Parks to close like Frank Taylor restaurants, lots of stuff about Mike Bouchard, and Legal Godzilla doesn’t disappoint


Reality-based City Council ruins everything
Dave Bing had a perfect plan to fix the budget. Hire accounting fabulist Norman White to pretend to balance the books. Thanks to White’s number crunching, Detroit had a fictional balanced budget. He did the same thing for the Kilpatrick Administration. Unfortunately, the City Council do-gooders are way too hung up on this “reality” thing to go along with the program. Now the city will close some parks. Just because they can’t afford to maintain them any longer. Way to be buzz kills, City Council. (DetNews)

Look Babbitt, we can’t have two governors
What is it with these indecisive Chambers of Commerce? Aren’t businesspeople supposed to be super great at making decisions and what not? The Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce is endorsing both Mike Bouchard and Pete Hoekstra for governor. Because maybe both will win. That would be great for business. Tourists — with pockets full of green money — will flock to Michigan to see the amazing state with two governors. We can be the bearded woman of states. The carnival is a recession-proof industry. (Crains)

Mike Bouchard would like a pay cut
With all his fancy new Chamber endorsements, Mike Bouchard is feeling pretty good about his probably doomed gubernatorial campaign. He feels he’s deserved a little something extra, like a reward. So Bouchard is proposing to cut his own pay, and that of all state employees. So everyone’s in line with the private sector. Actually, it’s not a bad idea. Except it’s the sort of election season idea that no one every bothers to implement. And Bouchard wants to do this with a Constitutional amendment. Like Michigan can’t have enough of those. (MLive)

Legal Godzilla roars
48 hours ago incarcerated felon Kwame Kilpatrick was an absolute non-story. Even when he was in the news, it was boring c-grade stuff about a garden-variety con. Then things got awesome when the Feds cold delivered with a 19-count federal indictment. Comically awful pr flack Mike Paul wasted no time making ridiculous noises. Legal Godzilla Arnold Reed waited a day before delivering his dose of crazy. Kilpatrick welcomes these charges, says his attorney, because they’ll make him stronger. Like how the earth’s yellow sun strengthens Superman. Except Superman never went to jail because the weather was nice. Legal Godzilla also does a great chicken impression. Fast forward to about 1:20 in. (Freep)

You can’t have a revolution without first purging a few panels
Some Jews were scheduled to give a U.S. Social Forum presentation about how Israel is super awesome for the gays, whereas the Muslim nations that surround Israel hate the gays like Fred Phelps. And yet, they have those fabulous keffiyehs. So much denial! The panel was canceled because the class-conscious Social Forum leaders recognized the obvious flaw in this group’s thesis. Muslim nations can’t be mean to gays because, according to exalted comrade Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, there are no gays in Muslim nations. Ahmadinejad and mullahs do all they can to keep it that way. (Freep)

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Today’s Freep headline on the parks story: “No entry, no trash bins, no grass cutting at city parks.” This is different than normal HOW, exactly? No joke, I’ve lived near Palmer Park for years and was not aware it was actually being maintained, because it sure doesn’t look like it.


2 times, Amy.

Let’s not forget that Gary Brown’s money from the City should be just enough to keep the parks open.

Also, this is going to sound like a woefully ignorant position, but doesn’t grass cutting seem like something that’s a no-brainer to privatize to save money as opposed to all these much more complex, union heavy departments? Or are all our mowers union too?

if we can’t afford 500 kids on summer break to cut the grass at $10/hr clearly we can’t afford shit.


that interview with arnold reed severely confused my entire family. then i reminded them that all of KK’s legal counsel quit, and it made slightly more sense. slightly. chicken butt.


Amy, the difference I heard was they were going to put fences up around the parks (guess that’s the no entry part?)…that sounds really expensive though! Although the fences will probably get stolen so then we’ll be back to where we are now in a couple months?


how long does a fence last in this town? a week, tops?

Camille Desmoulins
June 25th, 2010 at 1:19 pm

USSF: Hamas and its rockets and fascism = good. Democratic Israel = bad.


Washing your ass (at least weekly) = capitalist construct. You chattering wretches are like Tokyo high rises before me. What? Chicken butt. Chicken butt indeed!!!


I hear Ferndalestan is a gay-friendly nation.


I’m no fan of Ahmedididinijadidi, but in all fairness, the man did not say there are no gays in his country. He said that his country does not have this gay identity phenomenon which is present in many western nations. Basically, in that part of the world, if you are gay you don’t announce it, and you live as though you are straight. You get your action on the down-low, and pray you don’t get caught (unless you are rich and/or connected).


At this point even I’m starting to wonder if the Kilpatricks have something on Karmonos, or he owes them something.

In an interview this month with reporters and editors from The News & Observer, Karmanos said of Kilpatrick: “For people in position of authority that have to make decisions every day that some people like and some people don’t like, it should be a very scary thing to have what happened to that mayor. Because, like he said, ‘you tell everybody that I’m a thug, sooner or later the perception is that I’m a thug.’

“He’s not a thug. He lied under oath at a civil trial. It was a terrible lie. He denied having an affair with his childhood sweetheart.”

Then Karmanos added: “You just saw the 21st century version of a lynching, OK?”

Read more: http://www.newsobserver.com/2010/06/27/553523/house-senate-talks-sculpting-state.html#ixzz0s46Z4gD5


A-Dubs, you’re _starting_ to wondering if they have something on Karmanos?

I thought that was obvious the minute that he gave Kwame that job. Why else would he do that? Compuware is a publicly traded corporation, and they want to associate with a convicted felon with NO experience in the field? That stunk to high heaven from day one.

I think the federal indictment against Kilpatrick is a warning shot across the bow, and the feds will be using it as a bargaining chip in order to get Kwame to talk about who was paying the bills. That slush fund didn’t fund itself.


Pete’s most recent interview had curious a “remember who your friends are” twinge, to say the least. I worry he might not get a fair trial in SE Michigan. Especially after his Wayne County jury crack. If Pete is indicted, I recommend a change of venue. Hartford has a lovely courthouse.


MQT: The thought has always been there, but I didn’t think it was very realistic. With the comments of late it’s getting had to ignore.


Woodward: If Pete were to be tried in Hartford I’m pretty sure he would experience a lynching first hand.


A Dubs: And wouldn’t that save the taxpayers a long of money? I’m just saying we should run the criminal justice system like a business. Pete would agree.

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