It’s so hard to say good-bye to DUI Attorney Daniel Hajji, Sam Riddle goes inside, and Mark Gaffney just wants his state back


The world is a little colder now
DUI Attorney Daniel Hajji resigned as incarcerated felon Kwame Kilpatrick’s lawyer. And just 24 hours ago, we had high hopes for a Hajji-led appeal. Don’t cry, for the story of Daniel Hajji and Kwame Kilpatrick is one of love and triumph and unintentional comedy. Remember the good times. Like this passage from his “grossly noncompliant and inappropriate” brief to the Appeals Court: “And it should come as no surprise if he fails to satisfy his restitution obligations, because the trial court does not want him to have sufficient financial resources to be able to work the crowd so to speak, and little more than six months to be successful.” Then there’s Hajji’s empty threat to sue this humble site (“your blog of Daniel Hajji”) for defamation because we quoted his own awful legal filings. It was a good run. (Freep)

The greatest leader we’ve ever fired
The Wayne County Airport Authority loves CEO Lester Robinson’s so much, they fired him yesterday. No really. Everyone thinks Lester Robinson is amazing, but the WCAA wants to move on. Maybe they’ve just grown apart. It’s not Lester Robinson. It’s the WCAA. Can we still be friends? Once Robinson departs, the Authority will appoint its board member as his replacement. This is the airport governing body equivalent of dumping your girlfriend so you can go to Wild Woody’s every night to whore out with whatever random skank is available at last call. (Crains)

We’re gonna miss Sam Riddle

We know we shouldn’t like convicted felon Sam Riddle. He took bribes so bad people (see: Pappas, Jim) could do bad things. He also leveled a shotgun at Mary Waters when she caught him with a crackwhore. These things are bad. But Riddle is a little like Lee Atwater. He may be a bastard who perverts the system to his own end, but damnit, we just can’t hate him. Riddle and Atwater so effortlessly played the yokels for fools. It has to be respected. You don’t really think Riddle owned a gravy-stained track suit because he’s a sloppy eater, do you? Hopefully, his two years in the hole fly by. (DetNews)

Andy Dillon’s government worker death panels

Mean old Andy Dillon doesn’t understand. Michigan can only recover if we cut taxes and spend more on government overhead. The idea that Michigan should trim the cost of government (with buyout packages for senior civil servants) while seriously considering tax increases to stop the exponential university tuition increases and occasionally pave a road is crazy talk. Honestly, do you want the government deciding which government employees stay on or take early retirement? And these buyouts? It’s socialism! You know who else gave buyouts? Hitler. (Freep)

Buses are for functioning metropolises
SMART is actually operating in the black, but it won’t last because your properties are all worthless. Besides, metro Detroiters hate buses because they take black people to the good malls. It doesn’t matter where they’re built. 14 Mile, 16 Mile, M-59. Some bus goes to that mall, and it becomes another Fairlane North. That’s why this town hates buses. So while Boston’s bus system is using GPS data to provide riders with real time bus schedules via smart phone apps, we barely fund the service in southeast Michigan. Also, check the photo in the Detroit News story. Why is Ani DiFranco riding the SMART bus? (DetNews)

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Maybe Ms. DiFranco uses a SMART tour bus?


That’s silly Sean. Unless she plans to do a show every other block.


Because she’s smart. Unlike those venereal disease contracting whores at Wild Woody’s ;-)

Camille Desmoulins
May 28th, 2010 at 2:59 pm

What time will you be at WW’s tonight, Kasey? I’ve just completed my latest round of cream and pills, so I’m good to go!

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