The Regional Chamber thinks you’re all super, maybe another Mega Bowl can save Flint, and one more kleptocrat goes away


The Regional Chamber unclear on endorsement concept
So one time on a sixth grade science test I couldn’t decide between answers B and D for this multiple choice question. I circled both, and the correct answer was D. Teacher marked my answer incorrect. No half credit for hedging your bets. Kids, that’s a life lesson. One the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce never learned. They endorsed Andy Dillon, and Rick Snyder, and Mike Bouchard for governor. They also kind of like Pete Hoekstra. But not enough to “officially” endorse him. They probably gave third place ribbons to Mike Cox, Virg Bernero, and Tom George. You know, for trying. (Crains)

Cox-gate is crime of the century
Some junior G. Gordon Liddys apparently broke into somewhere to steal Mike Cox’s precious unaired campaign commercials. And you know what these nefarious super-criminals did with their stolen Mike Cox ads? They aired them on the YouTubes! To slander Mike Cox with his own ads. Wait, what? That’s not exactly the Canuck Letter here. Even little Don Segretti is unimpressed. Maybe next time, these anti-Cox agitators can steal a pallet of Mike Cox literature, and deliver it to homes in key Republican precincts. That’ll really sink Cox’s campaign. (MLive)

Hutaree douches remain in jail
Despite their compelling “we’re incompetent morons” defense, the Hutaree remain in jail pending trial. Evil dildo-wielding ducks breathed a sigh of relief all across America. It’s been a while since their arrest, so as a refresher, the Hutaree is this rabble of inbred peasants that planned to kill a police officer so they could kill a bunch of police officers at the first police officer’s funeral. This brilliant military maneuver would help them get their country back from the global elite. You know, people with indoor plumbing and the ability to count past 10 without using their toes. (Freep)

Statistics unfair to Flint
No one denies that Flint has its share of troubles. Unemployment, crime, Don Williamson’s fat old man smell. But other cities have those problems as well. It’s just not as widely reported. You really have to question the motivation of these so-called “statistics” claiming Flint is losing people faster than any other city, save New Orleans. Where’s the balance? It’s a shame Flint doesn’t have someone like the Right Reverend Horace Sheffield (praised be His name) to demand a meeting , and make statistics say nice things. (MLive)

A USSF History Lesson
The Detroit News says “hundreds” attended the Social Forum’s big march yesterday. Another source tells us maybe 2,000. Not exactly the 20,000 participants promised for this week’s conference. Why is America’s left so worthless? Because 60 years ago they opposed shit like the Berlin Airlift and the Marshall Plan. People with genuine concern about the working class, like Walter Reuther, pretty much told these ideologues to fuck right off. Reuther then delivered the highest wages for any group of unskilled workers in mankind’s history. He and other vital center liberals also marched with Martin Luther King, and legitimized Caesar Chavez’s boycotts. The true-blue leftists, meanwhile, debated whether Charter 77 was merely misguided or truly reactionary. (DetNews, Wikipedia, Slate)

Another notch in Andy Arena’s bedpost
Everyone should send money and other fine things to Detroit’s top FBI agent. Andy Arena collared another dirty politician, ex-Southfield City Councilman William Lattimore. In addition to Lattimore, Monica Conyers, Sam Riddle, and Mary Waters, Arena also led the investigation that finally nabbed gross-haired mafia lapdog Jim Traficant in Youngstown, Ohio. Dyspathy has half a mind to write-in Andy Arena for governor. But we won’t. Not until Arena finishes his Kilpatrick investigation. It will be one fine day when he drives the final nail into that dirtbag family’s coffin. Sweet dreams, Bernard. (Freep)

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Camille Desmoulins
June 23rd, 2010 at 9:18 am

The chamber, if my calculations are correct, endorsed 42 percent of the field. That doesn’t include the burgeoning crush on Pete H.

Has anyone asked the USSF marchers who they endorse? Raul Castro, perhaps?


Prescient post Mr. WF. Federal indictment coming down today!


Convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick indicted on 19 federal counts from mail fraud to tax evasion. Part 2 of the saga begins to unfold.


Between name checking Andy Arena this morning and calling Otis Mathis’ inappropriate behavior on Friday, I think I’m going to the fucking racetrack tonight.

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