The only thing crazier than teabaggers is this awesome video from the Orient


On an unrelated note, check out the October issue of Hour Detroit. Alexa Stanard’s three-page spread on local bloggers gives Dyspathy far more credit than it deserves. The good words from Detroitblogger John were particularly generous. There’s also a picture of some guy who lost 400 pounds. But that’s a different story.

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I take “check out” to mean actually buying the mag . . . not, oh let’s say, flipping through it at B&N.

Congrats on recognition that indeed IS well-deserved.


Wrong! You got the credit you deserve. Glad you liked the story.


Wow. Wow. Japanese Teabaggers are at arms and seem to be angry.
Glad the movement has spread. Anger and frustration are but symptoms of a poorly functioning Democracy. Where can I buy Japanese flags to show my sympathy?

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