Incarcerated felon Kwame Kilpatrick indicted, federally


Just this morning we were singing the praises of FBI Agent Andy Arena’s herculean efforts to clean up this wretched dump of kleptocracy, like he did in Youngstown. This afternoon, Arena cold delivers again. With a 19 count indictment of incarcerated felon Kwame Kilpatrick. Mail fraud, tax evasion. The full nine. Teen. And you know what that means? More unintentional comedy from comically awful PR flack Mike Paul and Legal Godzilla Arnold Reed. Even money says Bernard is halfway to Mexico right now. (Freep)

UPDATE 1: That didn’t take long. Mike Paul issued some half-assed non-denial denial claiming the FBI resides in the “pit of Hell.” That’s silly. Everyone knows Hell’s pit district is dead. All the real action is in the riverfront development along Styx. You know, FireMark. (h/t ADubs)

UPDATE 2: People seem disappointed the indictments were limited to Civic Fund shenanigans. Let me borrow some lines from my pseudonym-sake: Do you really think this is all about little Kwame Kilpatick? You’re are missing the overall. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were dumped into the Civic Fund so KK could buy anti-bugging equipment, golf clubs, cars, and summer camps for the kids. That money didn’t magically appear. You think maybe the Feds filed some open and shut indictments to rattle KK’s cage? Get him to give up the donors and explain the quid pro quos? Follow the money. You’ll get nothing from me on Karmanos.

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I think we’re just going to go ahead and start referring to Hansen Clarke as Congressman-elect.


Andy Arena is my hero! Bernard in Mexico? nope, we have an extredition (sp?) treaty with them bet he goes further than that.


My question is who was he using the countersurvailance and bugging equipment on? Mildred Gaddis?


God Bless Mike Paul

A spokesman for Kwame Kilpatrick says today’s 19-charge corruption indictment vindicates the former mayor.

“Where is the corruption, payoffs and bribes everyone expected the FBI to find attached to former Mayor Kilpatrick and his office as Mayor?”

“They found nothing associated with him personally. Those rumors were hurtful and were lies from the pit of hell! The FBI found nothing remotely close to that in their investigation because it never happened!

“This investigation puts an end to the ridiculous rumors that the Mayor was personally involved with corruption, payoffs and bribes. It is important to understand the Civic Fund is a non-political, nonprofit organization, which the Mayor never ran day-to-day. We will have more on the Civic Fund in the near future.”


@WF: Yeah, but it’d be mighty righteous of the Feds if they tossed a charge or two at CCK just to really grease the skids for Clarke.

At this point, what are the odds that the Feds will even bother with the time and man hours involved with a RICO indictment? If KK gets nailed on only a third of those charges, he’ll be at least 70 by the time he’s up for parole.

And better yet, what are the odds that, in exchange for something less than life in prison, KK promises to sing like a canary and expose some our more prominent city leaders?

Trying not to get too worked up about this just yet. With Discovery and all the other legal beagle wrangling, it’ll probably be a year before they even seat a jury.


@Xenu–don’t be so sure about the sentence. There are sentencing guidelines and most of those counts would result in concurrent prison sentences. There are a lot of factors working against KK when it comes to his scoring for those federal guidelines, but I think his sentence will be low teens, max.

As far as the time from now until trial, well, at least he won’t be out on bond. And I don’t think they’ll bother with RICO on KK, but others might be fair game. These look like the charges that are easiest to prove in court.

Downriver's Friend
June 23rd, 2010 at 4:13 pm

Mike Paul is your new Baghdad Bob (Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf)


five bucks says Hanson Clarke is STILL doing his happy dance

Guinness' Friend
June 23rd, 2010 at 5:03 pm

Mike Paul gets paid to lie. He should at least try to be convincing.


Does the cash to pay Mike Paul to lie come from the Civic Fund?


The Feds are not done. According to channel 4 there could be more charges within the next two months. Bernard Kilpatrick, Derrick Miller, Christine Beatty & Kwame. Also, Bobby Ferguson is being investigated by the EPA on unrelated charges.

We will have a good laugh at Mike Paul’s expense when this is all over.


Boy, can the Free Press write a frigging story without patting themselves on the back? I’ll give them a little leeway with their constant bragging about the text message scandal, since they were fortunate enough to have a lawyer hand one of their reporters a CD.

But now they’re claiming their story about the Civic Fund in 2001 was the cause of the federal investigation. Well, they aren’t exactly claiming that, but they’re sure hinting at it.

This is the second paragraph of the story:

The indictment comes seven years after Internal Revenue Service and FBI agents began looking into the fund in the wake of a Free Press report that a homeless shelter operator gave the fund $50,000 during Kilpatrickā€™s first run for mayor in 2001. The newspaper reported that Kilpatrick then wrote a letter recommending the shelter receive for a multimillion-dollar public contract.

So out of all the stuff that happened today, the fact that the Free Press wrote a fucking story 9 years ago about the Civic Fund was deemed so important it had to be in the second paragraph? And I love the way they hint that their story actually caused the federal investigation.

This just in: Federal agents have arrested Lee Harvey Oswald in the wake of a Free Press report that President Kennedy was assassinated.


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I’m no lawyer but I hear mail fraud isn’t sexy but it’s got teeth.


Hopefully this means that his partners in crime Bernard Kilpatrick, Derrick Miller, Christine Beatty and Srinivas Cherukuri will be next.

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