Madame Governor, is there a time that’s more convenient for you?
Jennifer Granholm poked her head out of the governor’s mansion and saw her shadow today. That means we can’t talk about Andy Dillon’s public employee health care re-structuring plan for 76 weeks. Bold ideas, like her shadow, give Jenny such a fright. It’s just not a good time for her to discuss long-term solutions to the state’s structural deficit. She didn’t say it’s a bad idea in so many words. She was more like: I’m really busy papering over the deficit with stimulus money and don’t expect me to walk and chew gum at the same time. Maybe when she’s safely out of office, she’ll have the time consider it. Unless Dillon throws his hat in the ring, now is a good time for a whole lotta people to consider Mike Bouchard and Tom George. (MLive, Freep)

Say what you will about charter schools but Reverend David Murray doesn’t run them

Mike Cox says DPS is no longer a “first class” school district. Wait what? First class, apparently, refers to enrollment size not quality of education. DPS fell below the magic 100,000 student number so community colleges can open charter schools in the city. Rather than stamping his feet and throwing grapes, Robert “Bob” Bobb said something classy about the continued value of traditional public schools and his desire to make Detroit Public Schools competitive with other educational options. That’s going to require spending more money on actual education and less on political graft. The Jacobins just do not care for that kind of maturity and professionalism. (WDIV)

Plucky no-name Charter candidates just like comical baseball movie
Do you realize that it’s been 20 years since Major League hit theatres? Remember the scene when the locals were reviewing the Indians opening day roster and were all like: who are these fucking guys? Well, the Indians went on to win the beat the Yankees! Let’s hope the Regional Chamber’s preferred Charter Commission candidates shock the world and write a pennant winning Charter because seriously…Jonathan Kinloch? Who are these fucking guys? We all know the Chamber is still reeling from the epic Monica Conyers endorsement of 2005 but how about a little explanation or biographical information? We wear caps and sleeves at this level. (Chamber)

Dyspathy considers two sites for new global headquarters
Isn’t this rich? After punting on the whole deTROIT 2.0 headquarters plan and slinking into empty Compuware space, Quicken is again saying they just can’t wait to build a new own headquarters downtown. It’s just, well, it’s just hard to pick between two great sites. Wait, isn’t that what they told us in 2007? Crazy. The Hudson’s site is still in the hunt but Dan Gilbert has elected to leave the Statler Memorial Wetland to nature. His second choice is the Monroe block where that amazing Cadillac Centre is not being built, ever. Give Quicken another year to weigh the pros and cons of two pieces of dirt less than a quarter mile from each other and then they’ll build deTROIT 2.0.1, or is it deTROIT 2.0 with the omnibus security patch Service Pack? (DetNews)

What kind of dull Birchers are running the Grand Rapids Press?
Ok yes, the government is this big giant thing that sometimes does bad things and often tells lies. Our genius Founding Fathers designed a government so cumbersome that they  usually get caught. Dick Nixon, convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick, they all get caught eventually. Except the moon landing. Forty years ago several thousand members of government got together, and plotting with the media, faked this whole moon landing so we could scare the Soviets with some really cool moon rocks and Tang. Sound far fetched? Of course it does but don’t tell that to the Grand Rapids Press because, unlike the MythBusters, they find the faked moon landing plausible. (MLive)

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Tom George’s campaign logo wears a fancy top hat. That’s not my culture and heritage. On a broader scale, we are all poors now and top hats are poor campaign symbols.


The Chamber won’t do it, so I will. Here’s my completely biased take mixed with Bing! research.

Sarah Lile – Former director of the Evnironmental Affaris Department. She’s a lawyer and can be smart, but she thinks she should be an Honored Queen in Papeete. Complete ego-maniac, very big on making sure everyone knows she’s the cheese. Spent more time worrying about pecking order and petty departmental politics thatn actually doing her job. Perfect example of deadwood and stagnation at the top fo Detroit departments.

Andy Linn – Has a degree in “Arts and Ideas” and posts mostly inane ramblings on DetroitYes. Its pretty clear he has no real experience and has nothing of value to add. If he’d done anything besides take some classes at WSU and open a gift shop at age 30 with his dad’s money and his sister’s ideas – well maybe he could bring something of value. Don’t let his claims about Tiger STadium foo you. Those on DEGC and OTSC conservancy can attest all he ever did was not egt the website running.

