When you leave the bell jar of metro Detroit, this is what real leadership looks like…what it’s supposed to look like


That a BFE town like Braddock, PA can find this kind visionary, unorthodox leadership amongst its ranks, should make everyone in Michigan feel small. And embarrassed by our multitude of Dave Bings and Jennifer Granholms and Mike Coxes Mike “Tiny” Coxes.



Concerned that Mike has lost his “Tiny” nickname in recent posts…


There’s people like that here who kick ass and get things done too. Why don’t they run for office?


Ask Matt Naimi how that worked out.


meh, 2500 people? come on. been more impressed with Hickenlooper.


Matt Naimi ran for office, sure. But Matt Naimi kicks ass and gets things done, too? Ummmmmm ….

Where is Naimi? Certainly he could have run against someone IF he was serious about kicking ass and getting things done. Where the hell was he this time around if he was so serious last year? Guess he wasn’t that serious about Detroit if he didn’t try to run again for some office, any office, no?

Oh George, not the livestock.
July 21st, 2010 at 7:21 am

I would settle for boring, predictable, relatively competent leadership. SE Michigan government has lowered the bar for me like Scott Mitchell. I’m not looking for a quarterback that will win the game, just want one that won’t lose it.


I like this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pqwidkN9_I

I don’t think we’d see somebody successful ride our public transit system, though if we forced our politicians to ride it I bet it’d get a lot better fast.


my wife’s father used to live in Braddock and I have met the mayor once and visited the town several times since he started making changes. not to discount what he’s done there, but Braddock is TINY. and as of last fall I still couldn’t find a single open business along the main drag south of bell’s market. library street still had the swoons up and looked cool as hell (the mayor’s building is particularly cool). one of the best things he’s done is streamline the process of giving abandoned real estate to entities that want to do something productive with it. It would be cool to see some businesses open along the main drag.

Also, I wouldn’t say the mayor of Braddock came up from within its ranks; I think he was an “outsider” from Harvard when he got there. He’s the first to acknowledge that. He won support because he’s a smart dude who really does give a fuck. Braddock is also not as racially homogeneous as Detroit.

the best thing Braddock’s got going for it is its proximity to Pittsburgh, a vibrant, actual city. the only local comparison would be some guy trying to fix up Ecorse or River Rouge if Detroit was the shit and something to be really excited about.


I get that Braddock isn’t an apples to apples comparison to Detroit. However, the attitude that things are fucked up but they don’t have to be is a good model for revitalizing Detroit.

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