City parks saved from embarrassing bluff, which one of you stole Stevens Mason, and Ann Arbor’s totally gay mayoral race


Uncut grass is a precious jewel
Facing the city’s greatest crisis ever, City Council and Mayor Bing reached a budget compromise to ensure 70 parks would remain open. Thank the Christ Jesus because, if they closed Palmer Park…well the closet cases can only go to Temple Bar so many nights a week. Also, can you imagine if someone didn’t maintain all that uncut grass? Talk about embarrassing. Still, Council managed to squeeze like $20,000,000 in additional cuts that budget fabulist Norm White considered unnecessary. In this town, that’s progress. (DetNews)

Mike Ilitch, some other guy to buy the Pistons
Word on the street is Mitch Albom doesn’t like the Pistons’ possible sale to a group that includes Red Wings/Tigers owner Mike Ilitch. Mitch is very concerned about monopolies. This is America, and every billionaire deserves an opportunity to buy a professional sports franchise. Not just some elite oligarchy of billionaires. We should be concerned that Ilitch’s rumored partner, Sam Simon, owns 33 BP gas stations. That means, if the sale happens, Piston fans will be hassled by rabid LaRouchians who believe Simon is an agent in Queen Elizabeth’s global drug cartel/turtle killing operation. Just like the Beatles. (Crains)

Grotesque douchebag no longer MSU trustee
This news should remove any remaining doubt that legalized casino gambling was a bad idea. Vulgarian Joel Ferguson will resign from the Michigan State Board of Trustees to help run Greektown casino. He’s not allowed to do both. Once upon a time, Ferguson engineered the removal of MSU’s president so George Perles could mismanage MSU’s athletic department. For some bizarre reason, Michigan Democrats kept re-nominating, and Michigan voters kept re-electing this idiot to run the state’s largest university. And we wonder why Michigan has a brain drain? (Freep)

Who steals a dead governor?
Michigan’s first governor Stevens T. Mason is missing. Not missing like he’s on a bender somewhere, and his wife is worried. Missing like he’s been dead for 150 year, and no one can find his remains. He was last seen underneath his Capitol Park statue in 1955, in either skeletal or ash form. Usually you don’t need to check on dead people more than once or twice a century. Apparently, that’s not good enough for Governor Mason. Are gubernatorial remains something one tries to sell on eBay? Dead governor’s mortal remains. No reserve!!!!!! PayPal only. (DetNews)

MLive commenters are sad, lonely people
Remember that smoking ban thing from a couple months ago? The one that’s settled law? MLive commenters are still very upset. The news portal posted its best comments on the subject, i.e. those not written in ALL CAPS, or blaming “B. Hussein NObama” for everything. This led to another round of dumb reader comments on this dumb topic. We mention this because while the new media “blogosphere” is dumbing down America (see: history’s greatest monster David Wiegel), reader/viewer input (from letters to the editor, to comments sections, to talk radio callers, to man-on-the-street interviews) “expands the conversation.” (MLive)

Ann Arbor mayor gayer than actually gay mayoral opponent
The gays love Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje so much they’re endorsing him over actual lesbian Patricia Lesko. Controversy! Lesko, who as it turns out will not help you get $50,000 TO START A COFFEE SHOP!, claims the gays first secretly endorsed her, but changed their minds because of some back door shenanigans involving the notorious Washtenaw County Democratic machine. It’s like Boss Tweed’s Tammany Hall, it is. Or Lesko is crazy. Lesbians Against Lesko claims it’s the latter. Either way, best college town mayoral race ever. (AnnArbor.com)

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hey Joel, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. best news this week!


Greektown Superholdings? Superholding sounds like something Otis Mathis does at meetings.

June 29th, 2010 at 11:43 am

“Also, can you imagine if someone didn’t maintain all that uncut grass? Talk about embarrassing.”

Right on, right on! Let’s be honest, city residents need to step up and mow for a while because ‘fighting’ (loosely translated to ‘jawing all day on the interweb’) to keep parks open that no one can use is ri-freakin-diculous. We too often latch on to romantic ideas – “parks = good”, and not reality which is “city = broke {parks = useless}” As far as I can tell most of them are “closed” right now because there are no children or people there…or maybe they are I just can’t see them through the 4′ high grass…

One more idiot with an opinion and a keyboard
June 29th, 2010 at 11:44 am

Michigan Future Inc’s Lou Glazer has an interesting POV about Ann Arbor and how the freeze-Ann Arbor-in-amber politics of Lesko and her fellow Luddites are retarding (apologies to Trig) the city’s growth potential both for new businesses and new residents. It looks like their tempertantrums are working, too, since the mayor and a city councilman are both voting against developments they would normally be for but aren’t now because they’re Democrats up for re-election, i.e. cowards.

Why Ann Arbor Won’t Be an Economic Engine


Bazinga! grandcircus… a tip of my hat. (now Otis may say a tip of something else)


That John Hieftje has been a great booster for the gays in A2 for a long time, I don’t blame them for giving him their support. I originally met him at the /aut/ bar and he was a real peach even though I fell down the steps right in front of him.

I’m having a hard time taking Michigan Future Inc seriously. Or at least this:

“The City Council just turned down another development designed primarily for young professionals. It’s a regular occurrence. Is it easier in Ann Arbor to do higher density development today than five years ago? Yes, but it still is real hard.”

