The Rev. Reverend David Murray may not actually exist


Famous fecal stain Reverend David Murray was in the news again this week, because awful vulgarian (by which I mean honest and capable public servant) Gary Brown said Murray is the face of the Detroit Board of Education. Then Murray held a “NO” sign upside down. It was an interesting week for the Rev. Reverend David Murray, assuming that is his real name.

Wait, what? Let me explain. Everyone makes a big deal about Murray legally changing his first name to Reverend. But did he?

According the Qualified Voter File available on Publius, there is no one named Reverend Murray registered to vote in Detroit. Or anywhere else in Michigan. There is a David Murray (born 1953) registered to vote in Detroit. His polling place is the New Bright Star Baptist Church in the University District. The age and geography fit the so-called Reverend David Murray’s biographical details. Perhaps not coincidentally, Reverend David Murray is running for County Commission in that district. But wait, there’s more!

Reverend David Murray claims to have been a licensed social worker. There’s no record of a Reverend Murray in the state’s licensing database. There is a single record for a licensed social worker from Detroit named (surprise!) David Murray. This David Murray was licensed between 1984 and 2009. His license was suspended in 1990 for disciplinary reasons.

There are basically three scenarios to explain these discrepancies.

1. Murray changed his first name after registering to vote and obtaining his social work license, and the records were never properly updated. Last year Murray told WDET: “I changed my name when I was still in high school…I believe it was 1972 or 1973.” A social work license requires a college degree. He couldn’t have legally applied for a social work license with the name David Murray if he changed his name to Reverend before finishing college. For this explanation to be true, Murray lied about the circumstances of his name change in a public radio interview leading up to an election. Essentially, he lied to the voters.

2. Reverend David Murray told the truth on WDET. He did change his name in the early 1970s. That means he isn’t a registered voter, and never was a licensed social worker. Or he didn’t use his legal name when registering to vote or applying for his social work license. I’m no lawyer, but that last part kind of sounds like fraud.

3. David Murray never legally changed his name to Reverend David Murray. He’s run for multiple offices using the alias “Reverend” as a first name. Even more disturbing, election officials at the city, county, and state levels never caught it.

If there’s a fourth explanation I’ve missed, I’m happy to entertain it. And don’t take my word for any of this, search these public databases for yourself.

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Ask Melissa Sue Robinson of Nampa, Idaho about the possibility of Scenario # 2?


4) While David Murray may have held a social workers license and voter registration in Detroit/Michigan, *Reverend* David Murray may have obtain his off-planet, maybe even in his own home dimension or astral plane (likely in his original vestigial body) and body-snatched the local David Murray’s corporeal being to transfer his universal skills to SE MI proper.

It remains to the City Clerk and other electoral officials whether the David Murray body or Reverend David Murray ethereal essence is the proper being to be the named candidate running for County Commissioner.

Or Reverend David Murray just F’d up and let his real alien entity slip out.

Sean Lovescifi


@sean- if he’s an alien, how did he get here? his race is dumber than ours, so how’d they get here?

is there anything you can do, like report him to someone for running under a false name? just get him off the school board and i will say you’ve accomplished more than the free press or detroit news.


We’re probably better off if he doesn’t vote. Not that we’re well off that he has a school board vote.


You know, I am thinking of running one of my cats for a seat on the school board. Born in an alley, abandoned at a young age, adopted by a loving couple who spoil her rotten, she earned a MSW from Phoenix University by threatening to eviscerate the Phoenix if it didn’t comply. She loves kids, as long as they feed her. She hates mayoral or city council control of the school board because they do not feed her. Due a genetic problem she can neither read nor spell, but she does know which way is up and what should be done in private. Her inability to speak is a plus, besides, with her ears and tail, she is more eloquent than the current board. Write in “Zena the cat.” Sanity wears her own fur.

Speaking of mayoral control of the school board, I wonder if Anthony Adams decision not to run is a indication that he believes the school board is on its way out?

I thought I saw the immortal Bob Berg listed as “spokesman” for Rev. Wendell Anthony as well as for the group trying to get the question of mayoral control on the ballot. Any info? Anthony’s hiding behind a spokesman is shameful. Way to stand up and be counted.


@motz – Arrival: Blowhard Deconstruction Fleet?

Possible solution: Institute Chicago or Tammany Hall voting rules? Hell, get out the vote yourself!

Barring that, throw a towel on your head & consult the HHTTG?

And, sorry, SeanKHotay just a pawn in game of life….


Wow, this is getting heavy, you are raising all sorts of existential, heck maybe even metaphysical questions. I say we take Descartes formula, you know the one about
“I think, therefore I am,” and just go where that equation will take you as applied to this esteemed and very precious member of the Detroit School Board.

In the meantime, I am supporting Zena the cat. I love that bio. Finally, a school board that looks like America’s alleys.


A plucky feline who pulled herself up from the alley by her puss-in-boot-straps to make a better life for herself, and continues the fight to feed the hungry (when she is in said state).

That bio has legs…and claws. She’s got my vote!

Scratch a Vote for Zena the Warrior Candidate For County Commission!!


Zena appreciates your support, but prefers being worshipped and Feline Greenies on demand. (She would also prefer that her “fondness” for catnip stay out of the papers.)


Too late…We have Cat Scratch-a-Vote Fever!


It’s funny that public records weren’t used before this to root out this clown.

Check on http://www.waynecountylandrecords.com. Only one reference to a Reverend David Murray, in association with 366 Puritan in Highland Park. This entry was from 1999.

Now if you check on David Murray, that’s a whole different story. This same property has been in and out of forfieture for taxes in recent years. Funny that the Reverend magically disappeared from the title. 2003 is after 1999 last time I looked. There’s more, his house mortgage, etc, if you wish to look.


Has anyone ever really checked the validity of all of those college degrees he claims to have? They should be really easy to verify. Looking at and listening to this guy talk, I do not believe he has the educational background he claims to have.

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