Warren Evans hasn’t been fired…yet


You know how you know a football coach is about to be fired? The team issues a statement unequivocally saying the coach won’t be fired. Then they fire him a couple weeks later. It’s some kind of weird professional sports custom. Like two weeks’ notice or something. Warren Evans received the statement of support of death Friday. Courtesy of Karen Dumas, Dave Bing’s own private Ron Ziegler. Evans has the full support and confidence of Team Bing. Until they can finish negotiating a contract with Bill Parcells. Or his law enforcement equivalent.

Ironically, there doesn’t appear to be any Warren Evans is about to be fired rumor swirling anywhere. The Free Press said that bloggers and people in the know were buzzing about it. Let’s see…John Bennett didn’t have it. He doesn’t even believe the rumored rumor. A first time for everything. Nothing on Time’s Detroit blog, the actual Detroitblog, or Joel on the Road. And not a peep from sites like DetroitYES or Hot Fudge Detroit. A Google news search turns up bupkis. Except for coverage of Karen Dumas’ denial. There wasn’t even anything on Supergay Detroit, and that’s the blog of record for all things Warren Evans. Where the hell is this rumor swirling, exactly?

Why did Team Bing deny a non-rumor? Perhaps they actually are planning to fire Warren Evans. They’re afraid the story would leak before they were ready to pull the trigger. Law enforcement Nick Sabin drives a hard bargain. You have to lock him down before firing his predecessor. Seriously Bingtards, well played. You’ve totally changed this narrative. Before 5:00 Friday afternoon, no one was seriously wondering about Evans job security. Now, everyone is. Bravo.

Anyway, it’s been good knowing you, Warren Evans. Like Mike Brown with the Cleveland Cavaliers, you’re about to lose your job. Now we can finally sign free agent law enforcement Lebron James to run homocide. Rumor has it, law enforcement Chris Bosh may come with him to head up the gang squad. (Freep)

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Downriver's Friend
May 29th, 2010 at 8:08 am

Warren Evans is your new Darryl Rogers. What does a guy have to do to get fired around here?


I don’t know DF. If Darryl Rogers ran the DPD, the Jones case would have been handled differently. Det. Garry James would try three neighboring houses and then punt the matter to cold cases.


Time’s Detroit Blog? Really? You looked there? When was the last time they actually reported any news, let alone broke a story? Or was that just thrown in to see if we were awake?


ggcanfield: The time’s blog tipped to Dyspathy last week; it’s back-scratching.

As for the non-firing of the police chief, my question is this:

Why can’t y’allz go through congresswomans as quickly as y’allz go through police chieves?


Maybe bring in the ED209?

How about NORAD?

For Christ’s sake.

Whose dick does the DPD gotta suck in order to be able to do their job and kick some ass?


the genius bingtards have decided, 2 weeks too late, that firing evans could be a way to show they are tough on crime/trying to get 7 year olds not shot. of course they have no idea if the move will change anything for the better.

there were 7 shootings in Chicago in the last week, and that’s the white middlewest’s big city that all our precious suburbanite millenial snowflakes are flocking to with mom & dad’s approval….so perhaps we can put the brakes on the self flagellation (TM Tom Monaghan) for a heartbeat.


Warren Evans will be gone by this Friday. July 16

Gary Brown to be next Chief????????????????????

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