Real hard? That’s not a (super vague) discussion on economic development, that’s a late-night hookup on Manhunt.

Ten years ago I worked with a colleague on a six story project that met with an insane amount of resistance before getting approved (but sadly, never built). Five years ago they started construction on whatever it is you want to call that gigantic building a block away at North Ashley and Huron. By the way, is that even fully occupied yet?

Three months ago I walked around a downtown that was, compared to even a few years ago, swarming with incredibly annoying 20-somthing drunks. This switch to a higher density downtown won’t happen overnight, and I think that kind of development *should* be “real hard” in a small downtown. Otherwise you’re overrun with douchebags and talking about band pavilions on restaurant rooftops.


I believe that building at North Ashley and Huron is now in foreclosure.


ann arbor is a playground for middle aged limousine liberals and their adopted children, and a college town, and that’s about it these days. It is basically a retirement community for the hippie kids of east coast money.


“Superholding” is giving Mathis way too much credit.

My neighbors have begun to organize to hire a company to mow our park. It is simply too large for us to do it ourselves. But I doubt many neighborhoods will have the money or organization to do this. And so we’ll trade parks for urban prairies.

Nicole Rupersburg
June 29th, 2010 at 2:59 pm

All I have to say is that I truly hope the line “history’s greatest monster David Wiegel” wasn’t entirely lost in this post which is, admittedly (as always), full of pithy remarks but THIS, this deserves to be highlighted.


All the blogging superstars are here this week. Man.


This isn’t meant as a personal going-after of any other commenters because I’ve seen this suggestion everywhere, but allow me to vent my spleen: Mowing the parks? You know what? Fuck that. We pay insane taxes, seriously. None of my friends in the suburbs pay remotely what we do on a house of similar value, and guess what? Their fricking parks get mowed, their cops show up, their schools are okay, and their politicians can generally keep it in their pants, and they don’t have to pay more on top of their tax dollars to accomplish that. Residents need to step up and do it? No. The city needs to do what they’re being paid to do — because these problems existed well before the current budget troubles and will do so again unless the do-nothing culture at City Hall gets changed. I’m sick of this “Detroiters need to do it themselves” bullshit because sure, fine, but when 40 percent of my house payment is taxes and I pay twice what some of my friends do, I would like something for my money or to stop paying it thankyouverymuch. If a city leader in, say, Livonia stood up and said “You know what? You guys can just shell out for your own municipal services or you’re not civic-minded” they’d be marching on city hall with pitchforks. Why is it OK to suggest such a thing here? Detroit is so broken we have just come to accept that things are not going to work. And that is crappy.

One more idiot with an opinion and a keyboard
June 29th, 2010 at 3:58 pm

Like it or not, Ann Arbor has been overrun by douche bags (college age and up) for decades now. So much so that the student ghetto continues to sprawl deeper and deeper into regular neighborhoods year after year. It makes a lot more sense to concentrate the college kids and yuppies in dense housing in the downtown area so a lot of those single family homes can go back to housing families and not packs of idiot college students and their peers looking for the next game of beer pong. Maybe then more families would look at living in the city instead of Sprawlville Township.

Unfortunately, that sort of smart planning requires change and there is nothing that scares Midwesterns more than upsetting the status quo. Plus, downtown density would also mean the slumlords of the student ghetto will lose their monopoly of providing housing to the downtown douche bag crowd, making their rat trap houses worth less and maybe even affordable to those not paying for housing with their parents checking account between Phish concerts.

Not to mention all of this project denial (and these were quality developments) has cost the city coffers a million bucks in new tax revenue, probably more. Tax revenue that would have gone straight to plugging the city’s budget deficit since the projects were just outside of the DDA line. I don’t know about you but I’d rather have a few more first responders on the job than satisfying the whims of a few olds who want to freeze their world in amber and student ghetto slumlords.


We mow a section of park across the street. It’s purely selfish. The trash can’t accumulate and keeps on blowing. Two weeks ago, some women from the WSU building across the way were powerwalking during their lunch while my dad was mowing.

— Hey, we should get together and mow the whole park!
— Get yourself a lawnmower, honey.

Well, so much for that. Otherwise, I’m with Amy. Fuck no.

After about six weeks of growing, Parks and Rec was out cutting the park the last two days. Two or three giant mowers and five or six personnel. And it took two days to mow fewer than three acres?! Part of the equation has to be eliminating these inefficiencies. There’s no reason for them beyond park workers lethargically stabbing at a plastic water bottle 22 times.

Bend down and pick that shit up.


goats, motherfuckers.


Detroit is so broken we have come to accept that things don’t work, and that’s why we can do whatever the hell we want.


The gays, they like the Boss tweeds; and a few lesbians do, too.
But Detroit isn’t open to Boss tweed. Hiho the glamourless life.


She wants 2 lead the glamorous life.

Without love, it ain’t much.


It always comes back to Sheila motherfucking E. Prince knew that.

Camille Desmoulins
June 29th, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Boys with small talk and small minds
Really don’t impress me in bed
She said, I need a man’s man, baby
Diamonds and furs
Love would only conquer my head

— Sheila E.


NOW all the blogging superstars are here. Keep paying attention to the Pistons stuff. I’m not done stomping on the terra with that one. Good stuff, people, good stuff.


I am going to have to get a blog to run with all you sweet motherfuckers. I feel like less of a man.

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