Michigan Republican Convention is as awesome as expected


Famous nerd Rick “Michigan” Snyder found himself a nice, outstate conservative to be his running mate, so everyone thought right-wingers would be happy. Everyone forgot that regular ‘Mericans just want their country back. And they won’t put up with these corrupt backroom deals whereby a party’s elected gubernatorial nominee selects his or her running mate, as is the long-standing custom.

So, in the spirit of Martin Luther King (who would obviously recognize a services tax as exactly like Jim Crow in everyway), the teabaggers nominated their own LG candidate. Some guy who finished fourth a Congressional primary. Fourth. Ok, sure, but teabagger hero Bill Cooper is a real conservative. Cooper is also a businessman, not a politician. Which means, unlike Brian Calley, he can understand the Rick Michigan plan.

At this point, someone explained to Cooper that he’d lose this fight, and would be branded as the kind of fringe lunatic barely welcome in the Michigan Taxpayers Party. That’s when Cooper quit the race like Sarah Palin quit being governor of Alaska. That made the teabaggers love Bill Cooper even more! Because our founding principles are based on quitting England. Quitting something is literally the most Constitutional thing an American can do.

You know who sticks with things? Socialists. Also elitists who paid attention in school, found good jobs, accepted scientific realities, and don’t waste their lives attending rallies in jorts and so-tacky-it’s-unpatriotic American flag apparel. (Freep)

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Whenever I hear a businessman talk about “reforming the state’s regulatory environment,” I cringe.

Really, after years of a republican-majority on the Michigan Supreme Court, what more can Snyder & friends hope to gut? For example, most Michiganders today believe a lemon law means you can’t rob children’s lemonade stands.

And where normal citizens who have a breached contract with an insurance company get to file a lawsuit in a real court of law, Michiganders get to file a complaint with the regulatory arm of Michigan’s Commercial Services division (or whatever it’s called), which is the equivalent of whining at the Chamber of Commerce. And in the end, “take that, you eff’in insurance company, you didn’t pay on my $80,000 insurance claim BUT you got a $500 fine by the State (and a Best Business Model award from the Chamber of Commerce)!”

We got rid of one of the biggest culprits, “the sleeping judge,” but what to do about the sleeping tea-partiers who had no idea this was going on and don’t care until they can’t start their brand-new vehicles from TACOM.


Oh, there are a few possibilites left for de-regulation. Engler left some work undone in this respect. He tried to end licensing for some professions. Take the example Big John proposed for ending psychology licensing. After all, lots of people like to give advice, and some are actually good at it. Therapists are just rent-a-friends, anyway. Just think how many budding Dr. Laura’s are out there, ready to build up their own business without having to worry about licensing. (Dr. Laura certainly didn’t, and she’s not even a psychologist which proved Gov. Engler’s point.) The psychologists counted with suggestions to end licensing for doctors and (God forbid) lawyers. That did it, Engler’s proposal failed. Just think, however, who we might have on the State Supremes if they didn’t have to be lawyers.


Damn, you’re scaring me. I didn’t know that about Engler. What I do remember is him privatizing mental health services and facilities and then loads of mentally ill people on the streets who couldn’t afford care. It’s apparent that Engler was a very sick man.

I’m beginning to wonder why anyone who runs for office shouldn’t have to submit to a mental health screening first. Some private employers do this and more. Seems like an obvious way to protect the public from these character-disordered individuals. Imagine what a competent psychologist could have told us about Kwame Kilpatrick–fail!–instead, the first psych eval he gets is in prison.

party planning 101
August 29th, 2010 at 1:12 pm

the real lesson here and elsewhere is dont plan any tea party event that requires attendees to walk up and down a lot of steps.


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