guy, very nice, actually donated one of his kidneys to another family member.

I was listening to WDET when that assclown called in and pulled that pause, interrupt, hangup junk. I thought Craig was too nice to him after – guilty of having class.


I actually listened to the podcast today to hear the “Gene Simmons moment” and just howled. Craig handled it incredibly well.

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