48217 is your new Love Canal, Karen Dumas is a self-parody, and community organizing as a meaningless catch-all


How about a side of sludge with your heavy metals?
The 48217 ZIP Code in southwest Detroit is a giant dumping ground of toxic crap, and everyone has cancer or asthma. No really. That’s not a joke or an exaggeration or anything. It’s a stone cold fact. That’s why Team Kilpatrick and convicted felon Monica Conyers were so eager to put that sludge processing plant in southwest. Because all those people are dying of something anyway. Also because that part of town – with significant Hispanic and white populations – wasn’t voting Kilpatrick/Conyers anyway. (Freep)

Ann Arbor is for mom jeans, self-delusional lame duck governors
Jennifer Granholm continued her farewell/legacy repair tour with a stop in Ann Arborthis weekend. As a comically ineffective governor during one of Michigan’s worst economic downturns, Granholm says she’s super happy with her job performance. Even though she backed away from every substantive reform she proposed at the slightest push back. What the hell, she really looked hip and with it in those sexy mom jeans and gender masking baggy blue oxford. (AnnArbor.com)

Karen Dumas is Mike Paul awful
There must be some law setting aside PR jobs for the slow kids. That would explain Karen Dumas. When Mohamed Okdie accused Deputy Mayor Saul Green of meddling with the supposedly autonomous Board of Police Commissions, Dumas demonstrated Team Bing’s deep respect for the democratic tradition of checks and balances. Dumas, clearly not sold on Lord Acton’s motto, promises that Okdie wouldn’t be re-appointed. Because he’s a disloyal malcontent. (DetNews)

Macomb senate race is one big knuckle-dragging contest
Kim Meltzer wants to round up the lazy Mexicans looking for work at 5:30 AM outside the Home Depot. So she can kick them in the balls. Leon Drolet mixes his brand of principled libertarianism with this stupid inflatable pig. And then there’s Jack Brandenburg. He’s the kind of guy who thinks Lester Maddox had some good ideas, and that’s it. One of these idiots will help run the state as a state senator from the 11th District. And Jesus wept… (Macomb Daily)

U.S. Social Forum brings out lazy punditry, half-baked analogies
Rochelle Riley and Nolan Finley say everyone at the U.S. Social Forum are community organizers. Like President Obama! Except Obama actually, you know, organized useful things in the community. Like job training programs and college prep tutoring for poor kids. The USSF mostly organizes debates about Marx and Keynes. That’s like re-enacting the Liston-Ali fights. Keynes is Ali. Anyway, Finley thinks the USSF is gross. Riley disagrees because, unlike the folks she bagged on last summer for successfully organizing the community to pass Council-by-districts, the Social Forum will be transformation or some such bullshit. (DetNews, Freep)

Let’s make fun of Paul W. Smith; he makes it so easy
When Smith isn’t desecrating the legacies of J.P. McCarthy and Bob Talbert, he’s apparently nursing an imagined grudge from 26 years ago. See when Tiger fans flipped over a cop car after the ’84 World Series, it was kind of big deal. But the media is completely ignoring Laker fans’ NBA Championship riots. Because they hate Detroit. Wait, the NBA still has a championship? Go figure. Google News reports more than 1000 stories about this riot. Even People of Wal-Mart covered it. Probably Paul W. Smith’s AOL machine doesn’t get People of Wal-Mart. Or Google. (DetNews)

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zombie bob talbert
June 21st, 2010 at 9:48 am

i don’t know why, but i find radio pundit brains so much tastier than politician brains. you too?

Camille Desmoulins
June 21st, 2010 at 4:20 pm

The Left-wing version of the Bonus Army is erecting a Hooverville “tent city” next to the ‘Nam vets place on Woodward … but there don’t appear to be any tents.

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