Why is vaguely ethnic supervillan Richardo Montalban building an awful Chrysler Cordoba near Ground Zero, where heroes died?


If you don’t follow the headline, the planned Muslim community center in Manhattan that has every First Amendment hating right-winger worked into a lather is called the Cordoba House. (Wonkette)

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Downriver's Friend
July 24th, 2010 at 8:57 am

Curse those Muslins and their rich Corinthian leather!


DF, I was just wondering whether their seats have “rich Corinthian leather” too!



I didn’t know Ricardo Montalban was Muslim. Talk about your sleeper cells.


Listen to to commercial. Montalban says, “Soft Corinthian leather.” Soft, not “rich.” This isn’t up to WF’s work on Rev. Rev, but I think there’s a scandal here.


“First Amendment hating right-winger ” and xenophobic, don’t forget xenophobic

Downriver's Friend
July 24th, 2010 at 5:25 pm

Soft, rich, Corinthians still hate freedom. And deh tuk r jerbs!


I drove an ’81 Chrysler Cordoba — that car needed its own zip code, it was so big, and women loved it. My friends called it the Land Shark because it was large and white, for some reason. Wish I had a photo of that thing. The radiator was blown and I didn’t have the cash to fix it (I was in college), so I could drive it as far as my apartment to the farthest parking lot on campus, then take a bus to the academic buildings. By the end of classes, it had cooled to the point I could drive it home. Did that for several months. Once, it overheated at 3 a.m. in the middle of Col. Glenn Highway in Dayton, and a couple of nice young cops from the nearby air force base helped me push the thing into a Hardee’s parking lot. Ended up selling it to a scrap yard for $15. I kinda miss that car, regardless if it was a Trojan Horse filled with job-stealing Islamic militant reactionaries and sold on television by Capt. Kirk’s greatest nemisis, Khan.


And FYI, “Corinthian” is meaningless … it was a term made up by Chrysler’s marketing department. Sorry to shatter the myth.


@Bill: Check out the final image. “The Small Chrysler.”


No one’s done a Fantasy Island “Le Plane, boss! Le Plane” joke?

Probably still too early.

BTW, Mr. Shea, very few people touch any leather in new cars today, just the coatings on top of them (underneath it’s real, tho). Ford’s King Ranch leather is about the only one within the budget of mortal bank accounts…

I could bore you’all to at least sleep with a leather dissertation…

No, I’m know nothing about exciting leather…

How many Christian churches are within shooting distance of a Christian massacre? I’d reasonably guess many (see Latin America)

People need to get over their xenophobia…


* …massacre by Christians



Actual photo of Bill Shea in his Cordoba:


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