Schools are closed and pools are open on Labor Day, Mr. Hand has his eyes on Robert Bobb, and manufactured Obama outrage


Labor Day in D minor
The struggle of the proletariat continues, and this time the songs of the Red Book will be performed in full symphonic orchestration. Because the Detroit Symphony Orchestra is the new battleground in the epic fight to control the means of production. Once they get justice, the bosses will finally respect the working class. Or something. And Lansing anger bear Virg Bernero will make sure Rick “Michigan” Snyder doesn’t tuk ur jibs. By losing the gubernatorial election. Also Jesse Jackson showed up. Again. Doesn’t he have somewhere else he can go? Apparently not. Worst. Labor Day. Ever. (DetNews)

Rick Snyder: working class hero
When famous nerd Rick “Michigan” Snyder was busy reading Fortune Magazine at age eight, America’s future carpenters were probably doing something less nerd-like. Maybe playing baseball, climbing trees, or giving Rick Snyder a wedgie. Oh, but it was all in good fun and everything is forgiven now. They endorsed Snyder because even these humble carpenters (just like Jesus!) understand Snyder’s brilliant plan to save Michigan. Maybe they can explain it to those dullards in the legislature. (Freep)

Robert “Bob” Bobb gets a tardy
It’s the first day of school which sucks for everyone except stay-at-home parents. They get the next nine months to drink box wine and watching their stories all morning long. But the kids have to get to school on time. It doesn’t matter if the bus is late. Show up on time or get a tardy slip. Three tardies and it’s detention. Even if you’re the DPS Emergency Financial Manger. Robert Bobb missed homeroom and was late for math class because his bus was delayed. Not exactly off to a good start, Mr. Bobb. (Freep)

Things will get better once Granholm leaves office, says Jennifer Granholm
Michigan’s had its share of problems over the last ten years. The collapse of the housing market, a national economic crisis that brought the domestic auto industry to its knees, a nearly bankrupt state government, and a weak-willed governor unable and unwilling to deal with that bankrupt state government thing. Everything will be ok in a couple months because that last problem will go away in January. Michigan will turn around then. According to our weak-willed, soon-to-be-former governor. Who could use a job, if you know anyone that’s hiring. (MLive)

Rug-gate to topple Obama Administration
This west Michigan company made a new rug for the Oval Office with this quote from 19th Century progressive Theodore Parker stitched into it. But so-called President Barack HUSSEIN Obama often attributes the saying to Martin Luther King, Jr. because King sometimes quoted Parker. Excuse me while I crumple papers and dummy up some crocodile tears like a garden-variety ex-junkie…THIS IS THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY! And socialist. Why should Theodore Parker be forced to share his words with Martin Luther King just because of Obama? This isn’t America. I just want my country back. (MLive)

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It’s not just stay-at-home parents that love the first day of school. Not a drop of box wine around here (3 Buck Chuck…we keep it classy).

Also, because I can’t post it on Facebook and this crew would appreciate it: I was at Beaumont Hospital today waiting in the ER and a nurse and a patient were bitching about Obama and calling him stupid. “And so many vacations! Spending money outside of the country even … Martha’s Vineyard and Spain.” Martha’s Vineyard is, of course, in Massachusetts.


@Amy: Dyspathy is the new Facebook. Let’s compare Bush, Reagan, and Obama’s vacation time. They may be right about Martha’s Vineyard, though. It’s so exclusive it might as well be a foreign country. But, folks, get real. In America we have a habit of shooting Presidents, so a high security island isn’t a bad place to vacation. And Obama’s got a target on his back.

Bobb sounded like he was going to stroke out over his hand selected bus company screwing up so badly. It not like he wasn’t sent newspaper reports of how these guys screw up everywhere they go. They must have a hell of a sales department, or, perhaps, a friend in Barbara Byrd-Bennett. The Cleveland connection strikes again.


I’ll give Bobb some credit for saying the situation is unacceptable without equivocation. Hopefully, they’ll get their shit together.


Having a vacation home on the annexded, high security island of Martha’s Vineyard certainly worked out for the Kennedys.


Jesse Jackson can’t go anywhere. His extra large carbon footprint car (Escalade) was stolen while he was in town promoting green jobs. You really have to admire guys like Jackson and Gore, they rarely seem to walk the game they talk.

I know, I know, just like Leona Helmsly said, only the little people shrink their carbon footprint.


but, Beaumont is in royal Oak, which we all know is the very enlightened part of Oakland County where progressive thought flourishes. Or so I’m told.

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