This personal relationship must have been really, really bad

We know that text messages prove convicted felon Kwame Kilpatrick and sexy police monitor lady Sheryl Robinson Wood had an inappropriate “personal relationship.” We also know that they met outside of Detroit and sometimes at restaurants (Benz Chili Bowl?) but the specifics of the “personal relationship” remain unspoken. So this must have been some bad shit. Were they smoking crack during man-man-lady threesomes with barely legal runaway boys? Killing drifters for pay and sport? Sacrificing virgins with the People Against Goodness And Normalcy? Until authorities release the evidence, we have no option but to speculate wildly about what these two public officials were doing together. Your thoughts? (Freep)

So about all those new jobs…
You know how Jennifer Granholm likes to hold a press conference every time a new Subway creates 10 jobs? There was a study done a couple months ago and all those job creation numbers are just spoon bending illusions. About half those jobs are make-believe. Except in the case of the Google where roughly three quarters of their job creation projections are fiction. Google said 1000 jobs in Michigan by 2011. Right now they’re at 250 and they aren’t hiring. When asked about future jobs, the answer is no comment. In other news, our Gmail accounts won’t work today and all our searches will turn up pictures of barely legal man-man-lady threesomes with Kwame Kilpatrick. (annarbor.com)

Just when you thought something couldn’t get any stupider

Some cop in Massachusetts and Harvard professor Henry Gates had a dick measuring contest on Gates’ lawn. The cop lost so he arrested Gates. Then Barack Obama said the cop was being stupid which he probably was. The entire thing was stupid. And all this has what to do with Michigan? Congressman Thaddeus McCotter is angry that secret Muslim/Kenyan national/communist provocateur Barry Sorento would dare speak ill of our nation’s brave police officers. Maybe the “president” doesn’t know policemen were heroes on 9/11 because he spent that day celebrating in an al-Qaeda training camp before resuming his pre-senate career as trafficker of white slaves. Thank the Christ Jesus, Thad McCotter is going to straighten out this Obama/Sorento fellow. (Freep)

Michigan Democrats still unsure about economic law of scarcity
The Dems want Michigan to use more renewable energy. Wow, what a reasonable and smart policy. Alternative energy can help reduce our negative environmental impact while eliminating our dependence on foreign oil. It should be no problem paying for this costly, but important, conversion of our energy grid once we approve the Democrats plan to artificially lower utility costs by 20%. It’s not as though utility revenues would be reinvested to pay for the expansion of alternative energy production. Besides once you lower energy costs, people are more likely to conserve energy by lowering the thermostat or turning off lights. (Crains)

How much pot can you really buy for $5?
Be honest, that’s what you were all asking yourselves when you heard about the guy stomped to death over a $5 bag of pot. Then you wondered if it was decent or just stems and seeds. Shame on you. Don’t you care that a man died? A man who was trying to scam $5 worth a weed out of four bug-eyed Warren youths who were probably high on stronger drugs like meth or airplane glue. And just when you thought this story couldn’t get any more grotesque, the one kid was trying to sell the $5 bag of weed to his dad! Adults, come close, let’s talk. You’re adults now and, as such, don’t make your kids supply you with drugs. Get your own sources. And one more thing, $5 bags of shwag? You’re adults, have some self-respect. (DetNews)

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Holy shit, a P.A.G.A.N. reference. Hopefully Det. Joe Friday can break this case.

Woodwards Friend
July 28th, 2009 at 10:37 am

Sure, this city isn’t perfect, we need a smut-free life for all of our citizens; cleaner streets, better schools, and good football team. But the big difference between you and me, mister, is you made the promise, and I’m going to keep it.


This is just the beginning in the 586. When all the plant rats buyouts/unemployment runs out, it is gonna get really nasty.


SO now what? Where do we go from here after an intense week of yet another racial dustup and fire storm? We have the usual blind spot posturing of Police Unions always speaking up to defend and support their brethren but never out front with constructive criticism of their members when they commit crimes against innocent citizens both white and non-white.

We have usual passive posturing from both white and black politicians who lack the courage to confront the realties and truth about the racism inherent in our criminal justice system. We now even have the tragic spectacle of our president and even professor gates retreating when the pressures of being an ordinary Black male are visited upon their homes and professions. One supposes now Gates can return to Martha’s Vineyard as the wounded Black negro and Obama can continue being the Magic negro never to let his Blackness leak out again.

Into this impotent void I offer up to those who unlike Gates and Obama have the ability to run for cover a solution and a resource to engage when they are confronted by the raw and real life realities of being a Black male in our nation confronted with racial profiling by those in our law enforcement system. I recommend we seek the rights, privileges of our United States Constitution which even provides for those under attack by activities of those under the color of law the right to SELF DEFENSE.

I know it is an option I will have no problem reaching for…


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