Everyone knows the school board is awful, the ever important “speaking industry” backs Rick Michigan, and Myth Albom wishes he was a journalism professor


Internal poll shows expected result
A new poll from the pro-mayoral control people say the people want mayoral control. Not terribly surprising. The elected school board includes a Team Kilpatrick dirt bag, a duly adjudicated child abuser, and until last month, it was led by a barely literate pervert. Of course, releasing an internal poll showing your side is winning is dubious. No one releases an internal poll showing they’re losing. A cogent, practical argument about mayoral control improving DPS would be far more helpful than a tired political PR stunt. But, as Kwame Kenyatta says, Detroit does things differently. It’s sometimes hard to understand our backwards and provincial ways. (Freep)

20,000 reasons to know who the %*&# Christine Beatty is
Remember that cop who pulled Christine Beatty over, and received a verbal thrashing? And remember how Beatty then called Team Kilpatrick lapdog Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings to fix her ticket before the cop even wrote it? Well that cop is getting $20,000 the city doesn’t have. Because Christine Beatty is an insufferable bitch. And Ella Bully-Cummings is a spineless political whore. The city will pay out another $2,500,000 because out-of-control cops shot someone in the back. Maybe stuff like that could be avoided if the DPD was under some kind of federal oversight. Oh wait… Thanks Christine. You too, Ella. (DetNews)

Rick Snyder secures the coveted Art Holst endorsement
The GOP gubernatorial primary is all over but the shouting. That’s because old NFL referee guy Art Holst endorsed famous nerd Rick “Michigan” Snyder. In addition to donning the black-and-white on Sundays, Holst is also a motivational speaker. From his website: A legend in the speaking industry, Art Holst’s broad background provides the foundation for his messages spiced with inspiration, humor, and poetry. Poetry! He’s like a living breathing Successories poster, and he’s backing Snyder. You probably have buyer’s remorse right now if you’ve already cast an absentee ballot for someone other than the Holst-backed Rick Michigan. (Crains)

Jayson Blair probably doesn’t like Twitter
Noted fabulist Mitch Albom is very angry about this Shirley Sherrod thing. For starters, he thinks Andrew Breitbart is a douchebag. Even a stopped clock, and all of that. Mitch also blames the internets. People take Ann Coulter seriously because of these “bloggers.” Wait, isn’t Coulter a syndicated newspaper columnist? And a regular guest on Sean Hannity’s radio show. You know, the one WJR airs right before Mitch’s show. Sounds like traditional media to me. Still, unlike bloggers, the mainstream media would never make up stories. Only bloggers could make up stories about 9-year-old heroin addicts and Mateen Cleaves attending the 2005 Final Four. (Freep)

Paul W. Smith has nothing to add about George Steinbrenner
It’s always a good Monday State of the State, when we can disembowel both Mitch Albom’s and Paul W. Smith’s weekend columns. Paul W.’s most recent embarrassment to the once vaunted Detroit News editorial page remembers the life of George Steinbrenner. Who died two weeks ago. Paul W. never knew Steinbrenner or has anything interesting to say about the Yankees’ owner, except that he’s dead. Also that Paul W. Smith once worked in the New York media market. No need to explain why he doesn’t anymore. (DetNews)

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Art Holst? THE Art Holst?

As much as I like “inspiration, humor, and poetry,” I think I’ll hold out for the Lady Gaga endorsement. Or maybe Scott Baio.


You really need to link to Janet Cooke’s blog in The Swamp. I can’t find a link to it anywhere.


The ol’ perfesser Paul W. Smith once regularly graced the ill-conceived pages of DBusiness ragazine.
He started nearly every interview with a hearty “WELCOME to DBusiness magazine!”

Master of the introduction.

Paul W.: “Native son of Cleveland … shipping tycoon … longtime owner of the world-famous New York Yankees … and the wealthiest and most well-endowed recipient of my sycophantic suckling … George Steinbrenner, welcome to heaven!”

Larry David: (Blank stare.)


If Paul W. pulled a Costanza, and did the opposite of his every instinct, he could be the greatest radio talent ever.

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