Patty Fedewa – Transportation Riders United. Maryanne Mahaffey wannabe. Free or nearly free transit for everyone. Pay for it by harvesting golden eggs from that one goose at the Belle Isle Zoo.

Lisa Walinske – A lawyer lady of some sort.

Ken Coleman – DPS spokesman. I dunno what that says about a person.

Cara Blount – Retired deputy police chief – hopefully she was not in charge of the DOJ compliance. Or in statistics reporting. Or stripper killing. Or whistle blower firing.

John Eddings – Detroit Ombudsman. Metrotimes describes him as ‘jovial’. Apparently he was Macomb County Ombudsman before that. So that will be helpful in understanding the new rural / green “rightsized” Detroit.

Ken Harris – Founded International Detroit Black Expo. http://www.detroitblackexpo.com/page.php?id=6 You decide.

Jeff Hunt – Son of Clyde Cleveland who calls his dad “his hero”. Worked for Clyde for a while. Tha makes him what, a second rate Joel Loving?

Jonathan Kinloch – Former DPS Board member. (When did he serve? Was he part of the board that got booted by Engler?) Current DPL board member. The same DPL that didn’t realize the City was stealing from it.

Jenice Mitchell – Ford – Another Lawyer lady. Nothing else to be found.


With the Statler Wetland safe for now, why did the state of Michigan blow all that cash on the swamp on the riverwalk? Anyway, I’m pretty stoked. Wetlands in metro detroit were battered under the Engler administration, with suburban sprawl taking away many of our local treasures. Now, Downtown has two true wetland Jewels. Positively Pastoral.


Not surprised that the same area that believes selling each other cosmetics is a sustainable business model believes that the moon landing was fake.


I’d like Buzz Aldrin to visit the Grand Rapids Press and talk some sense into Troy Reimink.


@ Ansel: you seem to have taken the attitude of constant cynicism against any and everything, and it’s eating at the root of real reform in the city. So what if Andy Linn is young? Let someone at least prove themselves competent or incompetent before tearing them apart for – god forbid- trying to make thier community better.

Woodwards Friend
July 21st, 2009 at 7:16 pm

Andy Linn aside, the “Let someone at least prove themselves competent or incompetent before tearing them apart” is a specious argument. In fact it was the crux of Martha Reeves case in 2005. Trying to make a difference just isn’t enough. Detroit needs competent brave leadership because turning this ship around is going to be a back ally brawl. Cynicism isn’t the problem. Corruption and incompetence are.

As for Mr. Linn, he’s hitting a lot of right notes on policy but it would be a huge folly for his supporters to blithely dismiss the “not ready for primetime” concern.


I have no problems with people being young. Lots of young people have done great stuff and have a strong track record of it. I see no such track record with Linn in his campaign materials or his official public statements. I do see a lot of niavete in his public forum postings.

Rather than complaining about my negativity, ask yourself why the business community can’t seem to find better quality candidates. Or even accomplish. Basic tasks like getting candidates nominated.

This issue is far too important for the city to have business as usual.

Instead of a student of policy why not a professor of policy with decades of research experience?

Instead of an ombudsman from Macomb County, why not a former Detroit auditor like Joe Harris?

Instead of someone who contributed to departmental inertia why not a tough legislator with a track record of meaningful reform like Steve Tobocman?
Demand better or get the same old same old.


Unfortunately, the only people we can elect are the people that actually want to do it. You can say they all suck, or they are all idiots, but that’s not getting anyone anywhere. I don’t think experience is needed here as much as pragmatism and intelligence. How do we divine that from a long list of no-names? Well, I guess you gotta go with the folks you know, and whether or not they sound like idiots.


What does it say about the City and region if the recognizeable and competent are not running for such a key Commission?


What it says is, most intelligent folks see how we chew up and spit out our leaders and want no part of it. I could have Riddle working the streets for me and still not be able to match my current income if I ran for city council, and I’d have to deal with a constant drumbeat of idiots on the internet and grape throwers at meetings. Who wants a chunk of that?

Woodwards Friend
July 22nd, 2009 at 1:08 pm

The problem with the “chew up and spit out our leaders” theory is that I can’t think of a single good leader who has been chewed up or spit out. Kilpatrick? Conyers? Kay Everett?

The problem seems to be just the opposite. We tolerate so many bad leaders (from the corrupt to the ineffective) that few worth a damn want to bother.

