Reverend David Murray to still receive $30 a meeting, Tom George to lose GOP primary, and our parent of the year nominee


DPS to stay awful
After listening to hundreds of unemployables shouting dull platitudes, City Council decided to protect your right to vote by deciding you shouldn’t vote on an advisory question about re-organizing DPS. That means Reverend David Murray and his merry band of incompetents continue to play school board. But it also means the state will just hire another emergency financial manager to replace Robert “Bob” Bobb. And, let’s be honest, that guy will actually run DPS for a long, long time. The only real responsibility for elected school board members is pulling their putzes. Too soon? (Freep)

Blue Cross loves Detroit twice as much as Quicken
Everyone knows Quicken Loans is totally saving Detroit by moving 1700 mortgage shysters valued employees downtown. Then comic sans-loving Dan Gilbert will build a 400 story headquarters on the Hudson’s block, complete with a unicorn farm and urban ski hill. Unless Miami steals his architectural plans first. Meanwhile, the good gray Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is quietly moving 3000 additional employees into the Renaissance Center. Over and above all the people currently working at BCBS’ non-imaginary downtown headquarters. But who cares, BCBC doesn’t have a fancy banner. (DetNews, Crains)

GOP’s hot man-on-man-on-man three ways
The Republican Party just can’t get enough of the passionate Greco-Roman battle between Rick Snyder, Mike “Tiny” Cox, and Pete Hoekstra. At present, Snyder has a nominal lead, but all three are within the margin of error. Hoekstra is ahead among people who think they’ll actually vote. The pro-lifers also like Hoekstra more than his opponents. Naturally, the Republican ladies totally love Cox. They can’t get enough of Cox. With three candidates so closely bunched together, can we draw any conclusions from this poll? Yes. This weekend, fourth place also-ran Mike Bouchard will demand to see Obama’s birth certificate. (Freep)

Art patrons suddenly support Right To Work law
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra may go on strike. Apparently, southeast Michigan’s last seven cultured citizens can only scrounge up $33,000,000 for musician salaries. The symphonic players think that’s low ball. If these incredibly talented, highly trained musicians want more money, they should play music that regular people like. All that Mozart and Beethoven stuff is boring. The DSO should mix in a few Kid Rock medleys. Or a selection of songs from that tween who looks like a lesbian middle infielder on the varsity softball team. The kids would pack the Max for that. Problem solved. (DetNews)

At least she had a good reason
On the surface, this next story sounds sad. A Wyandotte mother robbed banks. She could go to jail for life. But what you have to understand is she only robbed the banks so she could buy more heroin. You can’t blame her for that. Everyone knows it isn’t being a parent these days. The heroin just helps her take the edge off. Some junkie-parents sell their kids’ toys to pay for the next fix, but not this brave mother. She put her kids first by robbing banks. And everyone knows banks are insured, so it’s not like there’s a real victim. (DetNews)

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I was expecting the Jersey Shore season premiere breakdown. Bummed.


Yesterday one of the major papers’ websites posted live updates from the city council meeting, and I remember one of the Reverends in attendance threatening to march on the council members’ homes if the will of the people was denied by allowing the people to vote on the advisory question. I wish I would have saved that information as soon as I read it, because now I can’t find it.


Here you go Paul:

Activist Malik Shabazz warned council members would invite “war” if they approved the measure.

“I ask you to do the right thing,” Shabazz said. “Why don’t you all do the job you are elected to do? The council and mayor can do something about homelessness, (and) the loss of residency, which is destroying the tax infrastructure of this city. If you pass this, it means outright war. We’re going to recall y’all and march on your houses.”

From The Detroit News: http://detnews.com/article/20100729/METRO/7290459/Council-rejects-referendum-on-mayoral-control-of-DPS#ixzz0vBN2D58K


So now just having a simple heroin habit is frowned upon? Just a little shooting up after the kids’ bedtime? A mom just can’t win.


Mother’s little helper goes mainstream.

The No crowd is employing the swarm of gnats strategy to achieve a variety of useless ends. Bing should have stood up and said that Detroit has qualified people for the School Board and he would get them to serve. Plus Bing should have made the argument that WF made about the No’s being against a vote to protect the vote.

I would have liked to see Gary Brown tell Malik Shabazz that he would be marching on the Shabazz house until Malik does something useful.


No words of idiocracy today…

…but I want to confirm that my write in vote for Zena the Warrior kitty for County Commissioner was submitted today via absentee ballot.


I bet Zena’s will attend more sessions than Moe Blackwell.


Poor sobbing Mike Cox. Marital infidelity. Remember? Of course not. That confession (Catholics are good at confession) came two years ago. Who remembers?

Now that we have that out of the way, we don’t have to deal with his marital infidelity; all we have to suffer is his smirk.


Another DPD Executive slept with his Lts. So What?

Who is Melvin Turner and why is he wearing a Detroit Police Badge?

Do you think Police Officers must have the trust and respect of the community to effective protect the community? Does it matter who they sleep with off the job?

Just like Warren Evans, while Melvin Tuner was the 2nd in command at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, he notoriously dated a female Lieutenant (Pam McClain) who he directly supervised, and promoted another of his girlfriends to the rank of Commander Rose Fodera.

Melvin Turner was fired from 4 different police departments.

He was fired from his $185,000 per year job as Undersheriff of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department after he beat up his baby momma, but not right away, because who cares if cops beat up their baby mommas. He was fired only after being convicted of domestic violence and had his police powers taken away.

Next he took a job as police chief in Highland Park, Melvin came in and broke the backs of the Police Union and helped the city to go bankrupt. The police department was dissolved.

Next he convinced the Emergency Financial Manager in Hamtramck, however the Hamtramck Cops disliked Melvin Turner and filed complaints and whistleblower lawsuits against him. The Emergency Financial Manager investigated the complaints and decided to fire Melvin Turner.

Then he arrived in Sumpter Township as Chief of Police. He pissed off everyone there from the city dog catcher to the Township Supervisor. Seem Melvin thought the Township should provide him with his personal police car to take home. He was fired at one year.

Then Melvin applied for every open police chief job in the State of Michigan and the State of Texas. When Clinton Township told him to hit the brick and that he was a four time looser, the filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against them claiming they would not make him Chief of Police because he was a dark black guy.

Melvin Turner lead the State Police on a high speed chase down the lodge freeway.

Melvin Turner was told that he was barred from testifying against drug dealers because many of the Circuit Court judges found him to be habitually untruthful witness. (a liar)

Melvin Tuner has several complaints filed against him by drug dealers stating that he had unlawfully taken their gold jewelry for his own personal use. Melvin Turner had a retail store were he sold second hard goods and allegedly a lot a stolen merchandise.

Melvin Turner threatened to shoot and kill Wayne County’s Personnel Director when she told him politely it was not appropriate for him to attempt to kiss her and other females on the cheek at the start of a meeting. She advised Melvin that a hand shake was proper for the workplace.

Melvin Turner was sued for sexual harassment by one of his female subordinates.

Warren Evans hired Melvin Turner to be Deputy Chief of Police in Detroit.

Mayor Bing and his new broom is sweeping clean. Perhaps its time to sweep Mel Turner right out the door.

Do you think Mr. Turner should continue to earn $157,000 as a Deputy Chief of Police and wear a DPD uniform? Or at 68 years of age is it time for this playboy to retire?

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