To the ramparts in solidarity with our DPS brethren, Kwame toasted like Lucky Strike, and Mike Bouchard hearts snake oil


Free the DPS Four!
Noted neo-fascist despot Robert “Bob” Bobb and his jack-booted lackey Kym Worthy launched a full-scale assault upon the sacred right of local control of the Detroit Public Schools, and by extension, the entire diaspora of oppressed peoples. They unjustly indicted Gwendolyn Miller, Eugenia Rose Holimon, Eric Holimon, and Robert Gibson spent DPS money without submitting to bourgeois-capitalist-suburbian notions of “propriety.” Who are these reactionary outsiders to tell DPS workers (and their kids) how to spend the people’s money? If mistakes were made it’s because the system lacks the safe guards of true participatory democracy. Like a revolutionary vanguard Councils of Elder to oversee DPS spending in an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-imperialist manner. </sheahowell>  (Freep)

This is where Frank Beckmann’s head explodes
The Great Voice of Great Lakes pollution will have a tough time explaining this to WJR’s target audience of aged ignorants. The wholesome, patriotic job creators at Enbridge Oil hired illegal immigrants to clean up the Enbridge oil spill. Illegal immigrants from Mexico who tuk r jibs and make you press “1” for English! They’re all jihadists too. Or they would be if they weren’t, you know, mostly Catholic. Hopefully we can get that fence built before more Mexicans are willing to clean up our waterways and forests for a modest wage. I just want my country back! (DetNews)

Incarcerated felon Kwame Kilpatrick is like an old-timey cleaning product
Bernard “The Killer” Kilpatrick finally showed up for his Tamara Greene deposition, and blah blah blah the whole thing is sealed so who cares. Afterwards, Bernard said his son is as strong as “20 Mule Team Borax.” For those of you not currently eligible for Social Security, 20 Mule Team Borax is an oddly-named cleaning product from olden times. Based on Bernard’s obscure (even for Dyspathy) reference, we can only assume he means there was a lot of blood that night. And Kwame did a good job cleaning the carpets. As though he were using miracle cleaning product 20 Mule Team Borax! (Freep)

Benny Hinn is probably still legal in Oakland County
Thanks to the brave efforts of fourth-place gubernatorial candidate “Sheriff” Mike Bouchard, Oakland County is finally safe from the scourge of medical marijuana. A judge ruled that the sick people arrested with medical marijuana can’t use the legal-in-Michigan substance while they’re out on bail. Noted stoner hippie radical Dave Gorcyca is defending these anti-social cancer and glaucoma patients. However, if you want to (in the words of Mencken) “climb upon a table and submit to a heroic pummeling by a retired piano-mover,” Oakland County has plenty of legal chiropractors. Or maybe you’d like some ill-trained “healer” to rinse your bowels with a fire hose. Colonics are also kosher in the OC. And let’s not even talk about homeopathy. (DetNews)

Detroit needs Antoine Dodson now
Can you imagine how really, really dumb the guy who tried to rape Antoine Dodson is feeling right about now? He doesn’t have to run because, really, where can he run to at this point? The whole world is looking for this piece of shit. And we’re gonna find him. You can count on that. Homeboy. Some brave local crime fighter is employing the Dodson Technique (which is the new broken window theory) to thwart the Cass Avenue Bike Thief. And Sterling Heights should take note. Hide your Schwinns, hide your Huffys, and even hide your tricycles because they be stealing everything. (Facebook, Macomb Daily)

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Cass Avenue Bicycle Thief: We Gonna Find You

= White people love African-American dialect (unless someone aks us a question)!


c’mon, WF. We can’t question how they do things in Texas. States rights and all that. besides, they totally would have hired americans except they are all expensive lazy socialist union workers collecting disability.

Camille Desmoulins
September 1st, 2010 at 9:23 am

“Or maybe you’d like some ill-trained ‘healer’ to rinse your bowels with a fire hose.”

Is that another Kwame prison reference?


I know a few people who have paid a “doctor” in Lathrup Village to tape ball bearings behind their ears so they can lose weight. It seems to work. Of course, the fact that then you’re only supposed to eat boiled cabbage for two weeks after the ball-bearing-taping may have something to do with the weight loss…


Is poppa Bernie saying that his son is on par with 20 abrasive asses? Guess we agree on one thing…

Looks like it’s still sold:

I don’t get how a county can can strike down a state law, 10th Amendment and all. I don’t even thing the ‘dry county’ precedents count as the states didn’t specifically legalize booze.


Did anybody catch the Anthony Adams – DPS board’s latest attempt latest attempt ti pretend they matter?

Do they really think that once the long civic nightmare of Robert Bobb is over, it’s back to business for the pathetic, incompetent, corrupt, and self-important? When Synder wins the election (sorry to kill the suspense), we’ll get a business-type. If Bing hadn’t been so clueless, we’d have Mayoral control of the schools already. Mayoral control may get shoved through in Lansing after the election, but I doubt it.


at this time, Mayoral control may actually roll back progress made by Bobb. think about it.

there’s a fascinating case playing out in DC right now where mayoral control has Fenty’s re-election basically being a referendum on Michelle Rhee. the black/white splits are shocking.

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