I can’t go back to Dillon health care reform enough. Look at Granholm’s repsonse. Does she think it’s a bad idea? Not really. What she said was that she doesn’t know if it will work so why bother even studying the issue and besides she’s busy right now anyway.

Maybe if we chewed up and spit (spat?) out a few more Jennifer Granholms and Jack Brandenbergs, more first-rate men and women would run for office.


@ Alec: I don’t think you can follow Detroit or Michigan politics without almost immediately becoming extremely cynical. I have a friend that just waded through about as many of the no-name candidates for City Council as he could stomach and for a while there I was worried we’d get to the end of the list and not have ANYBODY to vote for besides Cockrel. Do you want the “reformed” criminal that spent time in jail for assault or the one that spent time in jail for kidnapping? Everybody sucks, it’s just a matter of who sucks less, and what kind of suck you’re willing to put up with.

I know I would do a better job of running this city than the people doing it right now. I’m even civic minded enough to have considered running for city council. But I was pretty sure that if I DID make it (yes, odds of that are slim since I’m a white non-christian woman), I would eventually end up batshit crazy like most of the people on there. I *might* be willing to sacrifice my good paying job to help my city for a few years, but not my sanity. I just….can’t give that up.


We chewed up and spit out Ken Cockrel, the City’s best chance to emerge from the stone age in years. Shit, we elected the preferred candidate of the suburbanites, the clueless local establishment media, and the ghetto-dogs all at the same time….basically killing any actual reform and progress that had taken root in a short period of time.

I know this is the last place to be defending Kwame, but if that dude had a babysitter during his first term, things would be a lot different now.

All the “creative class” could come up with this time around is Matt Naimi, and seriously, 400K in back taxes is a pretty big mess. Owning a business is harder than it looks and getting behind on taxes is easier than it looks, but if you’re going to go out there and expect people to support you, you had better clean house first.


I am officially announcing my candidacy as a write-in for the charter commission. Those who know me will agree I’m not young, it’s been years since I’ve posted inane ramblings on DetroitYES (since three of my user names and my IP address have been banned there), and my 60-70 hour work weeks preclude any chance that I will get overly involved in any real charter commission business. Oh, and my taxes are more or less up to date. Remember, a vote for Guestopus is a vote for me.

What’s that gig pay anyway? And can I pick out my own Crown Vic?


” ‘Let someone at least prove themselves competent or incompetent before tearing them apart’ is a specious argument. In fact it was the crux of Martha Reeves case in 2005… ”

Referring to our fair council person as “Martha Reeves” is so yesterday. She’s now Martha-Rose Reeves. Or is it Martha Rose-Reeves?



You want Andy Dillon and Mike Bishop — the same two bright lights who helped give us a four-hour government shutdown and the MBT surcharge two years ago because of the same blessed urgency the took to the state budget they’re showing this year — to also reform public employee health care while trying to balance the state budget? Bold ideas are a lot more interesting when presented by people who’ve demonstrated the basic competency to pull them off without fucking everything up.

Woodwards Friend
July 27th, 2009 at 6:49 am

You’re right Eric, Andy Dillon is a moron. Someone should really recall that guy…


Mike Bishop is an uber-douche. I bet if pressed he’d admit to being a birther.


Ansel, you seem to be such an angry lil’ hoe, angry lil’ hoe. The chamber has selected great candidates. Maybe, if you would take your mean evil dick head from out your ass, you would understand why you don’t know these candidates. Your cunt ass is not involved in the City of Detroit. I know someone who needs DICK! “THAT’S YOU”!


Rakestraw, I think you have a pretty serious attitude problem. You and the Fudge Pack have been unnecessarily tough on Linn. Young? Yes. Too young? Maybe. According to his facebook page, he is 26, not 30. However, no matter what, to have a Bachelors, a Masters, and a business by 26 is impressive.

He made a few campaign blunders, including that awkward miVote video, but he seemed smart at the candidate forum where I met him. He was the only candidate to outline actual ways to accomplish his ideas. So shut your piehole, I voted Linn and don’t regret it. I expect big things from this young spunky kid with a big heart.

Mardell Proffitt
March 11th, 2010 at 2:42 pm

Just landed on this place via Google lookup. I love it. This post change my perceptual experience and I am acquiring the RSS feeds. Cheers Up.

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