Picking winners and losers, or Mayor Bing forces relocation of Citizen Bing with Manoogian right-sizing plan


OMG, Dyspathy headline writing department! Why are you guys so insensitive? Rochelle Riley bravely explained that Dave Bing isn’t right-sizing Detroit. That’s the wrong word. He’s redefining Detroit. After months of transparently secret work with planning guru Toni Griffin, Dave Bing is ready to implement phase one of their plan.

As Bing will probably explain to Jim Gray on the ESPN (cable channel 10) special The Redefinition, Bing is taking his talents to Detroit’s south beach. You probably didn’t know Detroit had a south beach, but that’s because we just redefined the Manoogian Mansion neighborhood as south beach. Yay Detroit 3.11!

See, despite promising to not occupy the Manoogian Mansion on the campaign trail, and despite Karen Dumas’ claim last month that the mayor wouldn’t occupy the Manoogian, Bing will move into the mayoral residence where Carlita Kilpatrick may or may not have attacked a stripper. However, Dave Bing remains sensitive to the stigma left over from the Kilpatrick regime. So he’s renaming the Manoogian Mansion as The Mayor’s Residence. Which sounds like it should be followed by “A Westin Hotel.” Because Alex Manoogian’s legacy is problem here.

Whatever doddering Adcraft pensioner volunteered this re-branding strategy should just apologize right effing now. To Detroit voters for trying to insult their intelligence, and probably to the Manoogian family. Then Dave Bing should stop wasting time with stupid shit. And fire his communications team. Say what you will about Team Kilpatrick, but they never made James Canning announce something this stupid. (DetNews)

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I couldn’t have said it better myself. And I didn’t.


If you think about it, an awful lot of crap that goes on in SE MI is just re-arranging deck chairs…

Detroit X.27, the Big Three re-orgs (both internal & for their financial masters), Cobo Hall refurb, Jenny from the block’s budget, the Lions management, the Tiger’s line-up, the light rail…


I’m over Bing.

Who’s running in three years? That’s probably a more interesting conversation.


Why is Bing not selling naming rights to the Mansion? $1 million a year and Mayor could live in Dyspathy Manor. (On another front, does any else think the Manoogian Mansion is a vulgar pile of miscellaneous architectural accretions? )


I’m with teach313 on “the Manoogian Mansionis a vulgar pile of miscellaneous architectural accretions.”

I wonder what the Freep meant by noting this: “… the interior of the home was in bad shape through a combination of everyday use by previous tenants …,” and I wonder how much it cost the Manoogian preservatonist society to replace the allegedly broken table whose leg was allegedly used to beat a stripper.

Who’s running in three years, Casspark? Well, Sugar, I can tell you this — oh, never mind. Carol A. Goss will not only never win; she really doesn’t want the job. Be prepared for Mayor Reverend David Murray to lead the city. Or Mayor Joel “Juggernaut” Loving.

The jury’s still out on whether we’ll make it “Mayor Mary Sheffield.”


By the way, I love the deck chair, WF.


Goss would never lower herself to ask the public to vote for her. Jai-Lee Deering has already cleaned up his signs and is carefully inking in “for Mayor.” I understand that Coleman Young the III’s mother is placing Coleman Young IV’s name on the ballot, pending the results of the paternity test.


I don’t think Joleman will run in 2013. Mommy dearest is smart enough to only run him for open seats. Bing is already gearing up to run again. Perhaps on the slogan: Promises Made, Promises Broken. Joleman will be 31 or 32 in ’13. The taint of Kwame hurts a mayoral candidate that young. Better to play a nice game of solitaire (mixing 1960s Oedipal film references is fun!) in the state Senate until 2017.

One more idiot with an opinion and a keyboard
August 28th, 2010 at 1:06 pm

Bing is obviously gearing up for a re-election run, and I bet he decides to take a salary within a year. It leaves me to wonder are there any Bing 2009 campaign promises that he hasn’t broken yet?


You’re missing the main point here, and that is that the mayor is FINALLY moving to the city.


The move makes financial sense, the mayor said.

“I’m renting a home in Detroit and I’m not getting a salary,” said Bing, who said he plans to pay all moving costs. “I don’t have a problem with not getting a salary, but I don’t think I should pay to be mayor.”


So he had no housing expenses before he was elected mayor? How did that work?

Camille Desmoulins
August 29th, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Mayor Otis Mathis. Bank on it. Rev. Reverend David Murrary as chief of staff. Charlie Beckham and Norm White will proudly serve in key roles, too.


2013? Get used to the sound of the words “Mayor Charles Pugh,” my friend… Unless he literally screws a pooch between now and then.

Renaming the Manoogian Mansion is just tacky.

Oh, and just for fun, check out these super-thoughtful comments from a Royal Oak Daily Tribune columnist:


I heard the mayor wanted to change the name of the mansion to the “Bada-Bing!”

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