This whole thing might go away if UM student body president Chris Anderson let Andrew Shirvell make out with him


Once in kindergarten I had a schoolyard crush on this girl, so I kicked her in the shins. Most people grow out of that phase, others don’t. That’s all I’m saying. (CNN, The Onion)

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The evil gay sorcerer Chris Armstrong is morphing innocent conservative fairies into giant anal-orgy HomoBeasts? Will the assault on Ann Arbor’s Camelot ever end? Fear not. Sir Shirvell has thrown down the gauntlet before this dark wizard and now challenges him to an epic joust. Raise your lance, sir!


WTF? Sounds like the perfect friend for the evil little homosexual-hating ex Oakland County Prosecutor Richard Gorcyca. Hey, why don’t you folks just hitch-hike on over to the west side of the state where that kind of crap is encouraged? Sounds to me like Mr. Armstrong turned Mr. Shirvell down for a date and that’s where all this stuff started.

Do your job, Mike Tiny, and prosecute this cyber bully and stalker! And for Christ’s sake, fire his crazy ass!


Gotta love U of M Law School. They also gave us Ann Coulter!


oh jesus why hasn’t cox fired this guy yet. oh wait, he was probably cox’s ideal pick for lieutenant governor!


Cox won’t fire him or materially disavow him either, because he sees how politics is trending, and he wants a heaping helping of the crazy for himself for the next time he makes a run at office.




So Tiny Cox thinks this is all Shrivel’s personal business?

Has he read the blog?

Either Shrivel’s got a yen for hot man-on-man action and can’t act on it, or he’s a serial stalker/killer in training. Either way, he should not be in a government position in which impartiality is required.


Sadly, Shrivell-ry is not dead.


I meant to write Shirvell-ry. But I guess the other way works better.


You guys aren’t being fair. Try to see this from Shirvell’s point of view.

He’s sitting at home after Friday Night Bible Study thinking about how Chris Anderson’s young and strong naked body is pressed against another naked man in the passionately erotic struggle that is lovemaking, erect penises glistening against whatever light seeps under the miniblinds.

You can understand how that could get Shirvell all hot and bothered. Cut the guy some slack.


@GC, just for clarification, Shirvell graduated from U of M undergrad only. He went to Ave Maria–Tom Monaghan’s brainchild– law school. Not surprised at all what is coming out of this little weasle’s big mouth–no offense to ferrets out there, folks.


Shirvell just wanted the ultimate Gay Prize: To be interviewed by AC.


Shirvell sounds and awful lot like gerbil.

Anyway, I bet he’s glad Tyler Clemente committed suicide.


Our Attorney General has decided he’s going to wait this one out on the sidelines. Mr. Urban Legend doesn’t want to be known as a coxblocker too. He sees the serious man-crush going on and he is not going to get in the way.


Tiny is a spineless, useless, and worthless p.o.s. I was going to call him a jelly-fish, but hey, jelly fish don’t deserve to be in the same category with him. Just a thought: I am guessing that this would have had a completely different outcome if Mr. Shirvell was persecuting a ‘nice Christian young man.’ Doesn’t Mr. Armstrong understand that some people count and deserve the full protection of our laws and constitution, and some don’t?


Well, when you put it that way @FOC, I too get aroused….


Julie I have lived on the West Side and I do not appreciate such a general slam. There are idiots everywhere in the world and it is up to us, as a people to handle Shirvell and Cox and get them out of office. However, do not slam the West side in the process. And no we do not want those idiots over here!!! ;0